BSNL Landline Plans

BSNL new Landline Plans with unlimited calls

India’s leading landline telecom provider BSNL has launched new landline plans with an Unlimited calling facility, at a monthly charge starting from ₹149.

Landline plans were introduced by BSNL on a PAN India basis for new and existing customers. BSNL landline unlimited plans include Rural All CUL 249 & Value All CUL 329 plans, which offer the unlimited calling facility.

Value All CUL 329 is offered for cities, while Rural All CUL 249 is available for rural customers. Super Value BSNL CUL 149 & General FMC 199 rural plan are other landline schemes with a restricted calling facility.

These are standalone landline plans from BSNL in addition to their widely accepted combo plans (BSNL landline plans with broadband).

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Unlimited calls available in these plans are daily from 10.30 PM to 6 AM and 24 Hrs on Sunday. For detailed information please see the tabulations below.

These BSNL landline new connection plans attract a lot of new customers and bring back the old customer who has thrown away their landline connections earlier, because of different reasons.

BSNL virtual landline connection is also a major hit that provides landline connection to its customers without using any conventional cables.

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BSNL Landline plans

Plan NameMonthly RentCall DetailsOffers
Super Value BSNL CUL
(Rural & Urban)
₹149Local/STD calls:
Unlimited calls in BSNL network,
Calls for ₹100 to other networks
Free calling daily from 10.30 PM to 6AM / 24 hr free calls on Sunday
Sulabh 150 (incoming only)
(Rural & Urban)
₹150No Free callsNight free calls not available
General FMC 199 Rural₹199Local/STD calls for ₹180 on any networkFree calling daily from 10.30 PM to 6AM / 24 hr free calls on Sunday
General FMC 220 Rural₹220Local/STD calls for ₹220 on any networkFree calling daily from 10.30 PM to 6AM / 24 hr free calls on Sunday
Rural All CUL
BSNL landline plan 249
₹249Unlimited Local/STD calls to any networkUnlimited 24 Hrs calls
LL-General FMC 249 Urban₹279Unlimited Local/STD calls to any networkUnlimited 24 Hrs calls
Value all CUL₹329Unlimited Local/STD calls to any networkUnlimited 24 Hrs calls
Economy FMC 355₹355Local/STD calls for ₹355 on any networkFree calling daily from 10.30 PM to 6AM/24 hr free calls on Sunday
Special FMC 495₹499Local/STD calls for ₹500 on any networkFree calling daily from 10.30 PM to 6AM/24 hr free calls on Sunday
Special Plus FMC 995₹995Local/STD calls for ₹1000 on any networkFree calling daily from 10.30 PM to 6AM/24 hr free calls on Sunday
Status as on 09 Aug 2020, Data source:BSNL Portal

For landline plans with limited calling options in the non-BSNL network, there are add on packs are available in the denominations of ₹29,49 and ₹98.

These add ons are for 100,200 and unlimited calls respectively for the Local/STD calls to the network other than BSNL.

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There is one more add-on for BSNL landline customers by which customers having limited call quota can get BSNL landline free call to the selected mobile number(s). This is called the Friends and Family add-on.

The friends and family add-ons are available in the annual charge denominations of Rs.21, Rs.39, and Rs.49.By using this add-on, any BSNL landline user can enjoy unlimited calls to one, two, or three selected mobile number(s) respectively.

BSNL Landline Annual Payment Scheme

All the plans listed above are available for the annual payment option too.BSNL Landline subscribers can apply for a payment advance scheme in the course of one year or two or three years in order to allow the use of a special monthly rental discount.

One year payment: By paying a 12-month advance rental, customers will benefit from 13 months.

Two-year payment: Customers will enjoy a 27-month service by paying 24 months’ rent in advance.

Three-year payment: For customers paying 36 months advance rental, 4 months of additional free service will be provided.

BSNL Landline Special Annual Plans

In addition to monthly plans, there are special annual plans also available for BSNL Landline. These are LL Plan 1200 ( BSNL landline annual plan 1200) and LL Plan 1500 ( BSNL landline annual plan 1500) with annual charges of Rs.1200 and Rs.1500 respectively.

Annual Plan Annual ChargeConnection typeCall details
LL Plan 1200Rs.1200RuralUnlimited BSNL calls
Rs.1.2/Call unit to other networks
LL Plan 1500Rs.1500UrbanUnlimited BSNL calls
Rs.1.2/Call unit to other networks

If you are looking for a new BSNL landline connection it is possible to apply directly through the BSNL portal.

For hassle-free and reliable payment for your bills and recharge, it is better to go for Amazon Pay.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cheapest landline plan?

As of now, the BSNL landline lowest plan is Super Value BSNL CUL.

Its monthly rent is ₹149 and it offers unlimited calls in BSNL network and call units for ₹100 in other network calls.

Besides, free daily night calls from 10.30 PM to 6 AM and 24 hour free calls on Sunday are available.

How can I change my BSNL landline plan?

You can change your landline plan by submitting a request to BSNL.

BSNL landline plan change can be done either by physically submit the application to the nearest BSNL customer service center or apply through BSNL self-care portal.

Can I get landline phone without internet?

Yes, you will get it.

There are plenty of standalone landline plans are available for BSNL, which are tabulated in this article.

How can I check my landline bill?

If you are a regular customer of the BSNL landline plan you might receive the monthly bills by post or email.

Alternatively, you can check your bills by logging into the BSNL self-care portal.

Is BSNL free on Sunday?

We hope you might have asked about BSNL landline free calls on Sunday.

For almost all landline and combo plans (BSNL landline plans with broadband), landline calls are free on Sunday. Please check your plan.

How do I change my landline plan online?

You can do the BSNL landline plan change through its selfcare portal.

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(First Published on 21 August 2020)

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  1. Whenever I try to change the tariff in selfcare portal either it is timeout or Combo plan exists, change in Service is not applicable

    My plan details
    Old Plan : VALUE ALL CUL

    which does not have any combo service

    1. Normally, a change in the plan is easily available via the self-care portal. Not being able to understand your scenario. Please try another time and still the problem persists, contact your BSNL Customer Service Center directly. They’re certainly going to support you in this regard.

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