Use windows media player in windows 10

Most of us are familiar with Windows Media Player (WMP), which was a Windows operating system default media player prior to Windows 10. But it’s not the default Windows 10 media player nowadays. You can even use this player by installing it in Windows 10. Are you excited? Yes, weRead More →

Search in windows 10

The search bar for Windows 10 is really straightforward, but there are approaches to find things faster to search for in Windows 10. A search field in the lower-left corner on Windows 10 gives you the opportunity to search for applications, documents, settings, and various things on your PC andRead More →

Messages for web to message from PC

What are Google Messages for Web? After some leaked hints of the Android “Messages” application’s internal code, Google finally released “Messages for the Web.” Through  Messages for Web, you can use your computer to chat with your friends, in the same way, we are doing on our mobile messages app.Read More →