Why fire with mobile phone batteries?

(Last Updated On: March 30, 2019)

Why fire mobile phone batteries? Lithium batteries are used in all the devices that can be accomplished because it is considered as they are the most energy efficient. But in recent years, there were a lot of incidents of mobile battery bursting. Samsung Galaxy Note 7 also came with battery fire that was to be completely withdrawn from the market. A Red mi note 3 videos became viral on which one who sees fire on it and then Xiaomi gave an explanation. They also came up with a self-ridiculous statement that fire was caused by using a ‘non-standard’ charger, without even assuring that their phone was actually burnt.


The lithium batteries fire, this news is old enough as lithium batteries. From the first generation of lithium batteries was well aware that after the full charge, if it is continuously charged at high voltages, they would be heated and fired. Hence, there were many hazards in the first years since we did not use proper chargers. Charging and charging battery terminals can also cause lithium batteries to fire and burn. Battery manufacturers began to add a small protection circuit inside the lithium batteries, in order to avoid the hazards due to nonstandard chargers or by accidentally terminating the terminal lines. There will be a similar protection circuit at all lithium batteries, including smartphone batteries currently available in the market. This allows you to ensure safety by avoiding the battery via an external/internal short circuit and overcharging.

A special type of insulator is also known as separators between positive and negative electrodes to avoid the possibility of short-circuiting of the electrodes of cells.
In spite of all this, why do batteries have the fire? Is Charger Inconsistent or Battery Troubled? Here is the villain battery itself. The main reason behind, producers are trying to reduce weight and thickness by sacrificing the necessary safety precautions which lead to mechanical instability. The flashes of mobile phone batteries, including Galaxy Note-7, have been happened due to this mechanical stability of the batteries and defective separator which failed to avoid the internal short circuit.

Large comic: Why are the extra terminals in addition to positive and positive in mobile phone battery? The three-pin battery provides internal temperatures of the third pin battery, in addition to positive and negative ones. The fourth rear BSI (Battery System Indicator, Battery Size indicator, Battery Status Indicator) is one which gives information about type and capacity of batteries.

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