Install Windows From a USB Drive

Would you like to install Windows From a USB drive? You’re probably moving from Linux (after all, it’s sucking), or you might want a fresh install to clean up your machine and get it all running smoothly again. Whatever the reason, it’s a straightforward affair to install Windows. You simplyRead More →

windows 10

Windows 10 has an enormous file size. Indeed, even after you’ve experienced the lengthy process of Windows 10 installation and sitting through the tedious installation procedure, regardless you have more work to do after windows 10 installation: setting up the operating system how you like it. Do This Before EveryRead More →

There are lots of screen recorders available in the market and it is very cumbersome to find out a good choice. But how many of us know that there is one built-in screen recorder in Windows 10. Yes, there is. Actually, it is the part of the Xbox and calledRead More →