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How To Select Best Memory Cards for Cameras and Mobiles

Those who want to buy SD cards (Secure Digital Cards) to use with their phones and cameras are a couple of things to notice. Choosing the right SD cards based on their requirements is essential.

You can’t just look at how many GB of storage room you get when you buy memory cards. When we select the best memory cards, the speed of memory cards should also be verified.

A memory card’s speed is the rate at which information is transmitted from and to it. The choice of a memory card relies primarily on its implementation or its application.

In cameras, fast memory cards are generally required. Even though the use of quicker memory cards on computers or smartphones is no issue.

You should have quicker memory cards if you want to copy files from memory cards to PCs and vice versa.

To determine the SD card standards, the SD Card Association has established two distinct speed classes for SD cards. 

These micro SD card classes are UHS Speed Class 1 and UHS Speed Class 3.

select best memory cards

The Class 1 memory card’s minimum speed is 10 MB per second. The smallest speed in Class 3 cards is 30 megabytes per second.

On the top of the memory cards, it can be written inside a “U” icon to display it as 1 or 3 as shown in the above picture.

In 4 K recording cameras, it is preferable to use UHS speed 3 memory cards.

But just don’t look at the UHS speed class only while selecting the best SD card. UHS bus speed should also be taken into consideration when we select the best memory cards.

This is the highest speed rate at which files are written to the memory card. It is indicated in the Roman letters I, II, and III. III is the largest record of bus speed.

You should keep in mind that faster memory cards are more expensive.

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