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Asianet Broadband Plans in 2024 | Ultra Speed Asianet Fiber Plans

Asianet Broadband is one of Kerala’s leading Internet service providers. It is a subsidiary of Asianet Satellite Communications Private Limited, the largest cable network company in Kerala.

Asianet broadband plans are very competitive and they are using the new DOCSIS and GPON technologies embraced by world leaders in the Internet area.

Moreover, Asianet Broadband is one of TRAI ‘s top 20 ISPs and India’s fastest-growing Internet service provider.

Asianet Giga Fibernet-Asianet Broadband plans

Asianet Broadband has a bandwidth capacity of 12000Mps and, as of now, provides internet connections up to 300Mps for homes, small and medium-sized enterprises, and businesses with a variety of add-on solutions.

Asianet fibre plans are distributed through Giga Fiber networks of up to 300Mps, GPON networks of up to 100Mps, and DOCSIS Networks of up to 50Mps.

The following are the latest Asianet Fiber Plans available in Kerala. They are offering broadband internet connections under the brand name Asianet GigaFibernet.

Asianet has recently unveiled unlimited broadband plans similar to Jio ‘s latest plans. These plans were introduced as Unlock Unlimited Plans, and there are several tariff options in these Asianet FTTH plans.

Tip: Use the latest generation high-speed routers in your broadband connection for the best performance. Select from Amazon according to your budget.

The ideal home broadband connection should provide unlimited internet plans to meet your growing internet requirements.

Choose internet service providers that provide Fibernet plans since they are not only more dependable but also give the quickest residential internet services.

Asianet Giga Fibernet services include the greatest unlimited data plans, which are ideal for family use. Customers can select a suitable plan according to their preferences from a wide variety of Asianet WiFi plans.

Asianet Broadband Plans In Kerala – Asianet Fiber Plans

The ideal home broadband connection should provide unlimited internet access to meet your growing internet requirements.

With changing lifestyles and increased use of technology, there is a rising demand for more extensive data plans to meet the demands of the family as well as the various internet-enabled household devices.

Choose internet service providers with unlimited fibre plans since they are more dependable and deliver the quickest home internet connections.

Asianet Fiber plans include the best-unlimited data plans that are ideal for family use. You may choose the finest unlimited broadband package from a wide range of Asianet WiFi plans for your needs.

Plan Name Rent (₹)Activation Charge (₹) SpeedData & Other Offers
499 Plan 499 / Month50060 Mbps3000 GB
699 Plan 699 / Month500100 Mbps4000 GB
749 Plan 749 / Month500150 Mbps4000 GB
999 Plan 999 / Month500200 Mbps5000 GB
1499 Plan 1499 / Month500300 Mbps6000 GB
Asianet Students Pro Plan 1500 (3 Months)60 Mbps3000 GB /Month
Free Wi-Fi Modem
1999 Plan
Utsav 1999 Plan
1999 (3 Months)200 Mbps3000 GB/Month, Free Dual Band Wi-Fi Modem
2499 Plan 2499 (5 Months)50060 Mbps3000 GB/Month
2999 Plan 2999 / Month5001 GbpsUnlimited Data & Free Wi-Fi Modem

*GST extra on all charges, the 200Mbps plan is available in selected areas only.

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Asianet Combo Plans

A new customer may get both an Asianet internet connection and an Asianet Digital Cable TV connection with the Asianet combo pack.

Asianet broadband combo offer includes the following plans. To avail of the combo offer, there is a one-time charge of ₹1999 for SD channels and ₹2350 for HD channels.

Combo Pack BroadbandCable TV
₹499/monthUnlimited Data at 20 Mbps
249 Channels
₹699/monthUnlimited Data at 40 Mbps
266 Channels
₹799/monthUnlimited Data at 60 Mbps
294 Channels

*GST extra on all charges

Asianet Mini Leased Line Corporate Plans

Plan Name Rent BandwidthData Limit
MLL_25_1000 ₹400025 Mbps1000 GB
MLL PRITHVI_50_3000 ₹750050 Mbps3000 GB
MLL AGNII_100_3000 ₹9000100 Mbps3000 GB
MLL SHAURYA_200_3000 ₹11000200 Mbps3000 GB

Note: After the FUP limit, bandwidth is limited to 5 Mbps for the corporate plans mentioned above. Taxes and installation costs are not included in any of the prices.

Asianet Internet Plans – Normal (Entry Plans)

Description Entry Plan Student Superior Plan At Home Plans
Package and Validity ₹2499 (90 Days) ₹3499 (150 Days) ₹3999 (120 Days)
Monthly Charge ₹833 ₹700 ₹1000
Speed Up to 125 Mbps Up to 100 Mbps Up to 200 Mbps
Monthly Data Limit 600GB 300GB 1000GB
Speed after FUP 1 Mbps 1 Mbps 2 Mbps
Installation Charges ₹1000 ₹1000 ₹500
Additional Offer Cable TV Free

Asianet Broadband Plans -Advanced (Ultra speed)

Description Ultra Speed @1099 Ultra Speed @1299 Ultra Speed @1499
Monthly Charge ₹1099 ₹1299 ₹1499
Speed Up to 150 Mbps Up to 200 Mbps Up to 200 Mbps
Monthly Data Limit 1000GB 1250GB 1500GB
Speed after FUP 2 Mbps 4 Mbps 4 Mbps

Those who want an Asianet broadband new connection, apply through their online application form. Also, you can contact them for a new Asianet Internet Plan by dialling 80860 11111.

If you recommend an Asianet broadband connection to a friend or relative, you will receive a ₹250 (one-time) discount. On activation of the referred connection, this promotion will be applied to the next month’s bill.

Asianet Broadband Customer care number: 9019 500 400

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Frequently Asked Questions:

How can I check my Asianet broadband data usage?

Your broadband data use can be verified by logging in to the ‘My Account’ section of ‘’

How can I recharge Asianet broadband online?

You can pay or recharge your account directly by visiting the Asianet broadband website. Or else, if you have an Amazon account, Asianet broadband payment can be done via Amazon Pay.

Amazon Pay is a reliable and hassle-free window for all your bill payments and recharges.

How to change the Asianet broadband wifi password?

You need to access your router/modem through its web interface by entering the IP address.  The IP addresses can vary from brand to brand.

Check the IP address of your modem on the back of it. Logging the modem management console using the username and password specified just under the modem. You’ll get the option to change your Wi-Fi password.

Which is the best plan for Asianet Broadband?

Their unlimited broadband plans begin at ₹499 per month. The Asianet Broadband 499 plan details include 3000 GB data, a 60 Mbps speed, and a ₹500 activation fee. This plan appears to be ideal for an average user.

What is the cost of Asianet Wi-Fi plans?

Asianet doesn’t offer any exclusive Wi-Fi plans. However, all of their broadband plans include a Wi-Fi router that allows you to access the internet via Wi-Fi. If you only have a wired router, you can purchase a high-quality Wi-Fi router like TP-Link Archer AC1200 Archer C6 from Amazon.

How can I increase my WiFi range?

It is quite tough to get Wi-Fi signals in all areas if your router is located in a corner of your building. Place the Wi-Fi router in an optimal area where you will have an excellent Wi-Fi range in all directions. If this is not possible, consider a Wi-Fi range extender, such as the TP-Link Wireless Range Extender.

What is the Asianet Fast 499 plan?

The Asianet 499 plan is an entry-level fibre broadband plan from Asianet. In this plan, customers will receive 3000 GB of monthly data, which is sufficient for average use, as well as a fast speed of 60 Mbps for a ₹500 activation fee. This activation fee and modem/router cost can be waived during the promotional period.

How much does Asianet broadband cost?

Asianet has a wide variety of broadband plans starting at ₹499 per month. Then most of the plans have an activation charge of about ₹500 and a router cost of around ₹1800. However, a new customer may occasionally receive the Asianet broadband connection with free installation and router costs.

What is the Asianet 200 Mbps plan?

Asianet Broadband Plans currently offer two 200-Mbps plans. The first is the 999 plan, and the second is the 1999 plan. In this case, the 999 plan includes a monthly cost of 999, and a user will receive 5000 GB of monthly data, whereas the 1999 plan includes 3000 GB of monthly data for 1999 (for three months).

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  1. I am user of Asians,20 Mbps ,(rs 3400/-for three months). But speed is received to me as 3 or 4 Mbps. I am suffering from these services. Very very dull service. Now service is stopped since last week. Router showing red lamp (loss of signal).
    Any action might be taken by company.. Otherwise stop this dull service.

  2. i took the 750/month pack few months back. it was supposed to have cable tv free, but since at the time i didnt need a tv connection i thought of availing the offer after a period of 2 months. but on follow up the customer service refused to provide the free cable tv connection stating it is applicable only at the moment of a new connection. so i have to cancel my current connection and go through the whole process again. bad customer experience.

  3. I would like to have a better speed in net connection
    So please set to increase the connection to next level You are requested to do the need full at the earliest

    1. Dear Sasidhara Kurup,
      If you believe your actual internet speed is lower than the advertised speed, please contact Asianet customer service directly.

  4. Worst service
    I am using broadband speed was less and in between getting disconnected raise a complaint on customer care but issue still there and recently received calls to update to new 5ghz modem. On Friday 13 th august upgraded to new modem it will take 1 hour for updradation. Today is Sunday till now not happens technician is not picking phone till today and worst Customer care worst than BSNL , kids having online exams and my work at home also stuck
    I suggest go with jio or any other connection before taking Asianet

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