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Know About India’s First Internet Telephony (VoIP) Service – BSNL WINGS

BSNL Wings Service enables customers to make and receive voice and video calls via the smartphone-installed VoIP app connected to the 3G/4G / Broadband Internet / Free Wi-Fi Hotspot of any operator.

Wings service facilitates a customer to make voice calls even though he/she is outside the coverage area of the signals from the telecom tower.

For this BSNL WiFi calling service, the only thing the customer should have is a proper internet connection, irrespective of the network they are using.

As you know VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol and SIP stands for Session Initiation Protocol.

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These are the open-standard set of protocols for the packet technology utilized in this Value Added Service (VAS).

BSNL is the primary Indian telecom provider to introduce VoIP (Voice Over IP) – an application-based calling facility that will offer numerous fantastic facilities like video calling, call conferencing, and so on.

The most attractive thing is that you don’t have to utilize a SIM card to get this service. The new service can be enjoyed from any smartphone, laptop, or PC which is having a functioning internet availability.

It is another NGN VoIP (Next Generation VoIP) facility encouraging Internet Telephony Service through Mobile/Laptop by utilizing any Internet connection.

This Fixed Mobile Telephony is an ‘Application’ based calling facility introduced by BSNL that enables subscribers to start/to get VoIP calls inside and outside the BSNL network either from their PC/ mobile.

It is possible to make calls to any landline, mobile, or other Wings number and LFMT (Limited FMT).

This service utilizes packet exchanging technology and makes communication data over IP systems, for example, the Internet, without a SIM card.

As mentioned there is no need to have a SIM or GSM connectivity for availing of this service. The customer just needs to have an active internet connection from any operator.

Any smartphone having other network SIM cards can also be configured with the Wings facility.

Earlier BSNL launched LFMT. In LFMT, even though the subscriber may receive and make calls via the APP installed on his smartphone, restricted his / her smartphone WI-FI connection to the BSNL broadband modem (within the WI-FI range) or via BSNL WiFi hotspots.

LFMT is restricted to BSNL data service (broadband, LL, etc.) as the path for the VoIP data packets.

Wings subscribers can use the internet connection from the 3G/4G / Broadband internet / Free Wi-Fi Hotspot of any operator to receive and initiate their fixed-line calls via the APP.

There is some advantage of BSNL internet telephony service over other app-based SIP. In other SIP-based APPs, the called party should be online on the APP at the time of the call.

Calls can be made only to customers using the same APP and not to any landline or mobile number.

But in Wings, the customer can make/receive calls from any other wings as well as non-wings numbers like NGN, Mobile, ISD, NLD, and LFMT numbers whether BSNL or non-BSNL.

A 10-digit Wings number (of the NGN switch) is allocated without a SIM to the customer and can be used for voice and video calling.

Highlights of BSNL Wings Service

The Department of Telecom has permitted Internet Telephony in India which allows SIM-less calling utilizing 3G/4G/Broadband internet connectivity or Wi-Fi.

With this, the nation propels a stage in accomplishing the vision of ‘Digital India’.

On the entrance side of the ‘Wings’ network, the last mile copper network is replaced by the Internet.

A 10-digit Wings number will be issued to the subscriber without a SIM.

It can be used on any gadget of the client’s decision (PC, laptop, or mobile) and enables high portability.

Voice and Video calling features are available in this service.

All landlines benefit from free SIP VOIP soft telephone applications.

Affordable tariff where there is no settled month-to-month charge as of now and free 1800 minutes of calling to any network in India per month. In addition, it provides National and International Roaming.

For incoming calls, there are no separate call charges.

It can be utilized from any network operator’s 3G/4G/Broadband/Free Wi-Fi Hotspot on Windows, Android, and iOS operating systems.

Various Wings connections can be enrolled on a single gadget utilizing diverse SIP Client/Calling APPs.

Tariff Details

Sl.No Particulars Description
1 Registration charge NIL
2Advance annual Rent₹ 1099/-
2 Monthly Charges NIL
3 Installation and Activation Charges NIL (No Instruments/Handset by BSNL)
4 ISD/Deposit for (Outside INDIA Territory Calling) ₹ 2000/-
5 Call Charges a) Free calls to any network in India for 30 hours/month excluding some special calls.
b) Beyond this, all calls within India will be charged at 30ps/min.
b) All International calls as per existing landline tariff(MOU basis).
6International Roaming call chargesInternational Roaming out calls to India is at ₹1.20/minute.
Source: BSNL Portal

It requires a Smartphone, to download the SIP soft client. In the Google Play store, several SIP soft clients are available for free download.

Grandstream, Zoiper, and Linphone are some recommended apps.

BSNL Wings Discounted Tariff Plans

Besides the general plan, BSNL has implemented various discounted tariff plans in 5 categories. Tariff plans for these categories are summarised below.

ChargesCategory 1
Govt/PSU Officials
Category 2
BBoWiFi customers
Category 3
BSNL landline, Broadband, and Leased line customers
Category 4
Category 5
Internet Service Providers
Registration Charge (one time only)NilNilNilNilNil
Advance annual rent₹599₹599₹1099
Additional package for ₹98 for 3 months
20% discount on ₹1099ISPs are allowed to offer at a rate of ₹49/month to their customers with the broadband connection
Monthly ChargesNilNilNilNilNil
Activation ChargesNilNilNilNilNil
ISD deposit (for international calling)₹2000₹2000₹2000₹2000₹2000
Call Chargesa) Free calls to any network in India for 30 hours/month excluding some special calls.
b) Beyond this all calls within India will be charged at 30ps/min.
b) All International calls as per existing landline tariff(MOU basis).
Same as Category 1Same as Category 1Same as Category 1Same as Category 1
Source: BSNL Portal

All charges are exclusive of 18% GST.

Advantages of Wings

  • Video and voice calling facility
  • One year of free calling to any network in India
  • National and International roaming facility
  • Can be used on any free SIP soft clients
  • Outgoing calls from any country to a wings customer in India are only ₹1.2 per minute.

A specific CAF (Customer Agreement Form) is available in any of the CSCs (Customer service centres) of BSNL. It may be filled up & submitted, with the required documents.

To apply for Wings, an email ID and phone number are required.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is BSNL Wings service?

BSNL Wings Service enables customers to make and receive voice and video calls via the smartphone-installed VoIP app connected to the 3G/4G / Broadband Internet / Free Wi-Fi Hotspot of any operator.


Registration for Wings by BSNL is free. But there are some different tariff plans available at a very nominal cost.

How do you activate BSNL wings?

It is an easy process and step-by-step procedure which is available here.

How can I Use BSNL Wings Abroad?

International roaming calls are possible if VoIP calls are allowed by that country.
There is a non-refundable deposit of ₹2000/- is required for ISD roaming and the call charge is ₹1.20 per minute to a “Wings” customer in India.

Do BSNL Wings work in UAE?

As of now, UAE is not allowing VoIP calls, and hence it will not work in UAE.

Does BSNL Wings support SMS?

No. Wings from BSNL is a VoIP service, and it does not support SMS. BSNL VoIP means Voice over Internet Protocol.

How to enable WiFi calling in BSNL?

Wi-Fi calling is a 4G network feature that allows users to make calls via Wi-Fi even when they are in an area without a cellular network. Here, the user only has to turn on the VoWiFi function of their supported smartphone for Wi-Fi calling. But regrettably, BSNL does not offer this functionality. To utilize BSNL’s Wi-Fi calling service, a user must download the BSNL Wings app. It is only a VoIP service and technically not VoWIFi.

Does BSNL support WiFi calling?

From a technical standpoint, BSNL does not support Wi-Fi calling (VoWiFi). However, BSNL Wings is a service that allows you to make calls when connected to WiFi. In this case, a user has to use an app separately, and there is a small rental fee associated with accessing this service.

Does BSNL support WiFi calling?

As of now, BSNL does not support true WiFi calling service (VoWiFi). But you can use their VoIP service called BSNL Wings for BSNL WiFi calling instead of VoWiFi.

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