Laptop Keyboard Light

How to Turn on The Laptop Keyboard Light?

This article will show you how to initiate the laptop keyboard light so that you can control the LED keyboard backlight on your Windows laptop.

Before continuing, make sure that your laptop model has a keyboard light. Not all keyboards light up as it is not a backlit keyboard laptop.

On Amazon, you may get some of the most excellent laptop models with backlit keyboards.

Some manufacturers do not include it or only have it as an optional extra on their entry-level laptops. If your keyboard isn’t lighting up, contact the manufacturer to see if an illuminated LED keyboard is available for it.

Typically, turning on the keyboard light is as simple as finding the appropriate key on the laptop or keyboard.

In certain circumstances, the backlit keyboard may be deactivated in your operating system settings or via an app provided by your computer’s manufacturer. The button or buttons that ordinarily control your keyboard light may not operate in this instance.

If this is the case, you must enable the keyboard light in your operating system settings or use the program provided by your computer’s manufacturer.

Let us go over the steps one by one.

Laptop Keyboard Light and Its Benefits

You know when you’re attempting to type something in a poorly lit environment and you breeze up straining at your keyboard?

That’s where laptop keyboard lights come in.

These small glowing lights make it simpler to see the keys and type without stressing your eyes. It’s like having a small spotlight just for your keyboard.

Apart from relieving the frustration of blindly typing, laptop keyboard lights have several interesting benefits.

For the first time, they may add a touch of beauty and refinement to your laptop.

They can also help you operate more efficiently in low-light conditions, such as late-night study sessions or discreetly binge-watching your favourite shows beneath the covers.

Laptop keyboard lights are both useful and fashionable.

How to Determine If Your Laptop Has a Keyboard Light?

Before we get started, let’s make sure your laptop has a keyboard light.

Most new laptops include keyboard lights, but it’s always a good idea to double-check. Look for symbols or indications on your laptop’s function keys that resemble a light bulb or a keyboard icon.

These symbols often indicate the presence of keyboard lighting. Congratulations if you happen to see them! You’re one step closer to lighting up your keyboard.

How to Turn On the Laptop Keyboard Light On Windows?

The keyboard light is often controlled by one of the function keys on a Windows laptop or a dedicated key.

However, not every model has the same key. Each manufacturer determines the key, which may vary from model to model.

As a result, to identify which key is suitable for your laptop model, you must inspect the function keys, experiment with them, consult the user’s handbook, or contact the manufacturer.

We’ve seen that the way the keyboard light key works differs from one manufacturer to the other.

Some manufacturers merely enable you to switch on or off the keyboard backlight, whilst others allow you to regulate the lighting levels in various increments.

The most frequent keys for adjusting the keyboard brightness on Windows systems are F5, F9, and F11.

=> On Windows Laptops, use the keyboard to turn on the keyboard light in the following way.

=> Locate the button that controls your laptop’s keyboard illumination. The button might feature a Function Key (Fn), an F-number key, or an icon key with a light sign or anything similar.

=> If it’s a function key, it’s usually the F5, F9, or F11 keys, depending on the type of laptop.

=> To turn on the keyboard light, press the button. After a cycle, press the light key again to turn it off. Normally, the keyboard light key cycles between ON, Different brightness levels, and OFF.

=> If you’re not satisfied with the brightness, hit the button again to change it.

How to Enable Keyboard Light in Lenovo Laptop?

A Lenovo laptop’s keyboard light allows you to type even in full darkness. Many Lenovo laptop models include keyboard backlights, but they all utilize the same shortcut to switch them on and off.

Here’s how to turn on the keyboard light on your Lenovo laptop.

Locate the keyboard backlight shortcut key on your Lenovo laptop. On Lenovo computers, it is commonly found on the Spacebar.

Lenovo backlit keyboard

At the same time, press the Function key (abbreviated as Fn) and the backlight shortcut key (usually the Spacebar). On most Lenovo laptops, the brightness of the keyboard lighting may be changed.

Press the Function and backlight shortcut keys again to raise the brightness. Using the shortcut repeatedly will finally turn off the keyboard backlight.

When you press the Fn+Spacebar at first, the backlight turns on at a low level. Continue pressing the Fn+Spacebar to go through the brightness settings.

The keyboard backlight may also be controlled using Lenovo’s Vantage software.

How to Switch on Keyboard Light in Dell Laptop?

Fn+F10 will turn on the backlight at its default settings. Fn+F10 will be used to adjust the brightness to 50%, 75%, 100%, and finally back to 0%.

How to Turn on the Keyboard Light on an HP Laptop?

The procedure for turning on an HP laptop’s lighting differs based on the model. Backlit keyboards are standard on many HP laptops, with a dedicated key for toggling the lights on and off.

If there is a backlight key on the keyboard, it will be in the top row and denoted with the backlight symbol. It is used to switch on and off the keyboard light.

HP Laptop Backlit Keyboard

HP has made enabling keyboard backlighting quite simple. On most recent HP laptops, turning on and off the keyboard illumination is as simple as pressing a single key.

Locate the keyboard backlighting key on your keyboard. It is usually a key with three squares with three lines flashing out from the left-hand square in the row of Function F keys along the top of the keyboard.

Click the button. The keyboard’s illumination should then turn on. You may turn it off by pressing the same key again.

Some models may need you to hold the Fn key at the same time. It is often located on the bottom left row of the keyboard, between the Ctrl and Windows keys.

What If the Windows Keyboard Light Does Not Illuminate?

If pressing the appropriate key on your keyboard does not enable or alter your keyboard light, you must change it in Windows Mobility settings or a manufacturer-supplied program.

This feature is not always available in Windows Mobility settings since it is an option control added by computer vendors.

If the option does not display in the Windows Mobility settings, contact your manufacturer to learn more about their proprietary program.

Here’s how to use Mobility settings to turn on or adjust a Windows keyboard light:

=> By pressing Windows Key + X, choose Mobility Center.
=> Locate the Keyboard Brightness setting.
=> If there is no Keyboard Brightness setting or no manufacturer-specific section at all, this option is not accessible on your machine. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with the manufacturer for additional information.
=> After clicking, drag the slider to the right.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a keyboard light on my laptop?

The best method to tell if your laptop has a backlit keyboard is to check at the F5, F6, F9, F10, F11, right arrow, or any other key. Your computer does not have a backlit keyboard if none of these keys have the lighting icon inscribed. You may also look at your laptop’s specs.

How do I make my keyboard lights turn on?

To turn on the keyboard light on your Windows laptop, press the backlight illumination key (F5, F6, F9, F10, F11, right arrow, or any other designated key). On a Mac, hold down the Increase Brightness key (it looks like a little rising sun). Most current laptops have illuminated keyboards, however, some low-cost versions do not.

Why does my laptop keyboard not light up?

First, make sure your laptop has a backlight. If this is the case, press the correct key to enable it. If you’re unsure which key is the backlight, check for the one with the illumination sign. You may also press the Windows + X keys simultaneously to see if the keyboard offers brightness settings. You should also ensure that the Keyboard backlight option is enabled in the BIOS. If you’re still having problems, see the user manual for your laptop or contact the manufacturer for more assistance.

Which key is Fn?

The Fn key is now located between the left Control key and the left Windows key on the bottom row of the keyboard by most laptop vendors (including HP, Dell, and Lenovo).

Does Windows 11 have a backlit keyboard?

If your laptop has a backlit keyboard, it will light up regardless of the operating system.

Can I customize the colour of my laptop keyboard light?

The colour of your laptop’s keyboard light may be customized depending on the type of keyboard light present in your laptop. Some laptops include RGB (Red, Green, and Blue) keyboards, enabling you to select from various colours and even create dynamic lighting effects. Many laptops, however, feature a set hue for the keyboard light, which is commonly white or a soft amber. Check your laptop’s specifications or settings to see whether you can change the colour.

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