Asianet Broadband is one of Kerala’s leading Internet service providers. It is a subsidiary of Asianet Satellite Communications Private Limited, the largest cable network company in Kerala. Asianet broadband plans are very competitive and they are using the new DOCSIS and GPON technologies embraced by world leaders in the InternetRead More →

What is Importance of Internet?

It is said that to understand the importance of a particular thing, you have to think that item would not have been there. The same is true in the case of the internet also. Do you believe you can live without using the internet? Of course, as a human being,Read More →

Kerala Vision Broadband Plans

We list some of the best Kerala Vision Broadband plans and their tariffs in this article. Kerala Vision broadband is a project of Kerala Communicators Cable Limited (KCCL). It is an initiative of independent cable television operators in Kerala under the guidance of the Cable Operators Association (COA). KCCL beganRead More →


Niti Aayog comes with an Indian-made cloud storage service called Digiboxx. It provides cloud storage and file sharing facilities. The arrival of Digibox comes in the context of Google’s announcement that their unlimited photo upload will not be available from June 21, 2021. Google already declared that it will notRead More →

computer viruses and its types

When someone from the non-technical field sees this article title about computer viruses and their types may think that the term virus maybe something which causes diseases in human beings. They are definitely correct up to a certain extent that computer viruses also cause diseases, but not for humans. DefinitionRead More →

MilesWeb Review

MileWeb is a premium low-cost Indian web hosting company that provides a full range of hosting plans. We’ve hosted one of our websites on their servers as a test service, and this MilesWeb review is based on our experience over the last one and a half years. As we know,Read More →

K Fon

The Kerala Fiber optic Network (KFON) project is the Mega Infrastructure Project of the Government of Kerala, which aims to build a high-speed, reliable and scalable fiber network across the state.Read More →