Is Cashkaro Safe

Is Cashkaro safe? How to Use Cashkaro Cashback?

Cashkaro is a name you may have heard if you make online purchases. If you are hearing this name for the first time, we can start from there.

Even though people are aware of Cashkaro, they are concerned about its safety. We’d like to share our experience in this context in this article.

Is Cashkaro safe?

Before we answer, let us define Cashkaro.

Please keep in mind that this Cashkaro review is not sponsored, and we are simply sharing our honest opinion.

What is Cashkaro?

It is a website that will give you cashback or a reward when you buy something from their partner platforms online. They also offer Android and iOS apps.

CashKaro is a wonderful website or app if you want to collect cashback on all of your online transactions.

When it comes to cashback and rewards, CashKaro is a prominent name that you just cannot ignore.

However, many individuals are unsure whether Cashkaro is safe to use. Even I had a few concerns about what I first heard about it.

Is Cashkaro Safe to Use?

Of course, it is a legitimate and secure website. Based on my experience, Cashkaro is without a doubt one of the leading and most trustworthy cashback and reward websites in India.

I’ve been using this website for all of my Amazon and Flipkart purchases for the past three years. As a result, you may regard this post as a real Cashkaro review based on my own experience.

It has over a million active customers who purchase and earn cashback using this website or mobile app.

If you’ve used or not used CashKaro and still have doubts about cashback and whether or not you’ll receive your money, you can read this article for a complete understanding.

When you shop within the promotion time, CashKaro also allows you to compare product pricing.

They claim to have the highest cashback rates in the industry, with over Rs 150 crore in cashback provided to their members.

Over 5 million Indians trust it, and it gives cashback on 1500+ shopping sites such as Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, Nykaa, WOW, MamaEarth, and many other major platforms.

You can see the list of partners on their website.

This website was established in April 2013 by Rohan and Swati Bhargava and has some of the largest names behind it, including Mr. Ratan Tata and Kalaari Capital, India’s premier Venture Capital firm.

How CashKaro Works and How Do They Get Money?

The Cashkaro business strategy is quite straightforward.

When you use CashKaro to purchase from one of its partner sites, CashKaro gets a marketing charge or affiliate revenue from those sites, and a portion of it is given back to the users as cashback and rewards.

This cashback is in addition to any discounts or card offers available on that website at the time of purchase.

Does Cashkaro Give Cashback?

Yes, you will receive cashback and rewards based on your purchases. As previously stated, Cashkaro is backed by the Man of Integrity, Mr. Ratan Tata.

A million or more consumers use Cashkaro regularly to shop from Cashkaro-listed stores. All of the products that you get will be from the sellers on the e-commerce site where you purchase.

As an example, If you buy on Amazon using CashKaro, the product will be delivered by Amazon, not CashKaro.

Cashkaro earns an affiliate commission for all purchases made through their platform by users. They distribute a proportion of that amount among consumers, but not the whole percentage.

We have already clarified that Cashkaro is a secure app to utilize for your purchasing requirements because it is one of the top and most effective cashback applications.

By just signing up, you are only a few steps away from receiving your cashback or rewards.

Furthermore, they have a large marketing plan to promote this website. Because of the large website traffic they and their online partners have, they are earning a lot of cash consistently.

From the seller’s perspective, they can provide more rewards or discounts to keep customers returning to the store or website.

Users are also delighted since the effective purchase price is lower than the real selling price because we receive a portion of the money we spend on purchases in the form of cashback.

So, do you believe that a popular app or website like Cashkaro may scam people just for financial gain?

Cashakro’s business strategy is far more sustainable; therefore, we don’t expect them to abandon excellent business ethics anytime soon.

So you may start buying from Cashkaro with confidence and earn unlimited rewards and cashback on your purchases.

Do They Pay Cashback which is Real Cash?

Yes. Once your cashback has reached Rs. 250 in your account, you may transfer it to your bank account or redeem it as an Amazon gift card.

Some people may earn up to Rs. 20,000 every month, and as crazy as it seems, some people have earned lakhs over time!

Unlike cashback, your purchase rewards may only be redeemed as Amazon or Flipkart vouchers.

Cashkaro Earnings Screenshot
Cashkaro Earnings Screenshot

How to use Cashkaro?

We have discussed how, by using CashKaro, you can easily earn cashback on your online purchases.

But how to use Cashkaro cashback?

Simply follow the easy procedures outlined below anytime you desire to make an online purchase transaction.

1. Login or Signup

Log in to CashKaro with your email address or phone number.

If you are a new user, you need to sign up with Cashkaro. Otherwise, the system cannot monitor your ID since you are not a member, and hence you are not eligible for cashback.

2. Select the online platform you want to purchase from

Look for the e-commerce site where you wish to shop and click the diversion button to that site. CashKaro will connect you to the desired website or mobile application.

3. Shop from your desired site normally

You may now purchase on your preferred website or mobile app, such as Amazon, Flipkart, or Myntra, as usual.

4. Earn Cashback or rewards

When you finish purchasing, cashback or rewards will be tracked to your account, and they will be added very soon.

Cashback is added to your CashKaro account with a Pending Status within 72 hours. This will be confirmed within 30 days of the return period expiring.

5. Get your payment

Once you have at least Rs 250 in Confirmed Cashback, you can transfer it to your bank account or redeem it as an Amazon or Flipkart gift card by submitting a request.

Payout Process

We can summarize the payout process here.

Cashkaro tracks your order when you make a purchase on any of the partner sites, which can take anywhere from 5 minutes to 72 hours.

Following that, the cashback will be marked as pending. According to the guidelines of several e-commerce companies, pending cashback can be converted into confirmed cashback within 2–90 days.

The whole amount of confirmed cashback will be accumulated in your account.

Once your CashKaro account reaches the specified minimum level of Rs 250, you can withdraw the cashback sum. Withdrawals can be made in the form of cash or Amazon and Flipkart gift cards.

Important Things to Remember When Using CashKaro:

1. Reach your desired shopping site through Cashkaro only

If you wish to make a purchase, go to the relevant site by clicking through the Cashkaro website or App.

Then add items to the cart and complete your order. Thereafter only, CashKaro tracks your transaction.

Before reaching the shopping site, do not go to any other coupon or discount site. Your purchases will not be tracked if you do so.

2. Understand the difference between Cashkaro Rewards and Cashback

Rewards are similar to Cashback, except that they can only be redeemed as Amazon or Flipkart Gift Vouchers and cannot be transferred to your bank account.

CashKaro rewards are earned when you buy at Amazon or Flipkart using CashKaro.

But you can transfer the cashback amount directly to your bank account. For all other sites, such as Myntra and Ajio, you get CashKaro cashback, which you can redeem as cash into your bank account or Amazon or Flipkart gift cards.

3. Know Cashback / Rewards Rates

The Cashback or Reward rates for each site are varied, as stated on the page. So you should know exactly how much you will receive in return.

Cashkaro Referral program

We’ve discussed how we can earn cashback or rewards when we purchase online with CashKaro.

They also offer a referral scheme through which you can also earn. You have a referral link if you use Cashkaro. You have permission to forward this link to your friends.

When other users use your link to purchase through CashKaro, you will get 10% of the cashback they receive each time they use it. Just use this Cashkaro referral link; there is no separate referral code there.

This referral link has no time restriction, so you can enjoy the advantages for the rest of your life. There is also no limit to the number of referrals you may make.

So we can conclude that Cashkaro is safe and that it provides the finest deals, discounts, and coupons on all purchases. As a result, it is among the finest cashback websites in the country.

Final Words

Of course, if you regularly shop on the internet, you will receive the best deals from time to time.

In addition to these savings, when you access your favourite e-commerce platforms via the CashKaro site or App, you can earn even more cashback.

Why are you wasting this benefit by not using CashKaro? So, try Cashkaro today and share your experience for the benefit of other readers.

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