BSNL copper to fibre

BSNL Kerala to Migrate Its Service from Copper to Fibre Completely Within Five Months

Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) is transitioning its copper-based landline and broadband customers’ services to fibre. Traditional landline telephone lines are only accessible in Kerala Circle for the next five months.

According to the most recent sources, copper-cabled landline phone lines will be phased out by May. Terminating the copper era is part of BSNL’s fibre-to-the-home (FTTH) high-speed internet expansion.

It also intends to cut expenses by one-tenth with the optical fibre connection infrastructure. Telephone exchanges can be simplified from large rooms to compact ones.

It also intends to convert what can be retrieved from buried copper wires into cash. The elimination of copper connections will take away the necessity for current exchanges.

About half of the rural exchanges are expected to close during the first phase. Franchisees are in charge of implementing FTTH connections.BSNL provides the same landline number via fibre via channel partners for last-mile fibre connection.

This upgraded fibre technology provides consumers with high-speed internet data services of up to 300 MBPS for homes and businesses.50% of the fee paid to subscribers goes to BSNL, with the remainder going to the franchisee.

There are predictions that 800 exchanges in the state and around a quarter-million in the country may cease operations by May 2024.

To offer a landline connection using copper wire, a cable must be extended from the exchange to the residence. However, one optical fibre line may supply up to 24 connections.

Electricity usage can also be cut dramatically. Centralised ACs in exchanges will be phased out. Instead of massive generators, a powerplant with a modest generator or UPS and few batteries is adequate.

In this way, the cost of diesel will go down dramatically.

There are already 35 lakh FTTH connections in the country. Out of this, Kerala leads the way with 5.78 lakh connections. Kerala’s districts are now among the 40 in the country that have fibre connectivity.

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