Virtual Landline in BSNL Aseem plan

In the BSNL ASEEM plan, You Will Get a Virtual Landline Connection

India’s biggest landline service company Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL)  reported the introduction of a Virtual Landline Connection in the BSNL Aseem plan.

What is the BSNL ASEEM Plan?

This is a plan introduced by BSNL in 2017 by which a user will get a virtual landline number and this number can be used for receiving incoming calls by forwarding the calls to any mobile number of their choice.

No copper wire connection/FTTH is required to give BSNL Virtual Landline Connection to a customer. It is highly cost-effective and accessible without any physical connection, landline devices, or wiring on your premises.

This ASEEM virtual landline service from BSNL allows you to connect your home or business calls even on the move.

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That means in this BSNL virtual landline plan, a customer may pick a landline number (BSNL landline connection) according to his/her choice.

All calls to this landline number will be consequently sent to one number of any network of the customer’s choice without any extra cost involvement.

They can not make any outgoing calls from this number as this is a virtual landline connection. This service is different from the BSNL Wings service.

This BSNL Aseem plan is ideal for those who only pay rent payments and do not use landline outgoing calls, while Wings is suitable for those who use unlimited calls even when travelling abroad.

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ASEEM Plan Tariff

There is no deposit or installation charge for this connection. Its rent rate per landline number is simply Rs 199 per four months for call diversion to BSNL or non-BSNL numbers.

Every four months you will get a bill to pay Rs. 199 applicable. All charges are exclusive of GST.

A customer can also choose the Annual Payment Scheme. Aseem Virtual Landline Plan yearly costs are Rs 599/- under the annual advance payment offer.

Previously, BSNL charged varying rates for users who chose the Aseem Plan depending on the destination telephone number.

If the destination number was BSNL, the charge was Rs 99 for four months. If the destination number was not a BSNL number, the user would have to pay Rs 199 for four months.

According to the most recent update, BSNL will now charge Rs 199 for four months to all subscribers on the BSNL Virtual Landline Plan – ASEEM.

This ASEEM plan is very useful for customers whose landline was disconnected for any reason.

How to Get BSNL ASEEM Virtual Landline Connection?

Customers who wish to join the BSNL family will take advantage of this landline offer. Customers who have intentionally terminated their landline subscription may be able to reconnect using the same phone number (if it is not allotted to others).

Those who want the ASEEM plan visit your nearest BSNL customer service centre and enquire about the existence of your old number.

If it is available they reallot it for you as a virtual landline number otherwise you will get a new landline number.

This plan is very useful for old BSNL landline connection users who have given up their connection. They can get back their old landline number if it is not allotted to anyone.

Existing landline users can also avail of this facility by applying at the CSC of BSNL. They can configure BSNL landline call forwarding to mobile at their convenience.

If you still have an active BSNL landline number and want to switch to Plan Assem. The first step is to request that the customer service representative deactivate your telephone connection.

Once disconnected, you can request that the same number be allocated to your Aseem Plan.

The ASEEM virtual landline plan from BSNL helps you bind your home or business calls when on the go. Additionally, you will get a virtual landline number in India at a nominal cost.

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To avail of BSNL Virtual Landline Connection, the customer may present his/her application form to the closest BSNL Customer Service Center.

Subscriber may pick any landline number (aside from Landline Vanity number) of his interest.

On submission of the application, the service will be activated within 2-3 days and sometimes it will take up to a week depending upon the processing delay.

Once the BSNL landline call diverts is activated you will receive SMS confirmation.

New BSNL Bharat Fiber Customers (FTTH) will Get a Free ASEEM Plan

BSNL also provides a Free Aseem Plan to BSNL Landline customers who are migrating to BSNL Bharat Fiber (FTTH) broadband.

Customers opting for the BSNL FTTH service will keep their old landline number in the Aseem Plan free of charge.

Here, the customer can keep his / her old landline number, and all calls coming to that landline number will be routed automatically to the current BSNL Bharat Fiber (FTTH) VoIP number.

This free ASEEM plan is available to BSNL customers in India.

Advantages of the BSNL ASEEM Plan

  • There is no copper cable, FTTH, Landline instrument, or any other form of physical connection used in the provision of this virtual landline service.
  • All incoming calls to this landline number will be automatically forwarded to your mobile number of choice on any network at no additional cost.
  • Never miss a call because of a line fault, as in a traditional landline connection.
  • The most affordable package in the whole telephone industry. As diversion costs, you will have to pay just Rs.199 in advance, together with GST.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the ASEEM plan differ from the normal landline connection?

In a normal landline connection, you’ll get a physical line for your landline phone. But in the case of BSNL’s Aseem plan, you don’t have a physical connection. You will get a landline number that can be forwarded to any working mobile number. That’s why it’s called a virtual landline and the customer can receive incoming calls to the virtual number on their mobile phone.

Who can avail BSNL ASEEM Plan?

Any customer can apply for the BSNL virtual landline connection.

How to activate the BSNL ASEEM plan online?

It is extremely simple to activate a BSNL virtual landline number. Simply go to your local CSC and ask them to offer BSNL Aseem by giving the requisite Identity and Address proof along with the Customer Application Form. There is no online application process for the Aseem plan.

I cancelled the landline connection. Shall I get back my old number?

For this purpose, you have to approach your nearest BSNL office. If your old landline number is not allotted to anyone, definitely you will get that number. Otherwise, you will get a new virtual landline number.

Shall I lose my existing landline number when I upgrade to the new FTTH plan?

No. As per the latest offer from BSNL, existing landline or broadband customers will get a free ASEEM plan subscription so that their old landline can be forwarded to any mobile number they want.

What is the installation cost for the ASEEM plan?

There is no installation charge, other than the advance rent.

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