Speed up Android phone with hidden system settings in Android

(Last Updated On: July 21, 2018)

Todays Android phones are so considerably speedier and smoother than they used to be even a couple of short years prior. Obviously, speed on a smartphone is much the same as battery life: you can never have enough. The most recent age Qualcomm Snapdragon processor has been joined with additional RAM in latest Android lead phones to make the smoothest and most great Android experience to date. But they may be got slower on day by day use and here is a simple tweak to speed up android phones.

Truth be told, innovation has advanced so much that two or three late Android lead phones have been observed to be considerably speedier than current-age iPhone models running iOS 11. Truth is stranger than fiction, the Samsung Galaxy S9 and OnePlus 6 both really figured out how to beat the iPhone X, in actuality, speed tests on YouTube. Smartphones like the OnePlus 6, Samsung’s most recent leads, the LG G7 ThinQ, and the new HTC U12+ are altogether superbly quick ideal out of the container.

Speed up android

In any case, what you won’t know is that there’s a straightforward mystery setting stowing away inside these phones that can make them much quicker. What’s more, the best part is this shrouded setting can be found on each and every Android telephone out there. So whether you have a fresh out of the box new OnePlus 6 or an old Galaxy S7, there’s a brilliantly simple approach to accelerate your telephone — and everything necessary is a couple of moments.

Individuals can’t trust the amount of an effect tweaking three straightforward settings to speed up android on a phone can have. In any case, trust us when we let you know, the effect is gigantic. Here’s the manner by which it works: each time you open an application, close an application, switch amongst applications, etc, your phone shows a change activity to take you starting with one screen then onto the next. It’s the kind of thing that blurs to the background as you utilize your phone, so you most likely don’t see these change movements any longer.

However, playing these change activities on your telephone’s display requires some time, so accelerating the movements brings about quicker application loads. We’re certain that you see where we’re passing at this point.

Inside each Android phone is a mystery Settings menu called “Developer options” that is loaded with a wide range of cutting-edge alternatives.

Steps involved to speed up Android Phones

There’s a straightforward trick to empower this extraordinary segment of the Settings application, and here’s the manner by which we can speed up Android phones:

Speed up android

Open the Settings application on your phone.

On the off chance that your handset runs Android 8.0+, tap System (Don’t follow this step in case you’re on a prior version of Android)

Look down and tap About phone.

Look down again and tap Build number 7 times successively.

Notice: in case you’re not a tech-savvy user, we suggest that you don’t disturb any of the settings in this segment other than the ones we’re going to indicate you. You can’t do any genuine harm to your phone, yet better to be as careful as possible.

Once you’ve activated the Developer options area, open it and look down until the point that you see the accompanying three settings:

Window animation scale

Transition animation scale

Animator animation scale

You’ll see a “1x” by every one of those settings as a matter of course, and that is what we will conform to accelerate your telephone. Basically tap on every one of those three settings and change “1x” to “.5x,” at that point leave the Developer options section. To guarantee that we’re clear, you need to choose “.5x” and not “5x.”

This implies every activity will take half as long to play, so things will move twice as quick as you do things like open and close applications. Obviously, we invest a huge amount of energy opening and shutting applications on our phones, so the effect is enormous.

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On the off chance that you have a more seasoned Android phone that is beginning to feel somewhat slow, modifying these settings will help influence your phone to feel like new once more. What’s more, in the event that you have a more current Android version that as of now feels quick, this will make it much quicker. What’s more, the effect is prompt so you’ll feel it immediately.

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