BSNL USSD Codes and SMS formats

BSNL USSD Codes and SMS Formats for Balance Check & Validity

Whenever we are using the mobile prepaid service of any operator we should have a facility for balance checks in our account and it is an important function to avoid the disconnection of the service.

State-owned telecom network Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited also provides this facility for using BSNL USSD codes and SMS codes for services like the BSNL balance check.

Typically most network operators have certain USSD (Unstructured Supplementary Service Data) codes to opt for or control different services in their network. Also, these USSD codes are unique for each operator.

Therefore you must know the USSD codes that apply to a specific mobile network to access any particular query or service function. Here we are describing simple ways to utilize these codes in your BSNL SIM.

As in the case of other telecom operators, BSNL has a wide range of services including 4G data plans.BSNL has also introduced other services to its subscribers that may not be familiar with.

Here we try to include almost all SMS formats and USSD codes for BSNL  mobile prepaid services.

Most of us are using this facility to check our main account balance. Here we are describing the different codes for various service checking or activation-related activities in BSNL prepaid services.

Nowadays half of the total transactions, each user uses e-wallets such as Amazon Pay and we don’t forget to mention that it is a fantastic and reliable platform for bill payments and recharges.

So any user needs to understand their subscription details before using them. 

BSNL balance check of 4 G data balance, minute balance, and SMS balance can be done on your mobile screen by sending a simple USSD code or by sending an SMS.

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SMS Formats for BSNL

As we discussed earlier, we can go through the SMS method in which we are sending some messages in prescribed formats. We will get the required information as a response SMS.

We can use this SMS service for all activities such as checking BSNL’s prepaid voice and data balance, STV support, voucher card information, call history, etc.

The only thing we should know is the specific SMS code applicable to BSNL, which is listed below. You may send this SMS according to your requirements.

For example, if you want to perform the BSNL balance check on your mobile, you need to type “BAL” and send the SMS to 123. Within a short period, you will get a reply message stating the balance details.

Similarly one can also use SMS code STV ENQ to check STV Balance by sending your query to the same 123.

Another BSNL STV SMS format for STV details is STV LIST, which gives a complete list of STV packs they have.

Here we present the SMS keywords for prepaid mobile users and the code is represented in text format as the number of the balance check code or BSNL USSD code.

Check for all the useful operations launched by Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited using modified SMS SelfCare keywords.


DescriptionKeywords (Send SMS to 123)
Balance Enquiry <BAL>
Deactivate BSNL VAS Services Send an SMS “STOP” to 155223
For FnF RegistrationFnF <10 Digit Number>
For FnF ViewFnF <LIST>
FnF Modification FnF <Old Number> <New Number>
Pyari Jodi AddFnF< 11 Digit LL Number >
Paramilitary/Jai JawanPMF <10Digit Number>
STV SubscriptionSTV <STV Keyword>
Inquiry of Subscribed STV STV <ENQ>
Top Up Voucher RechargeRC <18 Digit Secret Code>
Last Call Details<LAST>
Last 5 Calls<LAST5>
To list the eligible mobile plans for migration<PLANL>

USSD Codes for BSNL

USSD (Unstructured Supplementary Service Data) is used in a global mobile communication network.

It is a group of codes programmed in a subscriber’s SIM or Mobile to fetch the user’s data from the service provider’s server.

Users can check the details of their connection by sending these USSD codes to the operator. Also, She/He can give requests to their service provider through these codes.

There is rapid growth in the use of BSNL USSD codes for availing dedicated subscriptions and deactivations are growing as per the studies.

USSD is a fantastic feature that enables mobile users to access their subscriptions conveniently. USSD codes save lots of time and reduce the effort needed to compose the SMS.

This also eliminates the waiting time for the SMS response.

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Only open the dial pad on your BSNL prepaid mobile and dial the USSD code based on the user’s requirement.

For example, For the prepaid BSNL balance check, dial* 123 #

For the BSNL balance check of data, FnF, STV, etc. On you, dial the prepaid number *124# and follow the steps given.

There are different USSD codes for each service and for checking the data or voice balance in BSNL mobile. In any case, the user should know the USSD code for that particular requirement.

Hence we have included a list of important USSD codes introduced by BSNL as a ready reference.

USSD codes and SMS codes are implemented on BSNL’s latest Intelligent Network with new support, all of these for future-oriented.


DescriptionUSSD Codes
BSNL balance check – Main Balance*123#
BSNL Balance, Recharge, STV/Plan details, FnF*124#
To check your balance for 2G or 3G data*123*6# OR *123*10#
Top Up Recharge scratch card*123*card pin no#
*124#2#1# press OK/Call.
Enter 18 digit scratch card number followed by #
BSNL balance check for Net balance or Booster Balance (Voice, SMS, and Internet)*124*2#
BSNL USSD code to check last call details124*3#
BSNL USSD code to view current tariff plan detail124*4#
To check SIM validity*123*1#
Subscribed STVs (All types)*124#3#1#
BSNL SMS balance check*123*1# or *123*5# or *125# or *123*2#
BSNL USSD code to know your mobile number*1#
Find the BSNL SIM Card Number*999#
Find Prepaid Offers like BSNL net balance offers*444#
To subscribe or activate rate cutters*444*MRP of STV#
BSNL Balance Transfer*543*99# (Not Active in all circles)
Top Up recharge to another’s number with a scratch card*124#2#2# > Enter 10digit mobile number * 18 digit secret code #
Prepaid Details *102#
FnF View 124#4#1#
Friends and Family (FnF) *124#4#
FnF Modification*124#4#3#
Friends & Family Addition*124#4#2#
Know Balance Credit from friends*543*88#
Check Balance Credit from BSNL*518#
Prepaid FTTH bill payment*666#
BSNL Plan voucher (Current Plan / Plan Extension/Migration)*124#5#
Activate BSNL ringback tune (BSNL PRBT)*567#

For any clarification regarding the SMS codes or USSD codes, you may directly contact BSNL customer care number 1503 or ‘1800-180-1503.

Also, let us know if you found any missing SMS format or USSD code that is applicable in your circle.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the BSNL SMS activation number?

There is no such dedicated BSNL SMS activation number or SMS activation code. The SMS facility is activated by default along with the activation of the BSNL SIM card, and as of now, no BSNL SMS activation format is available.

What is the USSD code for BSNL plan details?

By entering the USSD code *124#, you can understand the plan details of your BSNL SIM.

What is the USSD code for BSNL validity?

When you dial the USSD code *123# from your BSNL phone, you will receive an instant notification from BSNL with information about your subscription and validity.

How can I check my BSNL active plan?

To check your primary balance and the validity of the pack, open your phone’s calling app and dial *123#.

How to check my BSNL balance through SMS?

You can check your BSNL balance by sending a text message to 123. To find out your remaining balance, type ‘BAL’ into your messaging app and send it to 123.

How to check your BSNL balance online via the app?

You can use the My BSNL app to find out about the present recharge, remaining balance, and validity. It is available for download from the Google Play Store for Android and the App Store for iOS.

What is the BSNL balance check number via IVR call?

You can check your BSNL balance by dialling 1503 or 1800-180-1503 from your BSNL number to find out about the remaining data, SMS, and talk time. 

How to check your BSNL prepaid plan details and status?

You can understand the plan details and status by dialling the USSD codes *102#, *124*8#, or *124*5# from your BSNL number.

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