How to improve bsnl broadband speed

How to Increase BSNL Internet Speed? New BSNL Speed Test Tool

As we know, there are different speed test tools available on the internet. India’s leading public telecommunications company BSNL has recently launched its broadband speed evaluation platform.

You can access this through the BSNL Speed Test Portal.

BSNL internet speed test tool lets its customers check the real-time download and upload speed.

This speed test from BSNL can be accessed from any device and its use is not restricted to the BSNL broadband speed test or BSNL FTTH speed test.

We understand that this is an exclusive internet speed test tool from India. Moreover, you can check your broadband bandwidth speed irrespective of your internet service provider.

It’s best to do the speed test intermittently, at least once a month, to check whether you get the exact value of what you’re paying for.

Infobits Internet Speed Test Tool

We also provided one internet speed test tool on this website for our readers in collaboration with Ookla.

This BSNL Internet Speed Test determines the speed of your internet connection. Simply hit the ‘GO’ button and the toll will do all for you.

This tool will perform a BSNL broadband speed test of download, upload, ping, and jitter.

This tool may test the broadband or fibre broadband speed of various providers.

How to Increase BSNL Broadband Speed?

Even though the title refers to how to boost BSNL broadband speed, the tips mentioned in this article apply to other broadband connections as well.

In almost all the cases we are getting the positive result during broadband speed test as claimed by the ISP. But sometimes we may get a poor result too. This may not be the fault of the service provider side.

Now you’re probably thinking about what a bad result is, and whether there’s something you can do to boost your internet bandwidth.

It would be said that uploading/downloading speeds that are 30-50 per cent below the actual optimum you pay for are a bad result, particularly when calculated during off-peak hours.

Contact your ISP and discuss how you can improve this situation. And yes, you can do something on your side as well.

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Several things affect how fast or slow your internet speed is. Unfortunately, there are a few that you don’t have a direct influence on.

Here are some of the important factors that you have no control over the speed of the internet:

Throttling Bandwidth -Your ISP may throttle your bandwidth when you use Torrents, for example. It reduces your internet speed

Distance from telephone The more you live from the telephone exchange, the slower your connection speed.

Cable Internet You and most of your neighbourhood have cable (coaxial cable for TV distribution) internet access, please remember that you all share a bandwidth that can lead to reduced speed.

The following are the factors that are in your control and you can improve the speed of the internet by considering these factors.

What You Can Do To Speed Up Your BSNL Internet?

Hardware – Your hardware could be the bottleneck. Your modem has a cache that can affect its performance. To empty the cache, unplug the modem from the power for a few seconds.

Be sure that your modem supports the performance speed that your network requires and that the cables are tightly attached and intact.

Wired and Wireless connections – In most cases, wired connections are better than wireless connections. You can also encounter signal distortion when using WiFi.

You can either readjust your router position or change your WiFi channel number to resolve this.

LAN Cable -Although a length of up to 50 m should be OK, try to keep the cable as short as possible. If you focus on a long cable, use a gigabit shielded network cable (STP Cat5e or STP Cat6). In any case, stop bending or stretching as both have an impact on performance.

Active Processes – Many applications use your connectivity to transfer data, track status, or download updates. You can manage which programs access the internet and consume the bandwidth by using a firewall.

Control Reservable Bandwidth-Windows reserves 20 per cent of the bandwidth for automatic updates by default. You can decrease the amount and keep Windows processes from getting ‘special care.’

Enter > GPEDIT.MSC in Windows search.

In > Local Computer policy  >Expand  Administrative templates, click > Network > Qos Packet Scheduler and double-click > Limit reservable bandwidth.

It’s not configured by default. Click > Enable and set the limit of bandwidth (percentage) to 0.

In the end > Apply and restart your PC.

DNS Server -DNS servers from most ISPs are not very fast, so they will reduce your bandwidth. However, from OpenDNS or Google DNS, you can get free and very fast DNS server addresses

DNS converts the domain name to the equivalent IP address so that browsers can load any page you wish to use. This is how we use domain names like, but the browser needs an IP address for this name, so DNS is responsible for converting this name into an IP address.

BSNL recently launched the AnyCast domain name system for its Broadband and FTTH subscribers.BSNL AnyCast DNS address is

This latest BSNL Anycast DNS comes with direct caching and peering services with big websites such as YouTube, Facebook, Google, and others so they can be loaded quicker. BSNL has already deployed alternative DNS,, and Through its direct storage and peering capabilities, customers using BSNL broadband and FTTH will be able to access these pages pretty quickly.

Normally, the DNS translation of a website name to an IP address is performed on a 1:1 basis, called Unicast, where each node on the network has a specific IP address. This will lead to slower connectivity to popular pages, such as Google or Facebook.

AnyCast uses several methods to transmit data on a network. Instead of trying to connect to a particular node with your data, the request will be redirected to where the information is closest to you, minimizing the delay or time required for the data to travel between the node and the device.

AnyCast DNS allows someone out of a variety of possible DNS servers to connect with a client or user. Since a query can be sent to several DNS servers, any one of them, normally the nearest one, can respond in a short time, minimizing the time taken to retrieve an IP address. This means that when you want to access a page, the conversion of the IP address is quicker and the page opens quicker.

Malware Protection-Check for malware to make sure your computer is not hacked. Worms will use your network to reproduce and therefore slow down your internet traffic. You are using up-to-date antivirus and anti-malware software to avoid possible infections.

Clear Browsing Cache: You’ve probably heard of cache, which is memory kept in internet browsers to speed up page loading. However, the cache memory might become full at times, reducing the BSNL internet speed.

Thus, deleting the cache from your browser may be an efficient way to improve Internet speed.

Update Network Drivers: Network drivers are essential for running the Internet on a computer. Furthermore, if you are utilizing outdated network drivers that are not as optimal as the most recent internet settings given by network providers.

So upgrading Network drivers will undoubtedly improve your computer’s Internet performance. This is an excellent strategy that may be utilized to tackle Bandwidth problems.

For example, if you are running a driver that supports up to 2.4GHz and your network supports 5GHz, upgrading to the current driver will resolve such issues.

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