Install Windows 10 From a USB Drive

Would you like to install Windows From a USB drive? You’re probably moving from Linux (after all, it’s sucking), or you might want a fresh install to clean up your machine and get it all running smoothly again.

Whatever the reason, it’s a straightforward affair to install Windows. You simply need to get a duplicate of the installation files from the Windows site and run it on your machine at that point. You can use a portable USB stick or run the application files specifically from your hard drive.

If you need to reinstall the operating system regularly or you need to install windows on multiple machines, it’s best to use a USB stick.

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How to Install Windows From a USB Drive

It’s easy to use USB stick to install Windows. Just follow the following instructions:

  1. Insert your computer with a USB stick. It needs something like 4GB capacity and needs to be formatted before transferring files.
  2. Browse to
  3. To get duplicate of the Windows 10 installation media, select the Download tool now.
  4. Run the file that was downloaded.
  5. Choose to Create installation media when prompted.
  6. You will be asked on the next screen which media you want to use. Select a USB flash drive.
  7. Download and copy the installation media to the USB drive.
  8. Hit on Finish.
  9. Set the PC to boot from the USB drive that you need to install Windows. This can normally be done from the BIOS menu of the PC. Exact instructions vary from one manufacturer to another.
  10. Insert and restart your computer with the USB stick.
  11. Follow the installation instructions on the screen.

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