BSNL Mithram Plan Validity Extension

How Can Do BSNL Mithram Plan Validity Extension?

Update: As per the latest information from BSNL, Mithram Plan is not available for new connections migration and renewal, by the introduction of their newly launched plansAll the customers in the Mithram plan or the New Mithram plan are advised to migrate to any other prepaid plans suitable for you.

Mithram Plan was one of the most popular mobile prepaid plans introduced by BSNL in Kerala Circle. Recently this plan is renamed to New Mithram Plan. The New Mithram Plan validity extension procedure is very simple but unlike other plans.

We got lots of queries from our readers about the validity extension of Kerala Circle’s BSNL Mithram Prepaid Mobile Plan. BSNL previously introduced an extension of validity dependent on Plan Voucher for all Prepaid Mobile Plans.

At that time, customers of the Mithram Plan were able to extend their validity by 180 days by recharging the balance of the Plan Voucher, i.e. Recharge 49.

But now there are some changes in the New Mithram Plan which are described below.

New Mithram Plan Details

Plan Voucher value: Rs.49

Plan Validity: 90 days

Special offer: 250 minutes/day (Local/STD/Roaming Calls for 5 days + 1 GB data for 5 days. Beyond 5 days call charges @ 1 ps/sec. Always full talk time for Rs.200,500,1000.

Friends & Family Numbers: You can set 5 Nos (Local) as F&F. Call rates for F&F numbers are 20ps/min (Onnet) and 40Ps/Min (Off-net)

Voice call Charges :Local(Onnet) 1.2Ps/Sec,Local(Offet) 1.2Ps/Sec,STD(Onnet) 1.5Ps/Sec,STD(Offnet) 1.5Ps/Sec.

New Mithram Plan Validity Extension

BSNL launched an extension of validity with Top Up recharge of denominations starting from Rs.10.That means no separate BSNL Mithram plan recharge is necessary for the plan validity extension.

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It has also been very helpful to customers as they don’t need to worry about Plan Vouchers or change the denominations of Plan Vouchers. After the transition to the new Intelligent Network (IN), BSNL told that due to technical constraints, a cumulative Top-up facility can not be introduced which was available earlier.

As a result, with all Top Up recharges, BSNL implemented Validity extended automatically on a pro-rata basis on Top Ups (i.e validity extended for 5/10/15/20/45/90 days (Validity limited to 90 days ) for Top Ups of Rs.10/20/30 &40/50 to 90/100 to 190/200 & above.

That means you can renew your Mithram Plan at your convenience and choice. The validity extension period against each Top-Up denomination is listed below.

Prodata basis Validity Extension for BSNL New Mithram Plan

Top Up DenominationValidity Extension
Rs.105 days
Rs.2010 days
Rs.30/4015 days
Rs.50 to Rs.9020 days
Rs.100 to Rs.19045 days
Rs.200 and above90 days

You can do all your recharges and bill payments through Amazon Pay in a hassle-free and reliable method.

BSNL also provided Always Full Talk Time facilities exclusively for Mithram Plan customers for Top Up 200, 500, and 1000.

This facility has also been very useful because customers can get Full Talk Time + Validity any time they do a 200 or 500 or 1000 top-up recharge.

This system is also very useful for people who have a minimum usage of Rs 200 within 3 months. Following the introduction of Validity along with Top Up, BSNL withdrew the Plan Voucher valid extension based on Mithram Plan Customers.

Now BSNL customers can only use Recharge 49 (Plan Voucher 49) for migration from other plans to Mithram Plan.

Migration to the New mithram plan is also possible by sending an SMS in the format PLAN< space>MITHRAM to 123.

But the existing customers of Mithram Plan can still use the same plan and can extend the validity.

Now let us conclude – If you are a BSNL Mithram Plan customer, you can extend the validity of your mobile number by just recharging your required denominations and validity for a maximum of 90 days.

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