what is gp1 and gp2 in bsnl

What Is GP1 And GP2 In BSNL?

When inquiring about the prepaid balance, several mobile customers receive a reply message that includes their plan information, GP1, and GP2.

What are this GP1 and GP2?

Customers of BSNL are also getting the same SMS notifications when they verify their balance. Technical terms such as Balance Amount, Plan Validity, State, GP1, and GP2 will also be used in these SMS.

We’re attempting to comprehend all of these words in depth.

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Balance is the amount in the customer’s prepaid account by using that they will be able to make calls or send SMS messages. In the case of BSNL, if you recharge the top-up denomination, it will be reflected in the main balance.

But if your chosen plan is a time-based tariff, it will not be shown in your main balance account. But according to the plan, you can use mobile services.

To know your plan details such as-Validity, Status, GP1, GP2, and Plan Name-just dial *123# from your BSNL Prepaid Mobile number.

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BSNL Plan Validity

Although this article is written specifically for BSNL customers, all terms such as Plan Validity, GP1, and GP2 apply to other mobile service providers as well.

The term of validity of the plan is the period during which your SIM card is active from the date of its activation. During this period of validity, the customer may make or receive calls and SMS messages under the planned tariff.

Each prepaid mobile customer can select a specific plan while activating the SIM card. They may continue to be enrolled in a specific tariff plan as they wish if that particular plan exists.

If the specific plan is canceled by BSNL or any other telecommunications provider if you have a subscription to any other network, the customer will be automatically registered as decided by the telecommunications company.

All of these plans offer different calling benefits to customers with varying durations of validity.

SIM State

State indicates the status of your SIM card subscription, and whether or not it is active.

What are GP1 and GP2 in BSNL?

It’s a frequently asked question from many BSNL subscribers. GP stands for a grace period and BSNL gives its consumers two-level grace periods before their contract expires or is terminated.

GP1 and GP2 indicate grace periods 1 and 2 for their subscription to BSNL. During this grace period, the subscriber must extend or migrate their subscription plan.

GP1 for BSNL

GP1 is the first grace period beginning on the next date of validity of the plan expiry.  Normally, GP1 is for 7 days from the plan expiry date during which the customer has to renew the plan to carry forward the balance amount ( if any ) to the next recharge.

In GP1, the subscriber will be able to receive incoming calls, but all outgoing services will be temporarily stopped.

The last day of GP-1 is the date of the credit clearance. If you do not recharge your prepaid mobile number with your plan voucher during Grace Period 1 (GP-1), your current account balance will lapse and the number will be moved to Grace Period 2 (GP-2).

GP2 for BSNL

GP2 is the grace period 2 starting on the next day of GP1. That is GP2 starts on the 8th day of the expiry of the plan. As of now, GP2 is 165 days from the end of GP1.

In GP2, all incoming and outgoing services will be completely stopped. In addition, if you are not ready to renew your plan during GP2, the SIM card will be terminated and you may lose your mobile number.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are GP1 & GP2 in BSNL?

GP1 and GP2 are the grace period 1 and grace period 2 provided by BSNL to their prepaid mobile customers.

GP1 shall be 7 days from the date of expiry of the validity of the plan. During the GP1 period, customers will not enjoy any outgoing services unless they have not renewed the plan during the GP1 period. However, subscribers can receive incoming services during GP1 days.

GP2 starts on the next day of GP1 and lasts 165 days. If the customer fails to renew their plan, the services of the SIM card will be stopped and the mobile number will be opened to any customer for the next assignment.

During GP2 days, customers may not use either incoming or outgoing services, including voice, data, or SMS.

What is an inactive customer in BSNL?

An inactive BSNL customer in mobile service that the validity plan of the SIM card belonging to that customer has expired.

Normally, inactive status occurs shortly after the GP1 (Grace Period 1) period. That means 7 days after the expiry of the period of validity of the plan.

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