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How To Activate BSNL Caller Tune in Mobile or Land Phone?

Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) has launched BSNL Tunes – Personalized Ring Back Tone (PRBT) Services for all BSNL Prepaid and Postpaid Mobile customers. This BSNL caller tune service is also available to their landline customers.

When callers dial your mobile number, BSNL Tunes lets you greet them by playing your favourite song or your Name Tune.

BSNL provides a variety of value-added services to its clients, including PRBT. Last year, BSNL introduced the Cinema Plus package to provide its consumers with more entertainment offerings, including access to major OTT platforms.

Furthermore, the telecommunications company provides a one-of-a-kind feature that allows customers to activate customized ringback tones.

Users may personalize their ringtones or personal name songs using the service. Songs from the telecom operator are accessible in international, Bollywood, instrumental, regional, and other genres.

It’s also worth noting that you may use this customized ring-back tone for your landline number. As a result of BSNL’s new provision of affordable landline plans, it is more appealing to its consumers in this category.

BSNL customers can choose to welcome their callers with a song of their choice. Play Bollywood and Hollywood songs, as well as instrumental and regional music.

You may set single music for all callers or personalize a song for particular callers. Regional languages are also accessible for BSNL Tunes.

Music in Gujarati, Kannada, Malayalam, Tamil, Hindi and other languages may be enabled and is included in the pricing plans of the state-run cellular provider.

If you want to set up a caller tune on the BSNL network, you need to perform the following procedures.

How to Set the BSNL Caller Tunes to Function

BSNL provides the market’s most inexpensive customized caller tones rate.

Let’s see how we activate BSNL PRBT on our phones. You may activate the ring-back service using IVRS, SMS, the BSNL Mobile App, or the BSNL online Portal.

1. Dial and Calling Method (IVRS)

Dial 56700 and follow the IVR instructions in any of the regional languages available to utilize the service. You can call BSNL caller tune number 56700 by following all IVR prompts.

You may record and set your Ring Back Tone using the IVRS’s “record your own” feature. This is a very appealing feature for most consumers since it allows them to set a caller song that is not accessible in the BSNL’s standard selection.

Dialing 56799 will enable the BSNL Name Tune (this facility is designed for South & East Zones). Then, for the North and West Zones, call 5670087.

2. SMS Method

To configure the default BSNL Tune, send BT<space>ACT to 56700 to activate the services first.

By sending BT <space> SONG CODE to 56700 messages, you can select the preferred ring-back tone.

You may receive the song code by sending an SMS to 56799 by typing “Song Name.”

Customers in the South and East Zones can also enable name tune by texting NT <space> NAME to 56799.

Then, for subscribers in the North and West Zones, text NT <space> NAME to 56777 to activate the name tune.

3. USSD Service

Dial *567# and follow the instructions to enable the BSNL caller tune using the USSD method.

It is beneficial to know the various USSD and SMS codes for BSNL mobile services.

4. Copy Method

This approach is really handy when you want to know someone’s caller tone when you call them.

You may easily duplicate and set the same music as your ringback tone.

To copy music from other BSNL phones, users must dial 9 while contacting others and listening to their ringtones.

5. Using the BSNL Mobile App

For individuals who are interested in mobile apps, the My BSNL app is accessible in the Google Play store.

Open the app and pick the option for value-added services. After that, select a telecom circle and input your phone number.

From the caller tune menu, select the subscribe option. It’s now time to locate the music you’re looking for.

My BSNL app comes in handy for recharges, bill payments, plan migration, and landline or broadband plan upgrades.

6. Activation Through the Web Portal

To access PRBT services, users must subscribe to them through the BSNL website.

Customers must first choose a song before proceeding to the Manage Selection option.

Registered users can activate the PRBT service via the online portal.

Customers may subscribe to the service, choose songs, manage selections, and manage friend groups for whom your Caller Tune is set via the website.

How to Deactivate BSNL Mobile Caller Tune (PRBT)

BSNL caller tunes can be deactivated in some simple methods, just like they can be activated. Each of these techniques is discussed simply in the sections that follow.

Method 1 : ( Dialing 56702 )

To turn off PRBT services on your phone, dial the toll-free shortcode 56702 and follow IVR instructions.

Method 2 : ( SMS to 56700 )

BT <space> DACT (or) BT <space> DCT to 56700

Method 3 : ( Dialing 155223 or SMS to 155223 )

To deactivate any BSNL Mobile Value Added Services (VAS), including Caller Tunes, dial 155223.
OR, to deactivate any VAS from BSNL Mobile, send an SMS STOP to shortcode 155223.

Method 4 : ( Deactivation via WEB Portal )

Customers can deactivate the service through the BSNL Web Portal’s ‘Unsubscribe’ option, which is available to registered users.

BSNL Caller Tune Charges

The costs for PRBT via various means, such as SMS activation, internet activation, the USSD method, and mobile app activation, remain fixed.

All BSNL Prepaid and postpaid mobile plan subscribers should pay Rs.30 per month for service and Rs.12 per song per month for BSNL Caller tune.

Once the activation request is issued via SMS, online, or My BSNL Tunes App, there is no way to get a refund, and you must unsubscribe from the BSNL caller tune before the renewal date.

Premium Ring Back Tones: ₹ 12/-

Non–Premium Ring Back Tones ₹ 9/-

Access Charges for IVRS: ₹ 4/- per minute.

SMS access on shortcode “567”: ₹ 2.00 per SMS

Monthly fixed charges: ₹ 30

Validity of RBT: 30 days.

Note: Before making any payment, we recommend double-checking the charge and validity with the BSNL customer service centre.

All of your payments, including recharges, bill payments for postpaid connections, Electricity, Gas, DTH, Cable TV, and so on, may be made easily with Amazon Pay.

Free BSNL Caller Tunes

BSNL is currently providing combo special tariff vouchers (STV) that include free caller tunes.

If you have those STVs, you may subscribe to BSNL free call tunes. Standard users who did not subscribe to the BSNL Combo STVs were ineligible for the complimentary caller tunes.

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