WhatsApp is the world’s most popular messaging app. Most people in India today are interacting through WhatsApp. Photos, videos, and other data are shared by people through WhatsApp. It is expected that the WhatsApp payment service will arrive this year. If so, WhatsApp Messenger needs more protection, and here we’re explaining how to activate fingerprint lock in Whatsapp.

Users of Android Phone can lock their WhatsApp Messenger on their smartphone using the Fingerprint Scanner. This feature was launched earlier this year for iOS users.

Fingerprint Lock System, now available for Android phones on WhatsApp, has been tested for months, meaning that users of Android phones can use the Fingerprint Scanner to lock their WhatsApp Messenger.

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Previously, for this purpose, people used third-party app locks. But it’s no longer needed. You can protect your chats with the fingerprint locking mechanism within WhatsApp.

You can allow it through the settings of WhatsApp.

How to activate fingerprint lock in WhatsApp?

To enable fingerprint lock in Whatsapp you have to follow the below steps.

Enable Fingerprint Lock for Whatsapp Android App.

  • First, update the WhatsApp app. Activate the phone’s fingerprint lock.
  • Open WhatsApp once this has been done. Open the menu button at WhatsApp’s top right.
  • Then open Settings for the account. You can find privacy settings in it. Select it.
  • You will find the fingerprint lock at the very bottom of the available choices. Choose this one.
  • Switch on the toggle button for ‘ Unlock with Fingerprint. ‘
  • Then we can see the Fingerprint verification instruction. You touch the fingerprint scanner of the phone this time.
  • This will enable Fingerprint Lock in your WhatsApp application
  • Three options are available to determine how long WhatsApp can be locked. As needed, it can be selected.
  • Each time you open WhatsApp, you will be asked for fingerprint authentication.

Enable Fingerprint Lock for Whatsapp iOS App

  • Open Whatsapp in your iOS device
  • Go to the ‘Settings’ option
  • Select ‘Account’ option
  • Then go to ‘Privacy Selection’
  • Move to ‘Screen Lock’
  • Then turn on Touch ID or Face ID
  • You have to select the amount of time after which lock is enabled.

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