MilesWeb Review

MilesWeb Review-A Straight Forward Analysis

MileWeb is a premium low-cost Indian web hosting company that provides a full range of hosting plans. We’ve hosted one of our websites on their servers as a test service, and this MilesWeb review is based on our experience over the last two and a half years.

As we know, there are a lot of national and international hosting companies available in India. Most of them come with attractive offers, and once we have paid for their plan, their service is very pitiful, and they charge a huge amount for renewal.

But companies like MilesWeb are not being promoted because they don’t pay a huge amount as other companies do.

In this context, we would like to clarify that, as always, we publish product and service reviews based on our experience. The review of the MilesWeb hosting service is also not contrary to our policy.

What is MilesWeb?

As we discussed, this Indian-based web hosting company provides a variety of solutions such as shared hosting (Windows & Linux), VPS service, cloud hosting, and reseller hosting.

They also provide Domain Registration and Email Server services.

They have Indian and Global data centers so that you can choose the one you need based on the availability of your customers.

MilesWeb Hosting Plans

As we mentioned earlier, MilesWeb offers different hosting plans starting at ₹60 per month. We feel that one of the most important and attractive things MIlesWeb has to offer is that their purchase and renewal costs are the same. This steady pricing is also applicable to domain registration with them.

MilesWeb offers many hosting services, including basic shared hosting, managed WordPress, cloud, reseller, VPS, and dedicated server hosting.

Customers will choose the operating system they want to use (Linux or Windows) for most hosting forms, and this does not seem to affect pricing (thankfully). The number of plans available varies by hosting form, but three is the bare minimum.

All these plans come with 30 days of a money-back guarantee.

Most of the other providers charge a very large amount for the renewal of the hosting or domain. They also offer a monthly plan that is a very useful and distinctive feature for beginners.

Shared Hosting Plans

Solo, Prime, and Multi are their Unlimited Linux Hosting plans. These plans are now available at a promotional monthly price of ₹60, ₹195, and ₹255, respectively. However, this pricing is only available if you sign up for at least three years. Otherwise, the subscription fees will be expensive.

All of these plans come with a free domain (not applicable for Solo plan), Unlimited Bandwidth, Free SSL Certificate, Free Website Builder, SSD Storage, and Datacenter Choice, and are optimized for the popular WordPress platform.

These features and prices apply to MilesWeb’s Windows Shared Hosting Plans too. However, there is a minor change in the pricing plans. They are ₹100, ₹325, and ₹425 in that order.

We use their best-selling Prime plan to host unlimited websites. Here you can check all of MilesWeb’s hosting plans.

MilesWeb also provides customized managed WordPress hosting plans that are priced in the same range as its commercial plans. These hosting plans are pre-configured for WordPress and include an easy-to-use WordPress installation tool called Softaculous.

Automatic upgrades, SSD storage, and access to a large library of free CMS and e-commerce templates, themes, and plugins are all included.

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MilesWeb VPS Hosting

Milesweb also provides Linux and Windows VPS hosting plans in addition to shared web hosting.

Their robust VPS hosting service, with managed and unmanaged options based on OpenVZ or KVM and running Linux or Windows. According to our findings, there are 28 different VPS hosting plans available.

MilesWeb’s dedicated server offer is extremely comprehensive, with 13 distinct server configurations to choose from.

There is a wide range of hardware platforms available, from low-cost servers with cheap 2-core CPUs and 2GB RAM to high-performance servers with Intel Xeon processors and 128GB RAM.

All dedicated servers have a high-speed, redundant network, as well as 24/7 support, proactive server monitoring, and a 100% uptime guarantee.

MilesWeb Reseller Hosting

MilesWeb offers a few reseller plans starting at ₹396 per month (for 3 years plan) as well. Each Linux reseller hosting plan allows for the creation of a certain number of cPanel accounts.

A single cPanel account can host multiple domains. The number of Sub-domains and Add-on Domains that can be added to a single cPanel account is unlimited.

Using cPanel’s master administration tool – WHM – you can manage a few extremely high traffic and resource-intensive sites as well as a large number of minor sites.

WHM also enables you to create and manage multiple cPanel accounts, each with an unlimited number of websites, emails, and other features.

Reliability and Performance

For 15 minutes, we had experienced a one-time outage of the MilesWeb server, which we were informed of in advance. So we think they’re providing their customers with a proper uninterrupted service.

MilesWeb has data centers all around the world, so users can host their websites in the US, the UK, Canada, Singapore, or (obviously) India. Their main website is lively and beautifully pleasing. The minimalist interface and user-friendly design make it easy to use.

There are two servers available for the cheapest shared hosting service: one in New York and one in Mumbai, India. Before starting, double-check the list for any unintentional additions (there were a few in our case), since they will substantially raise the total price.

Handling every aspect of the website once it goes live would be a very relaxing experience thanks to a user-friendly interface and the famously simple-to-use Linux-based cPanel.

With the Softaculous installer, you can install WordPress as well as a variety of other common applications with a single click. If you wish to use its website builder option, you will be given one with a wide range of free templates and basic drag-and-drop functionality.

Not only that, but cPanel allows you to set up FTP accounts, databases, and email accounts all from one location. You may also determine how much storage you’re using, as well as other resources such as bandwidth, through your cPanel.

It is also used to handle anything from a file manager, such as disc utilization, website builder, domain administration, and emails, among other things. A cPanel allows you to manage everything, including parking your domains and monitoring your billing accounts.

MilesWeb claims that the availability of their customers’ websites is their primary concern, hence the uptime should never fall below 99.95%. MilesWeb has “cutting-edge” Tier-3 and Tier-4 data centers.

We should expect the best performance to back up MilesWeb’s optimistic declaration of being the “top-ranking web host.” Fortunately for them, the GTmetrix speed test results were almost perfect, which is unusual.

MilesWeb has SSD servers in all of their plans. There are still a lot of low-cost web hosting providers (low-cost in terms of quality and performance) that use standard HDDs for storage.

However, when you pick a web host with SSD storage, you receive quicker speeds that are up to 25–30 times faster than traditional hard disc drive storage.

You’ll also receive free SSL certificates, allowing you to create a protected version of your website, which improves security and increases overall search traffic.

The need for an SSL certificate is one of the approximately 200 factors Google considers when ranking a website.

MilesWeb provides a free malware removal solution to protect your websites from any security threats and viruses.

In contrast to the average score of 8.5 seconds, the website took 1.6 seconds to fully load. In addition, the entire process took 80 requests, compared to an average of 89. Taking all into consideration, GTmetrix gave MilesWeb’s website an A (97 percent), which is nearly perfect.

Customer Service

We have no words to explain their 24×7 customer service. We feel that customer executives are well trained and ready to solve our problem efficiently.

They, like many other recent and modern hosting providers, have an official website, and it’s a pretty trendy one at that. They have a “Video Library” that connects to their YouTube page, which has a lot of tutorial-style material, in addition to current posts. As far as we can say, they’re in English, written straightforwardly, and very helpful.

Most of the time, we’re faced with the problem of other customer management staff, where some of the other sites are hosted. We plan to move and test our major websites to MilesWeb after analyzing their services for some more time.

They also offer free migration from any web hosting service to MilesWeb.Their team is here to help assist you with free website migration at any time, and they will move all of your website data from your current web host to their hosting servers at no cost.


As we mentioned earlier, our review of MilesWeb hosting is purely based on our own experience and may be different from others. So we’re asking to experience their service for one month before investing for a longer period.

MilesWeb’s choice of hosting options, as well as its ability to meet the needs of any kind of website, is nothing short of amazing. Certain confusions regarding some of the features, as well as some unappealing marketing tactics, could lead some people to seek other choices.

We recommend MilesWeb Shared hosting plan to meet your needs, especially for beginners who have budget restrictions. If you’re looking for a low-cost web host with a slew of goodies like a free domain for life, SSL certificates, SSD storage, and so on, MilesWeb is the place to be.

Their offerings are all-inclusive, accessible, and dependable, and their customer service is attentive, knowledgeable, and friendly. If you’re still not convinced that MilesWeb has everything you need, well-known providers like Hostinger, Bluehost, and VaporHost are still a good choice.

Also, share your experience with MilesWeb hosting here in the comment section to get a complete picture of the service to our readers.

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  1. MilesWeb is very reliable web hosting company. They have professional support staff for resolving your hosting related issues. Also, pricing is also very competitive as compared to others. No doubt they provide best value-for-money services.

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