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Secure Your PC With Dynamic Lock in Windows 10

When you move away from your Windows 10 PC, a feature called Dynamic Lock will lock it automatically. It can be activated with your smartphone.

What is Dynamic Lock?

Dynamic Lock is a very useful feature in Windows 10 when you are using our PC in every public place or office. Suppose we forgot to lock our PC while we are walking away from it. 

Then anyone will be able to snoop into the PC before it goes to Lock mode itself. Activating the Dynamic Lock feature in Windows 10 will prevent this from occurring.

This is a safety feature provided in Windows 10 to lock your PC automatically when you are going away with your smartphone which is already configured with the PC.

This is simply done by connecting your mobile phone with your computer by using its Bluetooth connection. 

How to use dynamic lock in Windows 10?

Once the Dynamic Lock is enabled, the PC can sense the paired smartphone’s presence. Dynamic Lock feature locks your Windows 10 PC when you’ve stepped away from the device by sensing the proximity of your smartphone.

You can make sure the PC runs on the latest version of Windows 10. If not, you need to update from the Update & Security screen under Settings.

Still, you are using old versions of Windows like Windows 7 or Windows 8. Buy Windows 10 at a very competitive price from Amazon.

Turn On Bluetooth on PC 

Dynamic Lock feature completely depends on the use of the Bluetooth link between your PC and phone. But you’ll need to make sure your Computer has the Bluetooth option activated and enabled. 

Also, make sure the Bluetooth link to your phone is switched on as well. To switch on Bluetooth in Windows 10, move across to the Start > Settings > Devices > Bluetooth & other devices button. 

Confirm Bluetooth has turned on.

Enable Bluetooth in Mobile Device

iOS Device

Go to Settings > Bluetooth in your iOS device and turn it on or swipe from the top and tap the Bluetooth icon inside Control Center.

Android Device

The former procedure can be done on Android phones too. Swipe down from the top of the screen for quick settings on an Android device, and toggle on Bluetooth, if it’s not already activated. 

Pairing Your Smart Phone With Your PC

The pairing of Android Device

In this step, if you haven’t already done so, you will need to pair your phone to your Laptop/PC. Go to the Bluetooth & Other Device screen under Settings in Windows 10 for pairing your Android device. Click on the “Add Bluetooth or other device” button. 

On the “Add a device” screen, click on the first option for “Bluetooth.”

You must see your mobile device listed there. Click on it to pair.

Now you’re going to get a PIN on your phone for pairing your PC and smartphone. Click “OK” on your phone, and “Connect” on your Computer to pair and connect the two devices.

Your phone will now appear on your PC in paired and connected lists.

The pairing of an iOS device

Similarly, you’ll need to turn on the Personal Hotspot feature to pair your iPhone. Tap Settings > Personal Hotspot on your iPhone, and turn it on. You will then be given an option to connect via Bluetooth.

iOs Screen for Wi-fi Hotrspot

Then you follow the same steps involved in Android device Bluetooth pairing.

Switch to Bluetooth & Other Device section in Windows 10.

Then, hit the selection ‘Add Bluetooth or other device.’ Click the first option for “Bluetooth” on the “Add device” page. 

Your iPhone will be listed there. Click to pair it.

Dynamic Lock

You can see the PIN for pairing here too. Click “Pair” on your iPhone, and “Connect” on your PC to pair and connect the two devices.

Dynamic Lock

In the list of items paired and connected to your PC, your iPhone now appears.

Dynamic Lock

Final Step to Activate Windows 10 Dynamic Lock

We are now at the final step of Dynamic lock settings. Come to the Windows 10 Settings tab, and press Accounts > Sign-in Options

Look up the Sign-in options page and look for the Dynamic Lock section. 

To learn how the function works, you can click on the “Learn more” button here. 

Alternatively, tick “Allow Windows to detect when you’re away and lock the device automatically,” in the checkbox.

Test the Dynamic Lock in Windows 10

Ensure your Computer is not in locked mode. Move away from your computer with your paired mobile device. 

You’ll probably have to move to another location in your home or office or even go beyond the Bluetooth connection range. 

Then back to your Desktop. If the  Dynamic Lock was working, your PC should be in Lock mode at that point.

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Please note that we have detailed the simple and basic steps to activate and use the Windows Dynamic lock feature. The exact procedure may vary depends on the different versions of Android, iOs, and Windows 10.

Do share your ideas here in the comments section by activating and using the feature.

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