BSNL SIM replacement

How to Get a BSNL Duplicate SIM Card? BSNL SIM Replacement Process

In this post, we are attempting to clarify how we can obtain a BSNL SIM replacement. Many mobile customers have to confront this condition, irrespective of the telecom service provider to which they are subscribed.

The procedure for getting a BSNL duplicate SIM card is almost the same as in the case of getting a new SIM card.


You must visit either of the BSNL service centres or any BSNL-approved dealers to get your new BSNL SIM card. You must carry a copy of your Aadhar card or any other POI (Proof Of Identity) and POA (Proof Of Address) documents.

You will then be advised to verify your fingerprint on the scanner, and an OTP will be issued automatically on your Aadhaar-registered mobile number. It is an OTP identification check which has to be turned over to the BSNL official.

Upon successful verification of identity and address, a new BSNL SIM card will be issued in the name of the Aadhaar owner.

Charge for a new SIM card is free across the country.

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BSNL SIM Replacement

To obtain a replacement SIM card, a user must present his original ID proof along with a request for SIM replacement to the nearest BSNL Customer Service Center (BSNL CSC), BSNL Franchisee Office, or Authorized BSNL Retailers.

In the following situations, a duplicate SIM card is needed.

  • Old SIM doesn’t work
  • Replace 2G/3G with a 4G SIM card
  • Need a new SIM card for a new mobile phone
  • The old mobile is lost with the SIM card
  • Blocked by the wrong PUK
  • For the activation of international roaming
  • The SIM card is invalid and an emergency call is only possible.

Whatever the case, the process for receiving a duplicate SIM is the same as in the case of a new SIM, except you need to state the purpose for the SIM change to the BSNL representatives. There is no BSNL duplicate sim application form to download, officially.

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The fee for having a duplicate SIM is ₹50 in almost all circles. Although the fee for a replacement SIM is free in those places where 4G is being rolled out.

As in the case of a new SIM card, a duplicate SIM will be assigned to you on a satisfactory identity and address validation. One who wants a duplicate SIM should present themselves directly to the service point in both cases.

The activation of a BSNL duplicate SIM card may take up to 30 minutes after providing the necessary documentation and verification.

The old SIM card will be deactivated shortly after the new SIM card is activated. The new BSNL SIM cards can be used in nano, micro, or mini SIM slots as per customer requirements.

The new SIM card will carry all your balance, including Data, Voice, SMS, and the validity of the previous SIM card. It indicates you can continue to use your old SIM card’s freebies (Voice, Data, SMS), talk time, account balance, validity, and so on.

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All of these procedures for new SIM and duplicate SIM are relevant to all prepaid and postpaid consumers.

The only thing you bear in mind is that when you apply for a duplicate SIM, you have to approach the same BSNL circle from where you took the previous SIM.

BSNL SIM Replacement Through Retailers

According to the most recent information, BSNL mobile customers will soon be able to obtain duplicate SIM cards from their local BSNL dealer for damaged or lost SIM cards.

All BSNL mobile subscribers can now upgrade their existing SIM card to a BSNL 4G SIM card without visiting a BSNL Customer Service Center or a BSNL Office.

Only BSNL Customer Service Centers (BSNL CSCs) and BSNL Franchisee Offices can now provide BSNL mobile customers with duplicate SIM cards.

Because the majority of mobile users are having difficulty moving and travelling during this epidemic, BSNL has chosen to offer the facility to its retailers, greatly reducing the problems that consumers are experiencing.

What Have to Do If You Lost Your BSNL SIM?

When you have lost your BSNL SIM, call the BSNL Customer Care Number on 1503 (from the BSNL phone) or 18001801503 (from other providers’ numbers) immediately and forward the issue.

They’ll verify the authenticity of your call, and do what’s needed to block the missing SIM.

It is also advisable to reach the customer service centre as early as possible. Then apply for a duplicate SIM and have it activated. When the new SIM is activated successfully, the lost one will be deactivated.

There is currently no online option for BSNL duplicate SIM / SIM replacement. If your SIM card is damaged, you can obtain a replacement from your local BSNL CSC, BSNL Franchisee Office, or Authorized BSNL Retailers.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

How do you get a new BSNL SIM card with the old number or How do get a BSNL SIM replacement?

You should apply for a BSNL SIM change at the BSNL service centre and the replacement SIM will be assigned to your old mobile number.

How to get BSNL nano-SIM for the existing number?

The procedure for the BSNL SIM exchange is the same as for a duplicate SIM card. The new BSNL SIM card can be used as nano, micro, or mini SIMs.There is no separate BSNL micro-sim application form or BSNL nano-sim application form.

How to block BSNL SIM?

To block your BSNL SIM, you must call BSNL Customer Support on 1503 (from the BSNL phone) or 18001801503 (other networks) to ask them to block your SIM card. SIM will be blocked immediately after your identity has been verified.

What is the BSNL PUK code?

PUK (Personal Unblocking Key) is a special code to unblock a SIM card if it is locked due to three incorrect consecutive PIN entries. It is an eight-digit number and this is available on the SIM package.

How to get a BSNL postpaid sim?

Customers who want to get a BSNL postpaid SIM card must go to their nearest BSNL service centre and submit an application form along with proof of identity and proof of address. Following verification of these details, a BSNL postpaid SIM card will be issued to you.

Is it possible to obtain a duplicate BSNL SIM card from a different state?

BSNL duplicate SIM (SIM replacement/SIM swap) may be issued from the parent circle where the connection was activated for the time being. As a result, replacing the BSNL SIM card with a different circle is technically impossible.

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Lavan sharma
Lavan sharma
2 years ago

Mera sim card nsnl ka tha jo gum ho chuka hai jiska number 941864XXXX he is ki complete police me karva chuka hu kripya mujhe isi number ka dubara sim card nsnl ka Lena he lavan sharma

Jitendra Kumar Shukla
Jitendra Kumar Shukla
1 year ago
Reply to  Lavan sharma

In service sir request that my bsml sim card number is 94xxx31xx1 mobile number which i filled from amethi in year 2009 till now i lost my mobile few days ago when i went to bsnl office to collect sim card, He came to know that this sim is not in your name, not a sim to youSome certificates can be given, even then our problem is not solved..I: You are requested to kindly provide duplicate

1 year ago

My sim card is unfortunetely broken I need replace plz suggest what can i do.

S balakrishnan
S balakrishnan
1 year ago

I have tamil nadu bsnl Sim. That Sim now not working . Now I am at Agartala (Tripura) due to my job. I want new bsnl Sim with same number at agartala . What can I do

1 year ago

Please help me here .. i came to usa without knowing that bsnl has provided international SIM card. Unfortunately my BSNL number not having signal here. My father can able to take new sim on behalf of me with my documents.
Is there any way to get sim in India without my presense.

1 year ago

My name is S. Murali, i want to my old bsnl postpaid no. is 94XX097XXX,this sim is now bsnl,next Gpo, is there. But, till today they are not sending any information to me. I am given also application and address prof. So, kindly help me, which bsnl office available above no. sim.

S. Murali, my mobile no. 9XXX202XXX.

1 year ago

Hello, Infobits. Thank you, for this great article. It is really helpfull. I recently lost my phone along with the sim. It is registered under Jammu and Kashmir Circle. Please tell me if there is a way out without registering FIR / Sim missing report. Cant it be like I can show my sim got corrupt and is not working now and they can provide me a new one.
To keep you informed I continuously paying its bill, so that it is not deactivated. Also, I try to call it daily and its switched of all time. As, I lost it at a different state, it will not work there even if somebody has picked up the phone. Please tell me how to proceed ?

1 year ago

My father got bsnl sim card his name with proof… Now my father is expired. So how to get old sim card number?

9 months ago

I am very sorry BSNL does not have system to block post paid SIM. I spoke to the customer service at 0840 hrs on 08 Oct 2023. They stated they cant block post paid SIM services. When I have lost my mobile, the advise given is to go to BSNL office. Today is Sunday.
This is very pathetic. Other mobile services blocked immediately.