Is Digiboxx a Good Alternative for Google Drive or Dropbox?

Niti Aayog comes with an Indian-made cloud storage service called Digiboxx. It provides cloud storage and file-sharing facilities.

Digiboxx’s arrival follows Google’s announcement that unlimited photo uploads are no longer available.

You may be aware that Google has already stopped allowing free photo uploads to Google Drive after 15GB, which many have come to believe was a major setback.

However, the head of the Niti Aayog, Amitabh Kant, has said that India’s cloud storage system is in line with the Prime Minister’s vision of self-determination.

What is Digiboxx?

DigiBoxx is India’s first in-house Digital Asset Management Platform, allowing users to store and collaborate on digital assets such as raw files, pictures, and sensitive documentation.

DigiBoxx, an Indian cloud storage service launched in December 2020, offers free and paid cloud storage solutions for consumers and enterprises.

By offering reasonably priced options, the service competes with Google One, Microsoft’s OneDrive, and Dropbox.

What Does Digiboxx Offer?

Introducing a new cloud storage setup called DigiBoxx, users can store up to 20 GB of data for free. However, for those who want 100 GB in DigiBoxx, the most attractive offer for many is Rs 30 per month.

Users can use 20GB of storage for free in the Digiboxx. In addition, those who can afford ₹30 per month can use up to 100 GB of storage. The CEO of Digibox said that the service is available at multiple rates with multiple Indian data centres.

DigiBoxx is one of the services used to store digital files as SAAS (Software as a service) under the motto ‘Create in India, store in India’.Authorities say it is presented with a focus on national security and data localization.

Digiboxx claims to be the first Indian-made cloud storage service of its kind. The project also aims to collect and store data in India and ensure national security.

There are various plans available for those who wish to use DigiBoxx Storage in a wide range of categories suitable for Individuals or Freelancers, Small businesses, and Enterprises.

External user collaborations are also possible on all plans. That is, the file placed in the Digiboxx can be sent to those who do not have a Digibox account.

Additionally, it works with Gmail and allows multiple people to collaborate on a single file in real-time, providing state-of-the-art live security, previewing documents, and automating account backups.

Various Digiboxx Plans

There are four types of storage plans available in Digiboxx. These are the Free Plan, Individuals/Freelancers Plan, Small Business Plan, and Enterprises Plan.

Free Plan:

It allows the storage of files up to 20 GB. However, the maximum size of a file that can be uploaded is set at 2GB. Gmail integration will be available soon. External collaborations can be possible without any restrictions. There will be SSL security.


The rest of the plans can only be purchased monthly or yearly basis. Individuals and freelancers can get a 100 GB storage capacity for Rs 30 per month.

Up to 5 TB will be available for one year. You have to pay Rs 360 for it. The maximum size of a file that can be uploaded in this plan is 10GB.

For those who use 100 GB, the monthly plan is Rs 30. You can use 500 GB for Rs 90, 1 TB for Rs 120, and 2 TB for Rs 199.

Small Business Plan:

This plan’s cost starts from Rs 999. Up to 25 TB of storage space will be provided in this plan. The maximum size of a single file that can be uploaded here is 10 GB as in the previous plan.

There are plans for small businesses starting from Rs 999 to Rs 3499 varying from 500 GB to 25 TB capacity. This storage can be utilized by 500 people.

For Enterprises:

Big businesses can buy as much storage space as they need. There is no limit to this. It can accommodate more than 500 people. You can upload any size file.

Other Features

Smart Tagging

One of the most prominent features of Digibox is smart tagging. This will allow you to locate any file in Digiboxx within seconds. You can share without downloading any files. It can accept any file on any operating system.

The user can decide who can see the files they are uploading. If the file sent to someone has changed, it can be recalled. There is also an InstaShare feature for sharing large files. Even if a file is deleted by the user, it will remain on the platform for up to 60 days.

In short, you can restore a deleted file. Although it is currently only available on Android, the iOS app and desktop app will be coming soon.

With the quick file search facility, you can share any type of file including documents, videos, and photos is possible. If the file was sent to the wrong person, it can be recalled. Files can be easily edited.

Digiboxx is currently available for Android and iOS users. The service is also available on the Digiboxx website.

Photos and Videos Backup

They recently updated their Android smartphone app with DigiFotos, which automatically uploads videos and photos stored on the phone to the user’s DigiBoxx cloud storage account.

With this upgrade, DigiBoxx customers can choose which folders on their smartphone should be automatically backed up to their cloud account.

All data, including images and videos, are securely kept in India-based data centres. Aside from automatically synchronizing videos and pictures from the smartphone, DigiBoxx users will be able to organize multimedia content into albums and simply share them with friends and coworkers.

A Digiboxx user can employ a web link to share media saved in the cloud on social media and instant messengers. Premium customers can additionally customize the web link’s password and expiration date.

Images may also be edited from within the DigiBoxx Android app. Users may trim, alter contrast and brightness, apply filters, add text, and annotate photographs directly from the DigiBoxx app.

Security of Digiboxx

It says that all the files uploaded in Digiboxx are encrypted at the database level and also have connection encryption. The data is stored across the country in various secure servers with SSL file encryption.

Comparison with Google Drive

15 GB of Storage is provided by Google for free on a Gmail account. For 100 GB of space in Google Drive, we have to pay ₹130 per month.

All you have to do is pay ₹ 30 to use the same storage in Digiboxx. Both Google and Digiboxx have a 2TB storage option. While you have to pay Rs 650 per month to use it in Google, you can get 2TB per person for Rs 199 in Digiboxx.

As a whole, it is regarded as the best alternative to Google Drive.

Digiboxx Sign Up

Anyone intending to use any plan must first create an account on Digiboxx. Details such as email, mobile number, postal address, and state should also be provided.

Are Files Safe in the Cloud?

Cloud services are ubiquitous. Many people accept it with open arms. However, there have been allegations that several private companies are analyzing files uploaded to the cloud.

The importance of data is increasing day by day. It is best to use caution as it is possible to analyze the data that someone uploads to understand them.

If you are looking for Indian-based cloud storage digital storage or an Indian file-sharing app this service is the best affordable option for you.

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