Fixed Mobile Telephony by BSNL

What is BSNL Fixed Mobile Telephony (FMT- VoIP)?

BSNL Fixed Mobile Telephony is a VoIP calling service offered by BSNL that allows clients to make and receive calls within and outside the network using an App.

This is a completely IP-based service, and customers may use their laptop or mobile to call any landline or mobile number, as well as receive VoIP calls from a BSNL LFMT number.

Later on, BSNL redesigned this service as BSNL WINGS.

On the launch of Fixed Mobile Telephony (FMT), the service was used by a lot of people even from outside India.

And it was useful for a huge number of NRIs who are working abroad. BSNL began Fixed Mobile Telephony (FMT) service with a mobile numbering plan.

The benefits of BSNL’s first VoIP services included simultaneous voice and video calling, the ability to use from any mobile device, and the lack of a SIM card.

Unlike BSNL Wings, this FMT service had a disadvantage. You must have a BSNL broadband connection to use the BSNL FMT service.

That is, if your laptop or mobile is connected to any other broadband connection, you were not permitted to use the BSNL FMT service.

More interestingly this service was with no monthly charges with a bonus of unlimited free Sunday and Night calling benefits.

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