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20 Best Free Screen Recorders Without Watermark (2024 Edition)

A screen recorder is useful when you need to explain something to a customer or colleague. Instead of debating topics or writing lengthy pages to illustrate your point, simply show them!

They will like it, particularly if they are visual learners. The finest screen recorder you choose should ideally allow you to create professional recordings with no watermarks and time limits.

Otherwise, you may be unable to produce comprehensive, high-quality recordings. In this article, we describe some of the best free screen recorders without watermarks.

What Is a Screen Recorder and What Is Screen Recording Used For?

Screen Recorder is software that records visual activity on your PC, Mac, or mobile phone.

The screen recording function is very useful for software developers or reviewers who have to capture software demos most of the time.

It is also an essential element for most digital gamers who are used to recording their gaming screens. There are several screen recorders available on the market.

But the problem is that most of them are very expensive and, more interestingly, their free versions come with limited features and a watermark on the recorded video.

Need for a Free Screen Recorder

Most users can not afford premium screen recorders and are forced to use free screen recording software with a watermark.

This watermark is irritating to some users who want their recordings purely and professionally.

The watermark is nothing more than an image that is displayed on the recorded output as a copyright symbol acting as a symbol for the protection of piracy.

There is a huge amount of hard work behind every software and therefore the software developer has to get credit for their effort.

Here we’re supporting those people who don’t have the money to purchase professional screen recording software, and our lists of best free screen recorders with no watermarks are as follows.

Best Free Screen Recorders Without Watermark

1. Secret Screen Recorder in Windows

Let’s begin with a Windows built-in screen recorder, which is the best free screen recorder for a PC without a watermark. Most of us may not be conscious of the presence of this one in Windows 10 & 11.

How many of us know that there’s a built-in Windows screen recorder?

Yes, there is one. It’s just part of the Xbox and it’s called ‘Game DVR.’ Gamers who want to record their gaming screen are regular users of this Windows Game DVR.

It works for most desktop apps, but not for File Manager, and also we can’t record the entire desktop with this built-in function.

Step-by-Step Guide to Windows Screen Recorder Access.

Click Windows key + G for this program.

Then you’re going to get a pop-up as seen below.

free screen recorder without watermark

Tick in Yes, and you’ll get another control bar and functions that are self-explanatory.

There are many simple features in this app.

Keep in mind that this screen recorder can not operate on old hardware. For specific system specifications please refer to the program requirements.

Please take a look at the video below for easy comprehension.

Courtesy : Kevin Stratvert

2. OBS Studio

It’s a cross-platform video recording and live streaming software available for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

This free and open-source software is easy to use soon after you understand its basic settings. We can quickly install and use it.

free screen recorder without watermark - OBS studio
image source: OBS project

OBS Studio helps to record video calls, games, remote presentations, etc. At the same time, it has the power to broadcast your captured or live screen to platforms like YouTube.

Also, OBS Studio is filled with simple video editing resources that are helpful when playing with our screen recorder features. And when you’re looking for a screen recorder, it’s a decent free screen recorder without a watermark.

It is easily customizable and can be used smoothly with low hardware requirements.OBS Studio is a great advanced user program.

It can be configured to suit your needs as a recording program and can be used to create professional final products. OBS Studio requires some configuration and does not “just work” as other options do.

The video below will be beneficial for using OBS Studio as the best free screen recorder for a PC without a watermark.

Courtesy : Kevin Stratvert

3. Tiny Take

It’s a straightforward screen recorder, as its name suggests. You can capture pictures and videos on your computer without any watermarks.

It is a simple free screen recorder with no watermark. It also helps you to post the captured video on almost all social media platforms.

image source: tinytake

Tiny Take has a function to add annotations and comments, and you can even highlight a particular part of the video.

It is also possible to use this program for full-screen recording or recording the selected portion of the desktop.

Although continuous recording with an external webcam is possible, screen recording can only be done for up to 120 minutes. Yet that is enough for our usual applications.

The Tiny Take screen recorder is available for both Windows and Mac operating systems.

4. Quick Time Player

Similar to Windows 10 Game DVR, Quick Time Player is an exclusive built-in screen recording application on Mac OS.

It can capture your screen without any watermark. It was also available for Windows in the early days.

free screen recorder without watermark - Quick time Player
image source: Apple

It’s a Mac audio-video player, so it can record your Mac screen, edit, and share audio/video files. Like the other Apple programs, it’s an easy application to use.

Even, it’s possible to do simple editing in recorded videos. The final video can be shared on social media platforms from the application itself.

5. Screencast-O-Matic

It’s a free online recorder that can be used to record your screen without any watermark. You can narrate your video recordings using a webcam and an external microphone.

In addition to video capture, it is also capable of editing videos so you can easily add text, photos, and more.

It is a perfect device for capturing a short screen period of up to 15 minutes. The free edition permits only 15 minutes of recording time. You can easily share captured videos on various online platforms.

The added benefit of this program is that, because it is an online program, you do not need to download and install it on your machine.

It can, therefore, be accessed in any browser, regardless of the operating system.

6.Ace Thinker Online Screen Recorder

Acer Thinker is also an online free screen recorder without a watermark and has a lot of functionality as desktop software. You can record your screen without a watermark, and more than that there’s no time limit.

image source: Ace thinker

You can add text, photos, and other annotations to your screen recordings using this tool. This has additional features to play and convert, and it can also be used as a video player.

7. Icecream Screen Recorder

Icecream Screen Recorder is a simple-to-use software program designed for Windows, Mac OS, and Android applications. This screen recorder gives you watermark-free recordings of your screen.

The free edition allows you to record 5 minutes of video and is therefore commonly used as a short-time screen recorder.

In the Icecream screen recorder without a watermark, you can add dialogue to your screen recordings by using an external mic and webcam.

Often, the ability to add extras like annotations and text to your recorded videos.

8. Active Presenter

It’s one of the best screen recording software used by many students and teachers. You can add notes, render interactive e-learning videos, and edit video clips.

It has several other features as seen below.

image source: Active presenter

Active Presenter is a free, secure, easy-to-use, and intuitive interface. The free version does 95% of what the paid version does.

It is a screen recorder with no watermark in the final video output. There are fewer video effects that many other recorders offer.

This free screen recorder for PCs without a watermark is available for both Windows and Mac.


It’s another software that you can try out on our free screen recorder list. It’s available for Windows, Mac OS, Android, and iOS.

FonePaw Screen Recorder is a great software that lets you record your computer screen and audio.

image source: Fone Paw

The free edition comes with simple features such as screen recording, inserting notes, exporting to different formats, etc.

Just click the Screen Capture button and drag the mouse to one of the corner ends of the area you want to capture. Then you can edit the screenshot according to your needs.

10. Apple Screen Recorder

As the title indicates, this is an Apple screen recorder specifically for Mac and iOS devices. You can easily record your device screen without any watermark by using this app. It can also be used to extract screenshots.

11. ShowMore

This is also a screen recording app with additional features such as uploading, hosting, and sharing videos for some purposes. This software also has a wide range of annotations, such as shapes, arrows, text, and more.

free screen recorder without watermark-ShowMore
image source: ShowMore

ShowMore helps you to host your videos on its secure cloud platform. This makes it easier to access and handle files. This software has a full version for PC and an online version.

You need to download a launcher that is available on their website to use the online screen recorder without a watermark version as well.

ShowMore has no time limit for recording without any watermarks on screencasts. You can record anything on your PC, such as gameplay, video chats, online classes, and conferences.

It also offers you free cloud space.

12. Loom

In this category, the loom is a fantastic software device. By using Loom, you will be able to record your presentations by adding webcam videos and voice.

image source: Loom

Also, it allows you to share the video instantly anywhere you want, so it has additional features to use in a team that allow you to share the video seamlessly.

Loom is fast and easy to use for screen and video recording needs. It stores up to a certain amount of your videos on its web server, saving you from crashes.

Support is very friendly and quick to respond, further enhancing your experience.

13. Screenrec

It’s easy to use the screen recorder as the developer says.

Screenrec also has simple features such as a full screen or selected portion recording, video sharing, provision to add annotations in captured video, and webcam video / external audio that can be mixed with recordings.

Courtesy: Screenrec

Screerec provides unlimited recording without any watermark or branding of recorded videos. You can also share your video from the software itself.

It’s a cross-platform screen recorder available across Windows, Mac, and Linux. Screerec offers 2 GB of free cloud storage.

14. VSDC Free Screen Recorder

VSDC screen recorder is a fine screen recorder, too. It’s just a basic screen recorder. But that’s enough for normal use. You can not edit the recorded videos in this tool.

VSDC Free Screen Recorder is capable of converting any scene on the current desktop screen to compatible video formats.

Allows the entire screen to capture or select a specified recording area. Users can make video presentations, tutorials, and demonstrations of their own.

VSDC screen recorder does not leave a watermark on recorded videos and comes with a simple interface. Needs a microphone or a line-in for recording audio input.

It’s only available for Windows.

15. Smartpixel

It’s just a simple screen recorder with no advanced features. Both a newbie and a specialist can use this program without any guidance. Yet it’s got a time limit for recording.

Smartpixel has three modes of operation, including a Recorder, Webcam, and Editor. Even though we get the tutorials for this app during the first run, it’s hard to access it later.

SmartPixel will allow you to record any part of your Windows PC screen as well as a webcam when needed. After that, you’ll get a ton of video editing tools to polish the video even more.

16. Debut Video Capture

Debut Video Capture and Screen Recorder software is a powerful software set from the popular NCH software company.

It can record a screen, an external source video, or a webcam. It has provisions for the addition of video effects, captions, texts, and time stamps.

It also allows time-lapse recording, and this program supports almost all video formats such as Avi, WMV, Flv, Mpg, mp4, and MOV.

In terms of quality, Debut’s finished video was very good, but not the best. Our video experts have identified minor problems

It’s available for both Windows and Mac OS.

17. Apowersoft Online Recorder

Apowersoft Online also has a desktop version. It also has a commonly used array of features of the screen recording software.

Most of the attractive functions of this program is that it is possible to edit it in real time when recording a video.

free screen recorder without watermark
image source: Apowersoft

Flexible screen recording is possible and supports almost all video formats. You may add annotations to your video. Your recorded video can be conveniently saved and shared with this Apowersoft recorder.

18.EaseUS RecExperts

EaseUS RecExperts is one of the most powerful on-screen recording applications. You can catch what’s going on on your entire screen, or just a selected window.

You may also set up a scheduled recording task to record the screen and webcam.

free screen recorder without watermark
image courtesy : EaseUS RecExperts

EaseUS RecExperts is a simple and intuitive Windows screen recorder that captures the full screen and webcam for any occasion.

Can record video or audio streaming, capture popular gameplay, or a Skype call quickly and easily.

Save captured videos in more than 10 formats, including MP4, AVI, MOV, FLV, and more. It uses a lot of editing resources to record, and even it can remove background noise and increase the quality of the audio recording.

This app can also upload videos directly to popular platforms, such as YouTube.

19. Sharex

ShareX is one of the most acclaimed free screen recorders. This app allows you to capture a full-screen screen, a specific window, or a selected area. The high-quality video output will be saved to your computer.

What’s more, fast screen recording without unlimited features is beneficial. This open-source screen recorder can be considered a good choice.

It is only available for Windows and is free and open source. There are no file sizes or time limits for using this software. Users can upload their recorded video and audio directly to YouTube or other platforms.

20. Free Cam

Free Cam is another free screen recorder that can help you capture videos without a watermark on your device.

When capturing the screen, you can highlight your mouse cursor and click on the mouse to highlight important information and steps.

This free screen recorder allows a 760p video to be captured smoothly. You can upgrade to the pro version if you want to improve the quality of your video.

You may choose not to capture the screen but to record the sound of the microphone or device according to your needs.

You can record any part of your screen as needed. Free Cam removes background noise and polishes your audio with simple steps.

And it offers some basic editing tools, such as trimming. It’s only available for Windows, too.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I remove the watermark from the free screen recorder?

Lots of free recorders are available without any watermark branding. Seek to find out and use these screen recorders.

How do I use a free screen recorder?

The interface and configuration of each screen recorder are different. Understanding the basic settings on the documentation page of the application should allow you to use it properly.

How can I record audio and video on my computer for free?

You can record audio and video simultaneously using a screen recording program. If you intend to record audio on your own, use a sound recording application.

Does Windows 10 have a screen recorder?

Yes, Windows 10 has a built-in screen recorder. It’s just part of the Xbox and it’s called ‘Game DVR.’ Gamers who want to record their gaming screen are regular users of this Windows 10 Game DVR.

How do I record my screen on Windows 10 for free?

Use any free screen recording software for this purpose. Otherwise, you are free to use the ‘Game DVR’ feature in Windows 10 to record your screen.

How do I record my screen with audio?

Use any screen recording applications to record your screen. Use a microphone to record your external sound.

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