Kerala Vision Broadband Plans

Kerala Vision Broadband Plans

We list some of the best Kerala Vision Broadband plans and their tariffs in this article.

Kerala Vision broadband is a project of Kerala Communicators Cable Limited (KCCL). It is an initiative of independent cable television operators in Kerala under the guidance of the Cable Operators Association (COA).

KCCL began operations with the distribution of Cable TV. But they have an important role to play as an Internet service provider in Kerala along with the distribution of digital TV channels.

As a Multi-System Operator (MSO) Kerala vision broadband plans are very competitive with other providers like Asianet broadband. They are even providing BSNL broadband through their distribution networks.

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Here we are going through some of their popular broadband plans.

Kerala Vision Broadband Unlimited Plans

Plan NameMonthly Rent (₹)Data Limit (FUP)Speed (Mbps)
Source: Kerala Vision Website, Taxes are included in the rent.

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Kerala Vision Broadband Limited Plans (FUP Plans)

Plan NameMonthly Rent (₹)Data Limit (FUP)
Per Month
Speed (Mbps)
Post FUP Speed 2 Mbps
Post FUP Speed 2 Mbps
Post FUP Speed 2 Mbps
Post FUP Speed 2 Mbps
Post FUP Speed 2 Mbps
Post FUP Speed 2 Mbps
Post FUP Speed 2 Mbps
Post FUP Speed 2 Mbps
Post FUP Speed 2 Mbps
Post FUP Speed 4 Mbps
Source: Kerala Vision Website, Taxes are included in the rent.

Kerala Vision Broadband Plan for SME

Plan NameMonthly Rent (₹)Data Limit (FUP)Speed (Mbps)
Source: Kerala Vision Website, Taxes are included in the rent.

Kerala Vision Broadband Annual Plans (Unlimited and FUP)

Plan NameAnnual Rent (₹) Data Limit (FUP)Speed (Mbps)
UL1Y30M9161.81 UNLIMITED30
FUP1Y30M2000G4163.812000 GBUp to 30 Mbps
Post FUP Speed 2 Mbps
FUP1Y50M2500G5591.812500 GBUp to 50 Mbps
Post FUP Speed 2 Mbps
FUP1Y30M4000G-MLY5948.814000 GBUp to 30 Mbps
Post FUP Speed 2 Mbps
*Taxes are included in the rent.

Data Booster Plans

Kerala Vision Data Booster Plans allow subscribers to top up their limited FUP plan and continue to enjoy the same maximum speed even after their FUP limit has been reached.

Data booster plans should only be used in conjunction with FUP plans. Validity of Kerala Vision Data Plans is applicable only for the respective billing cycle.

Plan NamePrice (₹)Data Available
DB100G117.81100 GB
DB250G236.81250 GB
DB400G355.81400 GB
*Taxes are included in the rent.

Kerala Vision Voice Plans

Kerala Vision has recently begun offering voice services in technological collaboration with BSNL. Their voice services are available in combination with FUP broadband plans and Unlimited broadband plans.

Kerala Vision Limited FUP and Unlimited plans with Voice

Plan NameMonthly Rent (₹)Data LimitSpeed (Mbps)
Post FUP
Speed 2 Mbps
Post FUP
Speed 2 Mbps
Post FUP
Speed 2 Mbps
VOICE-FUP60M4000G759.464000GB 60
Post FUP
Speed 2 Mbps
Post FUP
Speed 2 Mbps
*Post FUP speed is 2Mbps and all the rent is inclusive of taxes.

Those wishing to subscribe to the Kerala Vision Internet Connection can contact their local cable operator directly. You can also visit their website for a new connection.

Kerala Vision Customer care number is 0480 2755 755 and there is a customer support page also.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I recharge my Kerala Vision Broadband?

You can recharge or pay bills for Kerala Vision Broadband either by paying the subscription amount directly to your cable provider or by visiting the Kerala Vision Self-Care website.

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(First Published on 21st August 2020)

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  1. 04802755755 – ext 2 broadband is only for hearing music! No one asnswers. I held phone for over 10 min ! Can someone respond. I am a regular subscriber of ur combo plan.

    1. Dear Panicker, We, at Infobits, are in no way affiliated with Kerala Vision. For any service-related issues, request that you contact them directly or through your local cable operator. Thank you.

  2. Hello, I am currently abroad, will be travelling to Kerala soon. so I want to know which is better.
    Kerala vision or Asianet broadband, my place is a village area.

    1. Thank you for contacting us. The performance of both of these providers is not consistent across all regions. So, before making a final decision, seek advice from users in your area who have these broadband connections. Examine the performance of BSNL FTTH in your area as well.

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