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10 Best Supermarket Billing Software in India (2024 Edition)

The billing system in supermarkets and even grocery stores has undergone significant changes as technology has advanced.

Modern billing software for supermarkets is extremely useful for quick and effective invoicing, billing, and inventory management.

Nowadays, the most effective supermarket billing software is offered at a low cost that is reasonable even for a small grocery store.

In this regard, we have evaluated and created a list of the best supermarket billing software and grocery billing software in India.

What We Will Get in Supermarket Billing Software?

A supermarket billing system is a comprehensive business solution utilized by a variety of retailers and other businesses.

Any shop or firm may use this software to automate repetitive processes such as sales billing, inventory management, purchase follow-up, and accounts administration.

The effective use of billing software may save resources and time while providing customers with great shopping experiences. With the help of some of this software, you will also be able to easily manage many businesses situated in multiple locations.

As a result, a shop owner may assess and monitor all of his business activities in a single interface that is simple to track and follow. Thus, company people may minimize staffing and travel frequency, lowering overall business operating costs.

Even though there is a lot of supermarket billing software available in India, you should choose it wisely. Otherwise, it will cause issues for you and your business.

We chose the best supermarket billing software or grocery billing software in India based on its features and benefits-to-cost ratio, support, and examine how they are carrying out our objectives.

Top Supermarket Billing Software in India

We have compiled a list of the top billing software for retail shops that can revolutionize your supermarket and department stores, as seen below.

1. Vyapar App Supermarket Billing Software

Vyapar App is a supermarket billing software suitable for small and medium-sized businesses to manage inventory, GST, and accounting operations. It is considered a top billing software in India.

Vyapar can help you handle your business effectively with the best billing, inventory, and accounting modules. The program is available in both desktop and mobile versions and allows you to prepare GST bills both online and offline.

Vyapar App Supermarket Billing Software
Image: Vyapar App

Not to add that the program features a user-friendly design that makes it simple to use even for a novice.

Vyapar software allows you to track inventory variables such as production date, expiration date, and batch number of various items.

Additionally, you may send payment reminders to clients via WhatsApp, SMS, and email. Furthermore, you may improve the appearance of your invoice by using the software’s predefined invoice templates.

You may download and use this app for free for 15 days. If you’re interested, you may purchase a one-year or three-year subscription to this product.

When you are activating the Vyapar App Desktop edition, enter our special Vyapar coupon code 6ZVMGN7 for our readers to receive an additional three months of validity for a three-year subscription and one month of validity for a one-year subscription.

Vyapar software for PCs has an annual subscription price of less than ₹ 3000. Whether you’re handling a small grocery store or a supermarket, Vyapar’s billing software can help you save time, improve accuracy, and enhance overall efficiency. Give it a try and experience its benefits! 

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2. Nextar

Nextar is a comprehensive POS and retail management software that helps small businesses, particularly supermarkets, streamline their operations. Here are some significant features of Nextar:

  1. Free POS System: Nextar is a free POS system for retailers, allowing you to control sales both in-store and online. It’s designed specifically for small businesses and includes crucial features like inventory tracking, a cash register, and customer management.
  2. Inventory Control: Nex’s purchasing and inventory control allows you to easily keep track of your supplies. You’ll constantly know which goods require restocking, ensuring that your store operates smoothly.
  3. Customer Registration: Maintain a complete customer database, keeping key contacts at your fingertips.
  4. Hassle-Free Setup: You do not require a National Registry of Legal Entities or loyalty contracts. Simply install the program, register your items, and begin selling.
  5. Additional Resources (Premium Plan): This software’s other capabilities include cash register management, invoice generation, numerous service terminals, labels and receipt templates, accounts payable, unlimited users, shop credits, expiry date control, and quotation creation.
  6. Pricing: Its free version Includes essential features. The premium plan comes with affordable pricing for additional resources. its pricing in India has a monthly price of ₹350 and a yearly cost of ₹3500. 
  7. It is an internationally accepted supermarket billing software, and remember, Nex is compatible with Windows 7 or higher and is not yet available for Mac or Linux. If you’re searching for a mobile solution, they don’t have a dedicated app, but Nextar has a web-based version that you can use on your phone or tablet.

Whether you’re managing a retail shop, cafe, or any small business, Nextar aims to simplify your operations and improve store organization. You can download it for free and explore its features to see how it fits your business needs! 

3.LogicERP Supermarket Software

The Logic ERP supermarket billing software is available in two varieties: on-premise and cloud-based.

In addition to billing, the program may be used for inventory management. It is a highly popular program in its function to assist your business in preventing dead stock and overstock.

The program is also useful for speedier billing and invoice generation. LOGIC ERP is offered as SaaS (Software as a Service) on a subscription basis (Renewed yearly).

LOGIC ERP has two primary product lines. A complete ERP solution known as LOGIC Enterprise-Core, and a smaller company solution known as LOGIC Business.

This software, in addition to billing, offers inventory management, CRM, schemes/discounts, e-commerce provision, accounts management, purchase records, loyalty and coupon management, and GST e-filing.

Overall, we can say that this program is another best billing software in India that can streamline the entire retail store administration.

4. Marg ERP Grocery Shop Billing Software

Businesses may manage their multi-location retail establishments easily with Marg ERP. For example, you may control stores across the country by using their supermarket billing software.

Marg ERP grocery shop billing software further reduces wait time by enabling lightning-fast barcode scanning.

This software for supermarkets provides effective methods for controlling cash flow, profits, and much more. Marg ERP has a touch-based POS interface that allows you to easily track different items.

The program allows you to provide various discounts, such as those on individual items, the full transaction, and so on.

You will be able to determine which items are maintained on which rack and how much stock remains by utilizing this program.

It allows us to see which items have expired and which are about to expire. This feature is especially useful for food and pharmaceutical products.

5. Ginesys Grocery Billing Software

It is another excellent billing solution for supermarkets, convenience stores, and grocery stores, as well as hypermarkets, where the products on the shelf move quickly and you need to keep track of sales and inventories.

Ginesys supermarket billing software with barcode read is also available. This GST-compliant software may also be used to calculate tax.

The program offers cutting-edge features such as different payment method support, including online wallets.

It includes an online web and mobile POS that can operate without internet access. When connected to the internet, all offline data will be synced with the online database.

Its low-cost subscription package includes Cloud ERP, Retail Management Software, Desktop POS and MPOS Software, Retail Billing, e-commerce fulfilment, Retail Accounting with GST, and Warehouse and Inventory Management.

6.JustBilling Supermarket Software

JustBilling is a complete GST Invoicing and Billing application for Retail Businesses. It offers supermarket grocery billing functions in both PC and mobile versions.

It allows you to send invoices directly to your consumers via SMS. Furthermore, the program backs up crucial data to the cloud, making it easy to manage numerous stores.

It does not always require an online connection, and you may access its modules even when you are not connected to the internet. Along with the PC version, the JustBilling mobile app can manage inventory, purchases, and expenses.

It allows you to examine company reports from any device at any time, and notifications are sent to your mobile device in real-time.

You may attain improved levels of coordination and monitoring, as well as a comprehensive understanding of sales and stock items, by utilizing this program.

All of these benefits are available at a low cost, without the additional burden of managing an in-house IT infrastructure.

7. Hyperdrive Solutions

Supermarket billing software from Hyperdrive Solutions is appropriate for small and medium-sized retail businesses.

It also includes modules for financial accounting, inventories, supply, and much more. There is a texting or emailing feature in its supermarket billing system.

Cashiers may process things fast by scanning barcodes and searching for an item by its attributes without knowing its name, resulting in a rapid checkout.

The program also has extensive interoperability with various payment methods such as cash, debit card, credit card, online payment, and so on.

You may keep clients up to date on various available offers, as well as apply discounts immediately before the final checkout steps.

This software can constantly check supply levels and, if a product is out of stock, it can recommend a comparable product to the consumer.

Among the other major tasks managed by this software are sales, procurement, inventories, taxation, financial accounting, suppliers, staff, and consumers.

This retail invoicing software also manages customer relationship management and barcode sticker printing.


GSTpad’s supermarket inventory and billing system solution is simple to integrate with the point of sale (POS) operation

Businesses can also acquire detailed inventory and stock-related process information with this application. GSTpad also has the capability of reading and printing barcodes.

The program also allows for the quick creation of E-bills. You can easily alter the GST rate with a single click to reflect the most recent government regulations. GSTpad allows you to charge variable GST on various items based on their category and type.

The program also has a loyalty component that allows you to provide incentives to returning consumers.

When clients fail to make payments, balances are automatically created. You may send them messages automatically this way.

9. Busy Supermarket Billing Software

This GST-compliant food billing software includes billing management features such as GSTR 2A, e-way billing, and e-invoicing.

The software is simple to use and can be adjusted to meet the expanding needs of a business.

Busy grocery shop billing software makes it simple to manage business activities such as quotes, orders, and challans.

The program has a full GST module, making operations like GSTIN validation and GSTR reconciliation simple.

This supermarket billing software makes it easy to manage inventories and various warehouses. Maintaining item pricing date-wise/item-wise, as well as issuing GST invoices, is simple by using Busy accounting software.

With Busy Supermarket billing software, you can compute interest for payments, handle PDC (post-dated checks), calculate royalties, and make balance sheets.

Busy food billing software may also be used to manage material processes and schemes.

10. Reach Grocery Billing Software

Reach software for the supermarket billing system allows you to manage business operations from start to finish.

This program makes tracking orders as simple as displaying profitability margins by location. Use this accounting and grocery billing software to manage accounts, inventories, and invoices with ease.

Reach billing programs can also be used to automate inventory management activities. You may utilize Reach to convert foreign currency invoices into Indian rupee.

For improved purchase administration, the program assists businesses in capturing leads straight from websites and securely storing all such information online.

This option allows you to print barcodes and personalize all of your billing and invoicing operations.

Reach supermarket software makes it simple to track orders, allowing suppliers to deliver things on schedule and consumers to receive their orders on time.

Advantages of Using Billing Software

A supermarket billing software is intended to swiftly analyze data and issue bills for shop customers. It is built with an efficient database and a user-friendly front-end user interface for usage in a supermarket or a grocery shop.

A huge collection of product names, prices, and other product-specific information can be stored in the billing database. When a product is billed, it is located in the database and the correct price is added to the bill based on the amount of the product.

Discounts on various goods are also included in the billing software system, allowing the product to be sold at a lesser price during invoicing. It allows supermarkets to compute and display bills while also serving consumers more quickly and efficiently.

Some key advantages of adopting retail billing software include:

  • It saves a lot of time and effort when calculating expenses, especially if you have a long list of items.
  • By reducing the need for paper sheets in the preparation of bills, it saves money and other related resources.
  • A specialized program may recognize product information and price in real-time using RFID technology or bar codes.
  • To make the billing process easier, supermarket billing software integrates with weighing scales and barcode scanners. All that is needed is to scan the bill so that it may be printed right away.
  • It guarantees that billing calculations are correct and error-free.
  • Using billing software, a billing system may be attractively designed and fully described.
  • It is simple to use and easily flexible, even for a smaller grocery store.
  • Customers can get electronic bills via email or SMS.
  • You can successfully manage your inventory in real time and keep track of all things in your shop using this program.
  • In a store, this program minimizes lineups and wait times.
  • The buy formula function in supermarket billing software is meant to streamline purchase inputs and make inward purchase entries easier.

The accounting tools incorporated into grocery store billing software may be utilized to calculate account ratios and create ledger categories. This feature may also be used to manage bank reconciliation, cash flow, and budgeting.

You may employ grocery store billing software to generate discount cards, which you can then distribute to your consumers.

Loyalty programs are an integral aspect of a supermarket’s marketing strategy for increasing its client base. As a result, you may use these tools to simply handle all forms of combination offers, discounts, and schemes.

How to Choose the Best Supermarket Billing Software?

When picking a suitable program, keep these factors in mind. Let’s go over the points.


Billing software should be both powerful and user-friendly. As the owner of a supermarket or grocery store, you and your staff will use your software daily, thus it must be user-friendly.

Furthermore, the software dashboard should enable you to simply monitor and schedule routine tasks. Accounting tasks are made easier when the program can communicate with accounting software.


In retail operations, billing software is critical. As a result, your application must be very functional.

When inputting data manually in the lack of proper billing software, there is a significant chance of error. This emphasizes the need for billing software that automatically reminds you of your inputs.

This will help you ensure that your consumers pay their bills on time. It should include basic capabilities like billing or invoicing, stock management, purchase tracking, customer tracking, provision for customer loyalty points, and so on.


Your data and personal information will be shared with billing software, which may also keep information about your clients.

As a result, the software must be safe and trustworthy, and proper data security is required.

Your whole financial information in a specific firm is preserved on the servers of software suppliers and may be abused if there is no protection.

As a result, you must guarantee that the system is capable of supporting various forms of security.

GST Compliance

GST is critical to your business. Your GST activities should be eased with the aid of appropriate supermarket software.

Its functions should be easy to automate. GST invoices can be delivered to customers by SMS or email.

When a task is easy, you can complete it with complete efficiency. It will also help you to become a responsible taxpayer.


A small grocery store cannot afford more expensive accounting and billing software.

A reliable billing system will help you to expand while remaining cheap to small business owners. Instead of an expensive financial and billing system, you might invest in business-specific software.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which software is best for use in supermarket billing?

We tested several accounting software for supermarkets. The Vyapar App, which provides a smooth billing experience to the customer, is the finest billing software we found. You may enable quick billing using barcode scanners and record point-of-sale transactions in your supermarket by using the Vyapar app.

What is the best POS software for groceries and supermarkets?

Vyapar is one of the top grocery shop POS software or grocery store bill-generating software on the market. Along with several advanced features, it provides strong inventory management and loyalty capabilities.

How does supermarket billing software work?

A supermarket billing software is designed to quickly analyze data and generate bills for store customers. It is designed with an efficient database and a user-friendly front-end user interface for use in a supermarket or grocery store. It assists you in managing, automating, and streamlining supermarket operations such as sales, inventory, invoicing, loyalty programs, CRM, accounting, sales, and purchases.

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