Why does mobile battery blast?

In most cases, a mobile blast or mobile explosion occurs due to mobile battery blast. Let us try to find out the exact reason for a mobile battery failure which causes mobile blasting.

Why does mobile battery blast?

Lithium batteries are used in all the devices that can be accomplished because it is considered as they are the most energy-efficient. But in recent years, there were a lot of incidents of mobile battery bursting.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 also came with battery fire that was to be completely withdrawn from the market. A Redmi note 3 videos became viral on which one who sees fire on it and then Xiaomi explained. They also came up with a self-ridiculous statement that fire was caused by using a ‘non-standard’ charger, without even assuring that their phone was burnt.

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In the majority of incidents, it was found that mobile explodes by the aftereffect of a mobile battery explosion.

mobile battery blast

The lithium batteries explosion is old enough as lithium batteries. From the first generation of lithium batteries was well aware that after the full charge, if it is continuously charged at high voltages, they would be heated and fired.

Hence, there were many hazards in the first years since we did not use proper chargers.

Facts behind Battery blasts.

Modern Lithium-Ion batteries we are using in mobile phones have heavy charge capacity and hence itself they are very much explosive. This battery blast may happen at any time when circumstances favor it.

The sequence of a mobile blast or mobile battery blast starts from the heat developed in Li-Ion batteries.

  • This may happen due to heat developed in the charging circuit or in the battery itself.
  • In addition to this heat already there is some heat in the battery due to chemical action which may further spread the heat to electrolyte area.
  • This high temperature in the electrolyte causes its expansion which in turn bursts the battery case.
  • The hot liquid coming out is very inflammable and causes burning or melting of the surroundings next to the battery.

Safety precautions in modern batteries.

Shorting of battery terminals also cause lithium batteries to fire and burn. Battery manufacturers began to add a small protection circuit inside the lithium batteries, to avoid the hazards due to nonstandard chargers or by accidentally shorting of the terminal lines.

There will be a similar protection circuit at all lithium batteries, including smartphone batteries currently available in the market. This allows you to ensure safety by avoiding the battery via an external/internal short circuit and overcharging.

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There is a special type of insulator which is also known as separators between positive and negative electrodes to avoid the possibility of short-circuiting of the electrodes of cells.

Other safety features of the batteries include

  • Circuit to eliminate high current surges.
  • Non-inflammable components are added in the electrolyte which reduces the chances of heavy explosion.
  • Device to monitor the pressure in the battery which interrupts the circuit when it exceeds a certain level
  • Thermal fuses which break the circuit when the temperature exceeds a safe level.
  • Safety exhaust vents allow the passage of the excess gases developed inside the battery.

In spite of all this, why do batteries have the fire?

Is the Charger problem or Battery failure?

Here is the villain battery itself. The main reason behind, manufacturers are trying to reduce weight and thickness by sacrificing the necessary safety precautions which lead to mechanical instability.

But in some cases, the mobile blast has happened as a result of battery electrodes shorting through the low-quality chargers.

And there are chances of phones exploding while charging and talking occurs simultaneously.

The flashes of mobile phone batteries, including Galaxy Note-7, Mi phone blast, Oppo phone blast have been happened due to this mechanical stability of the batteries and defective separator which failed to withstand the internal short circuit.

We already explained the basic reason for mobile phone battery explosion, resulting from some other reasons.

1.Dropping of battery

Whenever the phone falls we only care to know about the damage to the phone display. But when it fell strongly it may affect the internal structure or alignment of electrodes and electrolyte inside the battery. Also, strong mechanical impact on batteries causes malfunctioning or complete destruction of the battery protective circuit.

This will cause swelling, deformation or overheating of the cell. So care should be taken to examine the battery also when the mobile phone dropped down from high altitude.

2. Overheating of the phone.

Almost all modern smartphones can shut down the device on overheating we should stay away from the reasons which cause it.

Phone’s operating environment should be low-temperature.

Excessive gaming or other applications which uses tremendous CPU power, Long phone calls and searching for Wi-Fi or cellular connectivity are some of the regular reasons for overheating in our daily life.

Already there is a nominal rise in the temperature of the battery when it is being charged.

Following points should be taken care during mobile phone charging.

  1. The phone should be kept out of its case to allow natural air circulation.
  2. Don’t keep the phone on any other cover or bag.
  3. Keep the phone way from a hot environment especially inside a hot car.
  4. Avoid the exposure of the phone to direct sunlight.

3.Low quality or wrong charger

It should be noted that the charger comes with the phone meet the specifications required for charging of the specific battery. So replacing the same will cause the improper charging and further destruction of the phone.

Always try to use the prescribed charger.

4.Punctured battery

Lithium is very susceptible to react with water or oxygen. So punctured battery will enable this direct reaction of the lithium with water/oxygen.

This will produce some results which are from small fumes with annoying smell to a full-on explosion.

Phone blast

5.Wet Phone

Lithium has a chemical behavior that it will ignite when in contact with water and cause phone blast. As we know modern phones are water-resistant and moreover, a healthy battery case is water-sealed.

But this is not the scenario when a combination of a cheap mobile phone with a punctured battery. Care should be taken to resist water entry inside the phone in any cases.

What To Do When The Phone Fell In Water

Consider buying a branded phone from reputed manufacturers.

Even though modern smartphones and batteries are coming with the above-mentioned safety features there may be some exceptions. But in most cases, leading manufacturers are trying to implement the safety precautions.

But some local manufacturers are keeping away from these safety features as a part of reducing their manufacturing expenses. So try to avoid that type of cheap mobile phones.

Be safe with Mobile Phone Batteries

Keep in mind that you are dealing with a device with heavy explosion capacity in extreme conditions. So try to avoid the conditions which catalyze the overheating of the battery and stay away from injury.

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