How do you fix a water damaged phone?

The phones are likely to fall into the water some times, especially at the rainy season. There are other chances also, the phone may be dropped into the water accidentally. It is also a common practice to check whether the phone is working or it is warmed up soon after

Mobile battery blast

Why does mobile battery blast?


Install Windows From a USB Drive

Install Windows 10 From a USB Drive

Would you like to install Windows From a USB drive? You’re probably moving from Linux (after all, it’s sucking), or you might want a fresh install to clean up your machine and get it all running smoothly again. Whatever the reason, it’s a straightforward affair to install Windows. You simply


How Can Do BSNL Mithram Plan Validity Extension?

Mithram Plan was one of the most popular mobile prepaid plans introduced by BSNL in Kerala Circle. Recently this plan is renamed to New Mithram Plan. The New Mithram Plan validity extension procedure is very simple but unlike other plans. We got lots of queries from our readers about the


How to Select Best Air Purifier in India 2019-2020

Air pollution in India is intensifying in recent days. The current situation in the city of Delhi is an example of this. There are other health problems caused by inhaling the polluted air. Hence itself use of air-purifying equipment is inevitable in every home. The air purification equipment market is


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