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What Is BSNL Bharat Air Fibre? | How It Is Different from BSNL Bharat Fibre?

The introduction of Bharat Air Fibre services by BSNL as part of the government of India’s Digital India initiatives included the provision of wireless broadband connectivity within a 20-kilometre radius of BSNL locations.

We will try to describe BSNL Bharat Air Fibre and explain how it differs from Bharat Fibre in this article.

What Is BSNL Bharat Air Fibre Service?

BSNL Bharat Air Fibre is an internet connectivity service provided by BSNL via a wireless or, more specifically, a radio frequency band to enable last-mile users to stay connected.

The radio frequency band or spectrum used in Bharat Air Fibre service are non-interfering unlicensed airwaves that have not been licensed to any company to provide internet service.

The service is also distributed using line-of-sight radio waves. This indicates that the receiving and sending antennas are in a direct line of sight.

Customers should have excellent data transmission quality because these unlicensed waves have very little external or internal interference and are not disturbed in any way.

Because Wi-Fi routers, other radio frequency equipment, and other appliances such as microwave ovens are less commonly used in rural areas, interference in these frequency channels is extremely low.

Bharat Air Fiber service provides a connection bandwidth of 100Mbps up to 5KM and can extend up to 20KM depending on the quality of the air medium and the strength of the radio frequency signal used.

However, the speed may be reduced as the receiving point’s distance from the BSNL access point increases.

Normally, BSNL offers this Air Fibre service as a point-to-point or point-to-multipoint connection. The benefit of this type of service is that it allows internet connectivity in areas where wired internet connections are difficult to provide.

It has the potential to provide ultra-fast wireless broadband at a low cost. Wi-Fi technology is used by BSNL for this service which eliminates the need for optical fiber deployment and its complicated splicing process.

It works well in areas where laying optical fibre is difficult. As part of the expansion, BSNL is aggressively seeking the possibility of expanding the deployment of Air Fibre connections and has introduced new regulations with plenty of flexibility.

In a nutshell, BSNL Bharat Air Fibre is a cutting-edge service that aims to improve internet access across the country. Customers of Bharat Air Fibre can access high-speed internet wirelessly via a reliable connection.

Because the service uses the Wi-Fi spectrum, there is no risk of service interruption. The service is already available in many parts of the country, and you can check with BSNL to see if it is available in your area.

Difference Between Bharat Air Fibre and Bharat Fibre

We hope you now understand what the BSNL Bharat Air Fiber is.

The Bharat Air Fibre and FTTH Bharat Fibre internet services are fundamentally different because the former uses a wireless connection while the latter relies on optic fibre connections aimed at metropolitan homes.

Bharat Air Fibre has relied on the radio frequency spectrum, allowing for connectivity in rural areas. To address the connectivity issue in rural India, BSNL launched Bharat Air Fibre services.

Bharat Air Fibre would provide internet, phone, and IPTV services to homes in rural areas. In contrast to Bharat Air Fibre services, Bharat Fibre FTTH services are available in both rural and urban areas.

It may be difficult to find a Fiber broadband internet connection or even a wired broadband connection in rural or remote India due to a lack of service providers. Because rural areas lack significant economic advantages, private investors are hesitant to invest there.

However, these locations may benefit greatly from the wireless internet connectivity provided by the BSNL Bharat Air Fibre service.

BSNL Bharat Air Fibre’s Plans and Pricing

BSNL recently introduced many Bharat Air Fiber options with speeds ranging from 30 to 80 Mbps starting at ₹499 per month.

BSNL provides nearly identical monthly plans to Air Fibre customers as it does to Bharat Fibre subscribers.

As previously stated, BSNL Bharat Air Fiber provides calling and TV services in addition to internet access.

BSNL collaborated with Yupp TV to provide television services called BSNL Cinema Plus, resulting in a triple-play (telephone, Internet, and TV services) offering.

The most recent BSNL AirFiber plans can be found here.

How to Apply for Bharat Air Fibre Online

  • Go to the BSNL Fiber connection booking website.
  • Select BHARAT AIR FIBRE under “Select Service.”
  • Choose your telecom Circle
  • Put in your PIN Code
  • Add your Name, Mobile number, and Email address after that
  • The mobile number, you entered, will receive an OTP.
  • Click the Proceed button after entering the obtained OTP
  • Register by providing your location and clicking.

After completing the procedures outlined above, you will be able to determine whether Bharat Air Fibre services are available in your area.

The company will also call you for confirmation before proceeding with the process.

If you have not received a call from BSNL, you should contact your local BSNL customer centre or the BSNL customer care number.

BSNL Air Fibre Installation Charges

The installation fee for Bharat Air Fibre is ₹500. However, BSNL only provides free installation services to new AiFiber customers for a limited time.

Although there are no installation fees, you must pay for the Wi-Fi router.

Previously, BSNL announced a promotion for free AirFiber connection installation until August 2, 2022. You should contact BSNL to find out if this promotional plan is currently available in your area.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between BSNL Air Fibre and Fiber BB?

The new Bharat Air Fibre and BharatFibre seem similar but the latter works as an FTTH (Fiber To The Home) service that employs wired technology using an optic fibre to deliver internet services while the new Air Fibre service is fully wireless.

How does Air Fibre work?

Air Fibre doesn’t utilize traditional fibre-optic lines under the ground, it uses telecom towers established by BSNL with updated technology to give ultra-fast internet speeds similar to fibre. It’s LTE, but significantly quicker than standard LTE.

How can I get BSNL AirFibre?

You may apply for the new BSNL Air Fibre on their website or by visiting nearby BSNL customer service centres in your area.

Is Air Fibre a 5G?

No. It is an improved Wi-Fi spectrum service from BSNL.

What is the cost of a BSNL AirFiber connection?

Monthly prices start at ₹499, and the installation cost is roughly ₹500, which is often waived entirely. However, the receiver, antenna, and modem combo are the most expensive. It costs between Rs. 2500 and Rs. 10,000, depending on the distance and line of sight from the transmitting antenna. Depending on the location, a pole may need to be placed at the premises of the client, as well as the need for extra-long cable wiring. So, first and foremost, contact your local BSNL office to inquire about the viability and exact pricing of an AirFiber connection in your location.

Which is better Bharat Air Fibre or Bharat Fibre?

Even though Air Fibre and Bharat Air Fibre offer nearly identical monthly rates, Bharat Air Fibre relies on wireless technology, and Bharat Fibre uses optical fibre-based FTTH access. Because Air Fibre relies on a wireless connection at the distribution level, the possibilities of service failure are smaller than with Bharat Fibre. As a result, Air Fibre is best suited for areas where cable installation is challenging. However, Air Fibre has a higher beginning cost than Bharat Fibre.

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    1. Please keep in mind that Bharat Air Fibre isn’t available in every BSNL service area. You can check with your local BSNL customer service center to confirm.

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