How do you fix the “SIM not provisioned” error message?

Have you ever received a “SIM not provided” message on your mobile phone? Typically this happens when we replace our old sim with a new one. Let us discuss why this is happening and how we can sort it out.

Why does the error “SIM not provisioned” occur?

This error message is displayed on your phone with an emergency call option. The exact meaning of this error is that the SIM is not active or could not be activated on a mobile network.

Here we explain why we get this message and how it can be fixed.

This is an indicator of SIM card errors. You can’t make any regular calls from your mobile phone at this time. Let us explore how to repair it.

As the title indicates, the SIM card is a Subscriber Identity Module. This means that it contains some important information to identify a subscriber ‘s account with a database of mobile network providers.

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This SIM enables your mobile phone to be used on a mobile network and links your identity to the IMEI number of your mobile phone.

As mentioned above, the “SIM not provisioned” message indicates that there is an error with your SIM card and that it has to be corrected or replaced.

Normally, you see this error message for different reasons,

  • Your SIM is suspended from the network.
  • You ‘re replacing the old SIM with a new one
  • You ‘re using a new mobile phone with a new SIM
  • The server of your mobile network provider is out of service
  • You misplaced the SIM in the SIM tray

There’s also a chance to get this error message, if you’re using a SIM locked on a phone, on another device.

When you are using a dual SIM phone, the error message will show the SIM card number for which the error is valid.

For example, you’ll get a message that “SIM 1 not provisioned” or “SIM 2  not provisioned ” like that.

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How can we fix SIM not provisioned error?

We can easily fix the issue by following the solutions described below.

1) SIM card may not be activated:

This is the first thing you need to check when you get an error message. Normally, a new SIM card will be activated within the specified time (varies from network to network).

If the SIM card is not enabled as per the time limit of the network provider, contact their customer service and ask them to activate it. Mostly, you won’t get an error message when the SIM card is activated.

2) Restart your phone :

In most situations, you can fix the error by restarting your mobile phone in the proper way. After restarting, wait a while to complete the boot process and the network identification process.

Then you can see the SIM is registered with the network and there may no more error messages.

3) Properly insert the SIM card:

Some times positioning of the SIM card in its tray may not be in the proper way and it causes the malfunctioning of the SIM card. This may due to improper linking of SIM plate contact with SIM tray connection points.

Solution for SIM not provisioned

For solving this issue first reinsert the SIM in the tray after cleaning its chip contacts phase. Also, ensure the correct orientation and seating of the SIM.

If all are fine, you no longer receive the “SIM not provisioned message”

4) Network operator’s server failure:

Some times the SIM card activation delay occurs due to failure in the network operator’s server. If they agree on the server failure at their end, let them resolve it and your sim card will be activated on the successful running of the server.

5) Get a new SIM card:

If all of these steps of fixing fails to activate the SIM and still you are getting the error message, we can assure that it is the problem with the SIM card. So it is better to ask the network provider to replace the SIM card with a new one.

FAQ in ” SIM not provisioned ” error.

How do you fix SIM not provisioned error?

This error occurs mainly due to the inactive or dead SIM. You can fix this error by following the different solutions we have explained in the article.

This includes contacting the customer care of the network provider, restarting the phone, properly insert the SIM in the tray after cleaning it.

How to activate a SIM card ?

It is a simple process and you just contact the network provider’s customer care number.

Just provide your mobile number. In some cases, they may ask the IMEI number of your mobile phone. So keep it handy.

Once you provide the required information, the SIM card will be activated within a specified time which may vary from network to network.

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