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Airtel Offers 168GB Data With its Revised Rs 558 Prepaid Plan – Airtel Rs 558 Plan

Airtel proceeds with its forceful levy designs extension in the Indian telecom segment.

The Sunil Mittal-drove telco, in a move to counter Reliance Jio and its forceful price designs has now thought of a revision Rs 558 plan for prepaid clients.

Under the Airtel Rs 558 plan, they are putting forth an astounding 168 GB of data for a time of 56 days.

That means you’ll receive 3GB of data per day for 56 days with this Airtel 558 plan. Previously, the data rate was the same, but the validity period was 82 days.

With this plan, Airtel cuts down the cost of per GB data to Rs 3, much lower than what Jio is putting forth with its Rs 533 prepaid plan.

Moreover in Jio’s 533 prepaid plan, you will get only 2GB per day with a validity of 56 days.

Also, Airtel is expected to compete with BSNL’s Rs 599 prepaid plan, which offers 420 GB of data for 82 days at a mind-boggling Rs 1.43 per GB.

Under this recently renewed Airtel Rs 558 plan, Airtel is giving 3GB of data for each day, which takes the aggregate data advantage to 168 GB, unlimited voice calls with no FUP restrictions, and 100 SMs per day.

We can say that it is one of the best plans offered by Airtel under ₹1000 segment.

The legitimacy of this new plan, as specified is 82 days from the date of activation.

Airtel has been propelling new plans to go up against the adversary administrators and to expand its ARPU.

The Airtel 558 plan includes a Wnc music subscription, an Airtel Xtreaam App premium membership, a free four-week Shaw Academy course, and a chance to win ₹ 1000 Fast Tag cashback.

Airtel also offers a sub-500 package with 3GB of data per day. This package costs ₹349 and has a 28-day validity period. This implies that with the Airtel 349 plan, a customer will get 84 GB of data for 28 days.

With this plan, Vodafone cut down the per GB incentive to Rs 2.25, while Airtel’s plan remains at Rs 2.26 for every GB.

In any case, the Rs 558 plan is superior to Jio’s Rs 533 plan, in terms of the data limit provided by Aitel.

As per new information, Airtel is putting forth 3GB data for each day for 28 days with its Rs 349 prepaid plan that was presented a year ago.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Airtel 558?

Airtel’s recently redesigned 558 plan includes unlimited phone calls to any network in India, 3GB of data per day, and 100 SMSs per day for 56 days.

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