About Infobits

Infobits.in and hereafter said as Infobits is an all in one informational portal giving knowledge about the latest developments in technology and its applications in gadgets, reviews, tricks and tips, tutorials, and some more which are helping human beings to apply technology innovations in his day to day life.

Infobits act as a bridge or can be regarded by instruction as a center point crossing the connection between customers, gadgets and devices, technology, and the internet. Our main objective is to enable everyone to deconstruct the technological information universe. We are trying to provide information and instruction to both technocrats and the common man to enable their lives through technology and it is not limited to it.

Our team is led by Mr.Rajesh Kumar, who is a very enthusiastic technology blogger and an experienced electrical engineer.

You can reach us via our contact page or direct mail to [email protected]

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