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Get Attractive BSNL FTTH Plans and DSL Broadband Plans

As you know, BSNL is the first and old telecommunication company with many fixed-line, mobile, and broadband plans. Now the newly introduced BSNL FTTH plans are very popular.

State-owned telecommunication firm still has a vision for their future services even though the private telecom operators are very competitive.

As an organization in the public sector, the company tried to serve the people even in remote areas which are difficult to access. Most people remain drawn to this social responsibility and BSNL is an important part of their lives in various ways.

We are not trying to conceal the fact that in earlier stages some employees do not provide their customers with good service in some areas of the country. Hence some customers may be inclined to quit the service of the company.

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Now the condition is much improved and as a customer, we do not hesitate to complain if there is a bad experience from any BSNL official.

But they offer the best and most economical service in the country even in this scenario.

BSNL unlimited broadband plans are the best in the class when compared to other private companies, especially BSNL combo broadband plans. But the problem is that no one is even bothering to compare or assess their broadband tariffs.

Here we are bringing out the available postpaid broadband plans for Infobits readers. So you can easy to compare and select the best BSNL internet plans as per your requirement and budget.

You can easily apply for a new connection through the BSNL portal or by visiting your nearest customer care center.

Also, you can pay all your bills or recharge your mobile account through Amazon Pay in a hassle-free and reliable manner.

Bharat Fiber Broadband Plans

In BSNL Bharat fiber plans (BSNL fibre broadband), recently they rescheduled all the plans. Following are the details of BSNL FTTH plans.


BSNL Plans Download SpeedMonthly PaymentVoice call facilityRemarks
Fibre Entry
Up to 20Mbps till 1000GB, up to 2Mbps beyond ₹329 24 hrs. Unlimited free calling (Local+STD) on any network within India. Only available in selected cities
Fibre Experience ₹399 Up to 30Mbps till 1000GB, up to 2Mbps beyond ₹399 24 hrs. Unlimited free calling (Local+STD) on any network within India. After the first six months, the plan will be changed to Fiber Basic 449 Plan.
Fibre Basic ₹449Up to 30Mbps till 3300GB, up to 2Mbps beyond₹44924 hrs. Unlimited free calling (Local+STD) on any network within India.
Fibre Basic Plus
Up to 60Mbps till 3300GB, up to 2Mbps beyond₹59924 hrs. Unlimited free calling (Local+STD) on any network within India.
SuperStar Premium 1
Up to 100Mbps till 1000GB, up to 5Mbps beyond₹74924 hrs. Unlimited free calling (Local+STD) on any network within India.Free OTT subscription for Sony LIV premium, Zee5 Premium, Voot, and Yuup TV Live
Fibre Value
Up to 100Mbps till 3300GB, up to 2Mbps beyond₹79924 hrs. Unlimited free calling (Local+STD) on any network within India.
Fibre Premium
Up to 200Mbps till 3300GB, up to 2Mbps beyond₹99924 hrs. Unlimited free calling (Local+STD) on any network within India.Disney Hotstar Premium free
Fibre Premium Plus
Up to 200Mbps till 3300GB, up to 15Mbps beyond₹127724 hrs. Unlimited free calling (Local+STD) on any network within India.
Fibre Ultra
Up to 300Mbps till 4000GB, up to 4Mbps beyond₹149924 hrs. Unlimited free calling (Local+STD) on any network within India.Disney Hotstar Premium free
*All Prices are exclusive of GST.

ADSL Broadband Plan tariffs

There are regular, promotional, and circle-specific postpaid broadband plans that are available in the category.

Regular Plans

Plan DetailsDownload SpeedMonthly PaymentVoice call facility
(New connection)
Up to 8Mbps till 100GB and up to 2Mbps beyond₹29924 hrs. Unlimited free calling to any network within India.
200GB CULUp to 8Mbps till 200GB and up to 2Mbps beyond₹39924 hrs. Unlimited free calling to any network within India.
500GB CULUp to 8Mbps till 500GB and up to 2Mbps beyond₹55524 hrs. Unlimited free calling to any network within India.
SUPER STAR-1Up to 10Mbps till 779GB and up to 2Mbps beyond₹77924 hrs. Unlimited free calling to any network within India.
Disney Hotstar Premium subscription
SUPER STAR-2Up to 10Mbps till 1100GB and up to 5Mbps beyond₹94924 hrs. Unlimited free calling to any network within India.
Disney Hotstar Premium subscription
1600GB CULUp to 10Mbps till 1600GB and up to 5Mbps beyond₹129924 hrs. Unlimited free calling to any network within India.

BSNL Fiber Installation Charges

There is a normal installation charge of ₹250 for all BSNL ADSL and ₹500 for FTTH broadband connections if we are going for monthly plans. This charge will be waived for customers who opt for Annual/Higher payment options.

According to the most recent reports, new consumers who prefer BSNL Bharat Fiber (FTTH), Landline or Broadband will get a 100% discount on installation costs till 31st March 2023. They currently charge Rs 500 for new Bharat Fiber (FTTH) connections as a one-time installation charge.

Also, for new customers, BSNL offers a 90 percent discount on the first month’s rent up to Rs.500.

This one-time installation charge refers to both main and indirect FTTH connections provided by LCOs/TIPs/MSOs.

According to the latest announcement, all new FTTH connections that have been enabled before 31st March 2023 will obtain up to a Rs 500 discount on their first monthly fixed charges.

New customers must pay BSNL FTTH modem charges at the time of installation. The customer can select the type of modem based on his or her chosen plan and usage requirements.

For plans greater than 100Mbps, it is always recommended to use a dual-band wifi router, which will provide better performance than single-band FTTH modems.

If you obtained your BSNL Bharat Fiber (FTTH) connection via a Local Cable Operator, TIP, or MSO, you must pay the modem charges directly to the BSNL franchisee at the time of connection.

Charges to be paid to LCO would be in the range of Rs 4000/- to Rs 4500/-. This sum includes expenses for optical fibre modems (ONT/ONU) as well as OFC laying and splicing up to a maximum length of 75 meters.

If you need to lay an optical fibre cable for more than 75 meters from the nearest tapping point, you may have to pay the LCO directly for the additional optical fibre cable.

The cost per meter will range from Rs 10/m to Rs 15/m depending on your location (rural/urban, etc.).

Note: All the plan rates are, as and when this article is published. Even though we are regularly updating the information it is better to confirm with BSNL before your final decision

Special Discount For Existing Customers

BSNL has offered a special discount offer for existing landline and broadband users who migrate to the high-speed broadband service Bharat Fiber (FTTH).

A BSNL user may earn a maximum discount of ₹1200 when upgrading an existing telephone or internet connection to FTTH (Fiber Internet) Service.

Existing customers in all circles who are willing to switch their landline and broadband (on copper) connections to FTTH connections will receive a monthly discount of Rs. 200/- for the first six months.

When switching to FTTH, BSNL customers can preserve their old landline numbers.

Withdrawn BSNL Broadband Plans

BSNL has planned to reduce the number of DSL Broadband plans to a bare minimum by discontinuing about ten existing broadband plans, including the 2GB BSNL CUL, 2GB CUL, 3GB CUL, 4GB CUL, 5GB CUL, 12GB CUL, 10GB CUL Family, 25GB CUL, 30GB CUL, and 35GB CUL.

This latest tariff revision will apply as a normal arrangement with effect from 1 March 2021. The revision or adjustment of plans is as follows. Customers that are part of the above-mentioned DSL plans will be immediately moved to the updated plans.

Existing PlanExisting Monthly Charge Revised planRevised Monthly Charge
2GB BSNL CUL₹369200GB CUL₹399
2GB CUL₹419200GB CUL₹399
3GB CUL₹519500GB CUL₹555
4GB CUL₹629500GB CUL₹555
12GB CUL₹899SUPER STAR-2₹949
10GB CUL Family₹11991200GB CUL Family₹1199
22GB CUL₹12991600GB CUL₹1299
25GB CUL₹15992000GB CUL₹1599
30GB CUL₹18492500GB CUL₹1849
35GB CUL₹23493300GB CUL₹2349

Present customers on other DSL Broadband plans such as ’10GB CUL Family,’ ’25GB CUL,’ ’30GB CUL’ and ’35GB CUL’ can continue to use the revised plan name coverage as seen in the table without any alteration in monthly charges.

Earlier in the last year India’s biggest landline (fixed line) broadband provider pulled back some Circle Specific unlimited broadband plans –   ‘BBG ULD 545 CS89’ & ‘BBG Rural Combo ULD 650 CS90’ in Kerala telecom circle.

The BSNL Kerala telecom circle had requested the corporate office for shutting down CS (Circle Specific) BSNL Kerala broadband plans 89 and 90 since PAN India plans are more alluring and profitable to clients.

Presently according to the demand, they have chosen to cease these unlimited broadband plans – BBG ULD 545 CS89 and BBG Rural Combo ULD 650 CS90 with impact from 01-09-2017.

PAN India Plan – FreebiesCircle Specific Plans – Freebies
BBG ULD 545BBG ULD 545 CS 89
Up to 2 Mbps up to 15 GB, and 1 Mbps beyondUp to 2 Mbps up to 3 GB, and 1 Mbps beyond
BBG Rural Combo ULD 650BBG Rural Combo ULD 650 CS 90
Up to 2 Mbps up to 15 GB, and 1 Mbps beyondUp to 2 Mbps up to 5 GB, and up to 1 Mbps beyond

BBG ULD 545 CS89 & BBG Rural Combo ULD 650 CS90 plans will not be available for new customers for the subscription. Existing customers under these plans were already migrated to the next higher plan.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to change BSNL broadband plans?

You can easily change your BSNL internet plans through the BSNL self-care portal or by visiting the nearest BSNL customer care office.

What is the customer care number for BSNL broadband?

You may contact BSNL customer service in two ways, depending on whether you use a BSNL number or a service from a different provider. For BSNL Landline or Mobile: 1504 Other operators’ mobile or landline numbers: 1800-345-1504.

Which is the best broadband plan in BSNL?

It is difficult to answer this question in a single sentence. Because the plan selection purely depends upon your budget and your data requirement.

What are the plans for BSNL broadband?

We have listed the latest BSNL broadband plans in the ADSL and FTTH categories. Please go through it.

Is BSNL broadband good?

There is no doubt about that.BSNL plans are best in class even though some glitches in some areas of the country.

First, you go for a new connection according to your requirements and try it for 2-3 months yourself. The minimum hire period for all the plans is only one month

If you are not satisfied it can be easily disconnected.

Is BSNL Broadband better than Airtel?

All the providers are not strong in all areas.

So better to experience the connection from both BSNL and Airtel for a minimum period and opt for the best.

Otherwise, you can check with your friends and relatives in your area having BSNL or Airtel connections and try to get feedback from them.

What is the cheapest BSNL broadband plan?

The lowest BSNL broadband package is the Rs. 449 BSNL Fiber Basic Plan. This monthly plan provides unlimited data download and has an average speed of up to 30 Mbps (up to 3300 GB). It offers additional discounts and points for Amazon Pay and ICICI credit card payments. Surprise deals from Amazon, Swiggy, Uber, and other leading retailers are also included.

What is the most popular BSNL broadband plan?

The most popular plan is the Rs. 599 monthly BSNL Fiber plan Basic package. It has a download speed of up to 60 Mbps with a data limit of 3300 GB.

What is the difference between BSNL Broadband home and BSNL Broadband business?

BSNL provides two types of broadband connections based on data use and purpose. While both BSNL Broadband Home and BSNL Broadband Business provide high-speed internet, the latter is more efficient in the event of multiple computer connections and other services such as extra email addresses, domain names, web hosting space, static IP (Select Plans only), and so on.

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