Obage ht 144 review

Obage HT 144 Review: Is This 2.1 Home Theater Speaker System a Good Buy?

We recently came across an Obage 2.1 home theatre system in the residence of a friend. At first, I assumed it was a Chinese brand.

As you are aware, most Chinese products (not branded) look good on the outside but perform poorly on the inside. I saw the Obage brand product for the first time and decided to try it.

We are very impressed with its performance in the initial experience, and it is an Indian brand.

As a result, I decided to purchase the Obage HT 144 2.1 Home Theatre System from Amazon and have been enjoying its performance for the past few weeks.

Most of us are unaware of this brand and are uninformed that they offer a wide range of home theatre speaker systems.

In this context, we’d like to state unequivocally that we have no affiliation with this brand and that this Obage HT 144 review is not a paid one.

We express our genuine opinion about this product from the user’s point of view; others may not feel the same way.

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Design and Build Quality

The Obage HT 144 2.1 home theatre system includes a Subwoofer cabinet as well as two satellite speaker cabinets.

All of the cabinets are made of 12mm solid MDF wood, lending the system a classic vintage appearance.

The subwoofer is 6.5 inches in diameter and 4 Ohms in resistance, with a maximum power output of 60W and a maximum distortion of 1%.

Each satellite speaker tower is made up of a 4-inch 8-Ohm mid-range speaker and a 2.5-inch 8-Ohm paper cone tweeter.

At a power of 20 W each, this combination of midrange speakers and tweeters provides good clarity of the music.

As a result, the total power output of this home theatre system is 100W (60W woofer + 40W speakers).

This speaker system’s operating frequency range is 40Hz to 17kHz, ensuring a flat structured music sound. It implies that we can easily distinguish between low and high-frequency beats without distortion.

This system has audio separation greater than or equal to 40 dB and SNR greater than or equal to 80 dB. The total weight of the system is 12kg, which feels very heavy due to the wooden cabinets.

Accessories in the Box

A remote control (without battery), Aux to Aux cable, Aux to RCA cable, and RCA to RCA cable are included with this Obage home theatre system. It’s a wonderful thing that all of the cable terminals are gold-plated.


The subwoofer cabinet houses all of the speaker system’s controls. A subwoofer air vent, an LCD panel with other controls for source selection, music track selection, and slots such as USB, SD card slot, 3.5 audio jack for auxiliary input, and so on are located on the front side of the subwoofer cabinet.

Volume, Bass, and Treble controls, a Power switch, satellite speaker connection terminals, Optical in, Auxiliary, and FM antenna points are all located on the back of the woofer cabinet.

Bluetooth audio streaming from your phone or any Bluetooth-enabled device is supported. Bluetooth 5.0, FM, USB playback, Aux, and optical input are all available on the Obage HT-144.

In the Obage HT 144 sound test, we observed that the sound stage emphasizes the bass, mids, and treble, producing a forward, room-filling sound. This is considered the best sound signature for listening to music and watching movies.

Its soothing tone and excellent clarity make it ideal for prolonged listening. Obage’s main focus, in our opinion, is on sound quality rather than quantity.

Furthermore, each speaker cabinet is the appropriate size, and as a result, they pump out clear sound. Even in the most expensive home theatre systems, the speaker/woofer cabinet size is reduced, resulting in distorted sound output.

Its deep and natural BASS makes it ideal for CLARITY fans. The bass in this song does not overpower the vocals. The Obage HT-144 speaker system’s powerful bass will astound you as long as your space has good acoustics.

Obage HT 144 employs separate decoders for each of its channels, ensuring maximum efficiency in each.

Furthermore, its separate tweeters enhance high-frequency sounds, which is not available in the most expensive branded home theatre speaker systems.

Because there are dedicated tweeters for high-frequency sounds, other frequencies (particularly in the low and mid bands) will not be distorted.

There are several ways to position your speakers, each of which produces a distinct sound. Your listening preferences entirely determine the best location for your speakers.

Keep the woofer in the middle of the satellite speakers. All three should be approximately the same height, ideally at ear level. You can adjust the distance between the woofer and the speaker to suit your needs. A large distance is preferable for a large room.

It’s incredible how accurately this device reproduces sound. It’s a lovely sound system that only those with the time to sit and listen to music can appreciate.

This system offers good value for money and has no unnecessary features. The addition of optical in is the icing on the cake.

Obage HT 144 Home Theatre is amazing. We enjoy the product; the bass is also deep, the voices are excellent, and the treble is the best, have an option for selecting the levels according to our needs.

In a nutshell, it’s a stunning sound system. If you tweak it and stretch a little extra FM wire to clear the interference, FM is also clean and hiss-free.

Every feature works flawlessly, and the price is significantly less than that of a branded speaker system.

Remember that every sound system has a burn-in period after which we can only experience its peak performance.

This means that you will not receive the claimed output immediately after opening the packing box. The average burn-in time for this Obage HT 144 is approximately 6-7 hours.

Obage also includes 3m connecting wires with each satellite speaker. As a result, we can place the satellite speakers 3m to the right and left of the subwoofer and enjoy a wide sound stage with theatre-like clarity without sacrificing sound integration.

This is yet another advantage of this home theatre system. In a summary of this Obage HT 144 review, we can say that it is a perfectly balanced audio system.


The main disadvantage we discovered in Obage HT 144 is that the remote control’s build quality is below average, and it can be unresponsive sometimes.

Except for the bass and treble adjustments, we have access to all of the controls on the remote.

The wall mounting brackets provided on the back of the satellite speakers are inadequate and should be improved.


This system provides a flat audio signature that is ideal for music listening. It recreates the original recorded sound naturally, with no exaggeration or gimmicks.

So far, this is a fantastic product at an incredible price. If you want to buy this type of home theatre system from a major brand, you will have to pay at least ₹15,000 for it.

So, if you are a music lover or looking for a good quality less expensive home theatre system, you should buy the Obage HT 144 without hesitation. See the latest price of Obage HT 144 and buy from Amazon.

OBAGE HT-244 130 Watts 4.1 Home Theatre System

Obage has released a new system in response to the overwhelming success of the HT 144 2.1 home theatre system. The model is Obage HT 244, and it is a 4.1 home theatre system.

This model has the same features as the HT 144, but it has a power output of 130 W. The HT 244 has four front speakers instead of two in the HT 144.

The Obage HT-244 is a wonderful choice for anyone who wishes to listen to music for a long time without growing fatigued. It can easily cover up to 250 square feet of confined space.

Its Bass sound goes all the way down to 40 Hz to give you that extra depth you’ve been yearning for. Real voices with remarkable clarity are available.

The BALANCED sound characteristic of the HT-244 is created for serious music enthusiasts, not loudness fans. Please check that your space has enough acoustics.

It has a 6.5″ woofer that can deliver 70 Watts of power. Enjoy the powerful bass that fills the room.

Each speaker component produces 15 Watts of power, and when combined with a 4″ mid-range and a 2.5″ paper cone tweeter, they provide astonishing voice clarity and detailed highs without causing damage to your delicate ears.

Another appealing feature Obage provides is a one-year onsite warranty for the Obage HT 244.

Finally, the Obage HT 144 sound system is a fantastic treasure that provides audiophile-level sound quality without breaking the budget. It’s a real 2.1 system that excels at producing spacious, balanced, and bass-rich music.

If you’re looking for a great audio system, this is a great option. This system has an extraordinary capacity to bring out every rhythm and note in your audio, which is a pleasure for both music and movie lovers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Obage an Indian company?

Obage is a Delhi-based Indian firm founded in 2018 by Ankit and Ankur Oberai. In Kanpur, they have a manufacturing facility.

Is Obage a good company?

Yes. Obage is a rapidly growing Indian audio company. The majority of their audio devices are well-liked in the Indian market.

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