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(Last Updated On: November 9, 2018)

Applying for PAN card is a simple and bother free process. Applications can be submitted on both offline and online by means of the NSDL site. The Income Tax Department has restricted in NSDL and additionally UTIITSL as the two essential organizations in charge of outfitting PAN in the nation. There are locale level organizations too which are in charge of receiving PAN applications, preparing them and furnishing the PAN to clients. Let us explain what are NSDL and UTIITSL and the sort of work that they do.

Entities which can apply for PAN

There is a large group of entities which can apply for PAN or demand for correction/reprint of PAN card. These incorporate people, HUFs, trusts, corporates, organizations, firms, local authorities, governments, minors, senior citizens and so on.

Application for new PAN for Indian citizens

At the point when an Indian citizen needs to pay taxes or carry out any transaction that commands the utilization of PAN data, at that point, he/she is required to apply for a Permanent Account Number. The application procedure for new PAN comprises of two fundamental parts initially is filling up with the application form and second is the dispatch of the card by the Income Tax Department.

PAN is likewise a vital identification proof and is required for different transactions like bank deposits, mutual fund purchase, insurance buys and so on.

Application for new PAN for foreigners

Online PAN application for foreigners likewise pursues similar guidelines with respect to resident Indians, be that as it may, the application form that should be filled and submitted is form 49AA. Foreigners who hold business or money related exchanges in the nation need to outfit PAN details and consequently, PAN card turns into a fundamental record for foreigners in India as well. Every single foreign director and the individuals who hold business positions as a part of Indian subsidiaries are required to have an Indian PAN paying little consideration to their location (in or out of India).

Application for changes/correction/modification/update in PAN card details

There are times when the wrong input of entity details may get wrongly printed on PAN card or may get wrongly put away in the database of the Income Tax Department. Any such variation in information can be normalized utilizing the correction and modification choice given by the IT department.

For ladies in India, there are times when they change their name after marriage and such need another personality evidence to be issued. Such circumstances too require a change in PAN details and subsequently, a new PAN with new card information is issued to the applicant.

The application procedure for correction of PAN details is like the one used to file an application for new PAN. This is so in light of the fact that in either case verifications of address and identity are to be submitted and another PAN card should be issued by the Tax Department.

The points of interest that require correction should be checked by means of checkboxes gave against each field.

Application for the reprint of PAN card

Reprint of PAN emerges when someone loses his/her PAN card. This may occur because of burglary, misplacement or any regular disaster. In such circumstances, an application for the reprint of PAN should be submitted either with NSDL or with UTIITSL. Republish of PAN takes your past PAN card duplicate or affirmation duplicate as a source of reference and confirms it to issue a new PAN card to the applicant. For this situation, just the card issued is new while details on the card are actually the equivalent as previously.

The application form for a reproduce of PAN card is additionally a similar frame 49A. Be that as it may, since this is a reprint request for a current PAN, a proof of (PAN card, its duplicate or duplicate of PAN acknowledgment letter) should be submitted in the physical form to NSDL/UTIITSL).

Online application of PAN

With the developing popularity of the internet in the nation and the related straightforwardness and convenience of online banking, the Indian government is propelling online platforms for a ton of government services. The online application portal for PAN is facilitated by two government-approved agencies NSDL and UTIITSL. Both NSDL and UTIITSL are government organizations that complete different organization works other than the handling of PAN application. The online application is the most effortless approach to acquire PAN since this should be possible from any area and without the problem of sitting tight in lines for your turn.

Online application for PAN can be made on the NSDL site and also the UTIITSL site. Both have been approved by the government of India to do PAN exchanges for the benefit of the Income Tax Department. The online procedure is the most problem free method for acquiring PAN. The PAN applicant is required just to fill and present the respective application form alongside the online payment of the separate processing charge. Duplicates of required documents would then be able to be sent by post to either NSDL or UTIITSL, for verification.

Offline Application of PAN

In addition to online platforms, the Income Tax Department has approved PAN centers all through the nation. These centers deal with offline applications of PAN. You have to download form 49A or 49AA according to the entity and afterward take a print of the same for offline application of PAN.

There are PAN centers in the almost main cities of the nation which deal with offline applications of PAN. Anyone can approach these centers for PAN application related matters. these centers suit those that don’t have internet access. Normally rural and remote areas are the ones that for the most part have low internet availability and accordingly these physical systems for PAN application work best in these spots. For individuals who are not exactly knowledgeable with the utilization of the internet, offline method of PAN application is the main choice.

Documents required for application of new/modified/reprint/correction of PAN

Documents required for a wide range of PAN applications essentially involve those that are for address proof and for identity confirmation. Aside from these basic documents, evidence of existing PAN should be furnished on the off chance that the applicant is applying for correction or reprint of PAN.

Likewise, two passport sized photos should be appended to the application form for PAN. If it is an online PAN application, a duplicate of affirmation letter also should be forwarded along with documents being submitted to the Income-tax department.

How to track the status of PAN Application

Everyone who applies for PAN needs to get to most recent updates about their PAN application. Tracking of the status for the same has been given by both NSDL and UTIITSL. The reference number provided toward the finish of the application submission process can be utilized to track the status of your application.

When you apply for new PAN or change in PAN data, the total procedure takes around 15-30 days to process your application and send PAN card to your enrolled location. Be that as it may, amid the holding up period, you can track the status of your application by visiting any of the NSDL or UTIITSL sites and contributing your acknowledgment number for the PAN application. Any sort of status request related to PAN application is free of charge.

While PAN applications made to the NSDL can be followed by means of the acknowledgment number, those made by means of UTIITSL can be followed through the coupon number that is outfitted by the division.

Status tracking stays up with the latest with the most recent information about their application. Status can be followed simply after a specific time has elapsed by since the submission of the application form for PAN change or issue.

Fees/Charges applicable for PAN application

Charges demanded on PAN application is very low. The charge varies with the type of application submitted to the Income Tax Department. So fees are diverse for new PAN application and for correction or reprint of PAN. Thus, expenses are more for NRI candidates and foreign applicants not surprisingly to Indian citizens. One purpose behind this is the way that a fresh PAN card should be dispatched by the office each time a request is made for improvement or republish or issuing. Postal charges are added, along these lines, charged to the applicant.

Application forms for PAN

Applications for new PAN or correction/reprint of PAN can be made using the respective application forms. These application forms can be downloaded or accessed through the websites of any of the government approved agencies like NSDL or UTIITSL. Indeed, even the Income Tax Department’s website may have links to these forms which can be utilized by individuals hoping to download or get to them.

The difference in PAN application forms for NRI and foreigners

NRIs are non-resident Indians and they require PAN to make any tax payment business in the nation. While foreigners are foreign citizens who hold a business in an Indian venture and accordingly they are required to furnish PAN. The PAN application forms for NRIs and foreigners are not similar. In any case, the forms and application process are the same for NRIs and Indian residents. This is mainly in light of the fact that the documents required and the expense charged is different for foreigners while it is the same for Indian nationals and Non-resident Indians.


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