Best Home Air Purifier in India

8 Best Air Purifiers for Home in India 2024 | How to Select a Best Air Purifier?

Air pollution in India is intensifying in recent days. The current situation in the city of Delhi is an example of this.

There are other health problems caused by inhaling polluted air. Hence the use of air-purifying equipment is inevitable in every home.

If you want to buy a home air purifier right now, you may skip to the list of best air purifiers for homes in India provided below.

The air purification equipment market is one of the growing home appliances markets and it is a very cumbersome task to select the best air purifier in India.

What Is an Air Purifier?

In the broader sense air purifier (it can be also called an air cleaner) is a device that can remove contaminants or impurities in the indoor air. Here we are discussing domestic air purifiers.

Different types of industrial air purifiers are also available to accomplish the air processing required in different industries for various applications.

We hope that this is worthwhile to discuss air-purifying techniques, as the Air Quality Index (AQI) of Indian cities is worsening day by day, which necessitates the need for an air purifier.

Best Air Purifier in India

Everyone may ask a question which brand of air purifier is best?

In our opinion, it is difficult to suggest a particular brand. Instead, we have hand-picked some best air purifiers in India based on their features.

Here is our selection of the best air purifiers for homes in India. This can help you to select the best air purifier according to your requirements. For your easy selection, we have shortlisted some of the top 8 air purifiers in India.

All these are the best air purifiers for home and small office use.

1.LEVOIT Air Purifier for Home

This is the next best air purifier home in India, which is sophisticated and intended to deliver clean and fresh air. This air purifier is consistently ranked among the top 10 air purifiers in India.

Its revolutionary VortexAir Technology 3-stage filtration boosts the purifier’s power and efficiency, guaranteeing clean air throughout the room.

QuietKEAP Technology in this purifier eliminates motor noise and increases abrasion resistance, resulting in a longer-lasting air purifier.

LEVOIT Air Purifier for Home
Image from Amazon

The H13 True HEPA Filter removes even the smallest airborne particles such as smoke, allergies, and pollen from the air.

Furthermore, the high-efficiency activated carbon filter eliminates domestic odours such as cooking smells, smoke, and pet odours.

Despite its high cost, it is better suited to small and medium-sized rooms. This device can improve indoor air quality and provide several other benefits.

Because of its great filtering capabilities, modern features, and specs, this LEVOIT Air Purifier for Home is among the finest.

By using this product you can clean your breath with Levoit’s Core 300 True HEPA Air Purifier. It collects 99.97% of particles, including allergens and home odours.

We observed that Levoit air purifiers have good quality and widely accepted user ratings. If you want to know about the other models of Levoit air purifiers, you can check them out on Amazon.

2. Coway Professional Air Purifier for Home

In the top air purifiers in India category, this is the second-best air purifier in India.

The Coway HEPA Filter is one of the industry’s thickest (30 mm) HEPA Filters, offering best-in-class protection and a lengthy filter life (8500 hours).

The filter replacement indicator indicates when it is time to replace the HEPA and Carbon filters.

Coway Professional Air Purifier for Home
Image from Amazon

The Specia Antivirus Green HEPA filter, according to the company, protects your family from dust, pollen allergies, and dangerous smoke. It can cover 355 square feet/ 33 square meters.

With a CADR of 303 cubic meters per hour, it eliminates 99.99% of viruses and allergens. Its ingenious design includes an innovative flow channel for optimum efficiency (better reach and maximum airflow).

The aesthetically slim form of this home air purifier blends in any place. Moreover, smart auto mode changes the Air Purifier speed depending on indoor air quality.

In addition, its Smart Pollution Sensor displays indoor air quality in real-time using intuitive colours. Another attractive feature of this product is that it comes with a 7-year warranty.

3. Xiaomi Air Purifier 4 with True HEPA Filter 

The Mi Air Purifier 4 with True HEPA filter can absorb air from the surroundings and release fresh air. It can also absorb more air and purify it.

It filters out dust and pollen very effectively. This hoe air purifier features three layers of filtration: a main filter, a real HEPA filter, and an activated carbon filter.

Image from Amazon

This Xiaomi air purifier has a 516-square-foot effective coverage area. Its real HEPA filter can filter 0.3-micron particles 99.97% of the time.

The latest version also features a display. This screen will show the quality of the air.

It also makes little noise when functioning. Another characteristic is negative ionization. Negative ions attract and neutralize airborne contaminants such as dust and smoke.

This device can be managed through the MI Home App and Alexa. It can be used room air purifier in normal-sized rooms. Its clean air delivery rate is 380 m3 / h.

This Xiaomi air purifier has a low-cost model called the Xiaomi Smart Air Purifier 4 Lite, which is very useful for covering a small area.

4. SHARP Room Air Purifier FP-F40E-W

This air purifier is ideal for tiny spaces, but it can also be used in big living rooms, bedrooms, and other areas to keep your indoor air fresh and clean at all times.

It also has an odour and dust sensor that changes the fan speed according to the quality of the air, making it an extremely efficient and clever product.

SHARP Room Air Purifier FP-F40E-W
Image from Amazon

The Sharp Room Air Purifier is an effective decontaminator of indoor air.

The unique Plasmacluster Ion Technology destroys 99.97% of dangerous pollutants and allergens that can hurt your health, and it also has a strong True HEPA and Deodorising Filter that removes particles as small as 0.3 microns and neutralizes undesirable smells in your home.

The Sharp Room Air Purifier FP-F40E-W has a haze mode that makes it ideal for use in polluted locations, giving optimum protection for you and your family.

This product provides peace of mind and assures a long-term investment in one’s health.

Because of its low price and excellent user satisfaction, this device ranks among India’s top-budget air purifiers.

5. Philips AC1215/20 Air Purifier

We all know that Philips is one of the top electronics and home appliance brands in the world, and not just in Air Purifiers. This Philips AC 1215/20 air purifier is one of their best air purifiers for home use.

It detects and eliminates 99.97% of airborne pollutants as tiny as 0.003 microns. This Air Purifier cleans the air by passing it through a pre-filter, an activated carbon filter, and a TRUE HEPA filter.

Philips AC1215-20 Air Purifier
Image from Amazon

It has Vitashield intelligent purification technology, which detects and eliminates the majority of airborne contaminants. With a CADR of 270 m3/hour, its quick purification function can clean a normal room in just 12 minutes.

It is a decent air purifier for a room of up to 250 square feet. It has a Real-Time Air Quality input function that delivers input through a 4-color air quality indicator.

This is yet another excellent home air purifier that is suitable for medium-sized to large rooms. It also has a low-noise sleep mode, which is beneficial at night when you are sleeping.

The Purifier decreases the fan speed and noise level in silent mode to allow for a pleasant night’s sleep.

Also in Night Mode, the Auto-Ambient Lighting function adjusts the device’s brightness settings based on the light in the room.

The brightness of your preference is changed using smart light control. Its aerodynamic design further increases airflow efficiency.

6. Pomocron Air Purifier for Bedroom

Its unique duct design allows air to be filtered five times per hour in a 215-square-foot room, which is quite beneficial for such a tiny space.

The air purifier grid has been extended to boost the purifier intake airflow without impairing the filtering performance. Air filters collect airborne particles as small as 0.3 microns in size, including smoke, pet dander, hair, pollen, and other pollutants.

POMORON Air Purifier for Bedroom
Image from Amazon

You may quickly turn on the air cleaner and reject any unwanted or unpleasant room air conditions.

This Pomocron air purifier’s new fan allows it to operate at a noise level of 22 dB, which is exceptionally low in normal situations. As a result, the purifier operates quite quietly.

This air purifier features a 2000-hour air filter detection feature to verify that it is filtering adequately and that no undesirable air particles are blowing out.

When the air filter has been utilized for more than 2,000 hours, the top indicator turns red to alert you that the air filter needs to be replaced.

The air purifier consumes little energy with a rated power of 17 W, and the 6-12-24 hour timer allows you to tailor the run duration to fit your needs without wasting unnecessary power.

7. Proscenic A9 Air Purifier for Home

The Proscenic A9 Smart Air Purifier for Home Large Room with H13 HEPA Filter can purify a room up to 2,904 square feet in one hour.

The A9 air purifier has an innovative dust sensor that detects particles precisely within 30 seconds and swiftly refreshes the air in roughly 20 minutes.

Proscenic A9 Air Purifier for Home
Image from Amazon

It is the ideal air purifier for the living room, bedroom, kitchen, office, and other areas, and it is ideal for people who are sensitive to air quality, pet owners, children, the elderly, and those who wish to enhance air quality.

CADR may achieve 460 m3/h with the help of Proscenic’s proprietary UPV 2.0 purification technology.

Proscenic A9 air purifiers do not use UV or ionized light, which has been proven in studies to cause dangerous ozone and secondary pollutants. When functioning in Sleep Mode, the noise level is merely 25 dB.

Additionally, for a better sleeping environment, all of the lights on the air purifier may be turned off when it is not in use. Setting the timer for one, two, four, or eight hours to run the way you want best meets your schedule and air purification needs. It also saves a lot of electricity.

The LED monitor display notifies you when the filter needs to be replaced. Simply push the button to lock the control panel, and you will no longer be concerned about mistaken operations caused by your children or pets.

In automated mode, the air quality is monitored in real-time, and the wind speed is automatically adjusted according to the air quality. Exceptionally efficient and energy-saving air purifier.

The Proscenic App allows you to monitor and operate this home air purifier from anywhere. It also allows Alexa voice control to switch your air purifier on and off.

8. Honeywell Air touch V3 Indoor Air Purifier

The Honeywell Air Touch V3 Indoor Air Purifier has three stages of filtration: a pre-filter, an H13 HEPA filter, and an activated carbon filter.

It boasts an innovative filtering technology with a 12-minute air purification cycle. The company claims that this air purifier can eliminate 99.99% of pollutants and micro allergens.

Image from Amazon

This device can filter air across an area of up to 465 square feet and has a CADR of 300 m3/h. It operates quietly even at high speeds and has a filter life of 3000 hours.

It comes with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty from the company. Its low-cost version, the Honeywell Air Touch V2 Indoor Air Purifier (View on Amazon), suitable for covering up to 388 square feet, is also available.

Do We Need an Air Purifier?

As per the data provided by the Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB), air contamination in most Indian cities has drastically increased in recent days, especially in the national capital region. Real-time Air Quality Index (AQI) in major cities is continuously monitored by CPCB.

Also, it is not good to hear that the cities with the most air pollution are from India with Delhi in the top position.

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So the requirement of an air purifier is essential these days which can purify indoor air up to a certain extent.

Indoor air pollution is around 10 times worse than outdoor air pollution. Because indoor air pollution occurs in smaller areas.

Hence the use of an air purifier is very useful for you in different ways.

  1. An air purifier can eliminate dust particles and contaminants in your room.
  2. Also, it eliminates about 99% of airborne bacteria.
  3. It can neutralize smoke inside the room.
  4. It avoids the expansion of allergens initiated by pets.
  5. As it avoids dust in breathing air, you can breathe clean air and keep your lungs healthy.

How Does an Air Purifier Work?

As discussed above an air purifier purifies the air in its working area.

Mainly there are two types of air purifying technologies available now. One is active purification and the other is passive purification.

With active purification as the name indicates air impurities are removed by a direct method. Active air purifiers release negatively charged ions which allow the air pollutants to stick to their surface.

In passive purification, polluted air is filtered by proper filters. Passive purification is very efficient as it can permanently remove all dust particles or contaminants in the processing air.

The air purifier uses an internal fan system to pull air through a series of filters to expel dangerous airborne particles such as dirt, pollen, and bacteria into your home.

The air purifier then returns the cleaned air to the room. This process repeats itself several times an hour to maintain a healthy environment.

The air purifier pre-filter eliminates pollutants up to the size of PM10. The HEPA filter also eliminates PM2.5 particles and much smaller particles to about 0.3 microns, almost seven times smaller than PM2.5.

Besides, an activated carbon filter is useful for picking up gasses and removing odours.

How Do We Choose a Good Air Purifier?

To select the best air purifier India in following things are to be considered,

1. Area to be filtered (Room size)

The first and most important thing to remember is the size of the room. Room size is a key factor in selecting the best air purifier in India or everywhere.

There are a lot of air purifiers on the market, from compact to heavy ones. You should always go for a model designed for a slightly larger space to purify the air than the actual size of the room.

For optimum performance, buy a good air purifier that is designed to operate in a space that is 20-40% larger than your space. It won’t have to run the fan as quickly, so in that case, it will be quieter and consume less energy.

2. Type of Filtration

Before you get one purifier, make sure you research the type of filter used in an air purifier. To filter items like pollen, dirt, smoke, odour, and other harmful contaminants, the filter must be fitted.

Also, ensure that at the primary filtration stage, the air purifier has a pre-filter that can remove pet hair and other large particles from the air.

Four filter types are available: HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Air), charged paper, antibacterial and germicidal precipitator, and electrostatic precipitator.

You should also regularly change the filters to increase the life span of the purifier.

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To be successful, a multi-stage air filtration system is required for air purifiers. In general, a multi-stage air filtration system has three filter types.

A. Pre-Filter

The pre-filter serves as the first defence line and eliminates contaminants from PM10 such as dirt, smoke, fur, pet dander, broad pollen, etc.

The pre-filter also helps to improve the secondary filter’s life by not allowing it to die sooner.

B. HEPA Filter

The High-Efficiency Particulate Air Filter collects PM2.5 contaminants that the Pre-Filter is too small to avoid. It can remove particles up to the size of 0.3 microns.

For air filtration devices, HEPA filters are considered the industry standard. These filters are capable of removing up to 99.97 per cent of air pollutants.

C. Carbon Filter

The carbon filter is used to remove volatile organic compounds (VOCs), gaseous substances, and air odours.

When purchasing an air purifier, choose one with an activated carbon base. This layer absorbs all harmful airborne gases and chemicals.

A larger activated carbon filter can absorb more airborne chemicals and work longer as well.

3. CADR(Clean Air Delivery Rate)

It is an important metric for the efficiency of the air purifier and calculates the purifier’s velocity of filtered air. Go for a higher CADR purifier because it means higher filtration power.

As mentioned CADR is Clean Air Delivery Rate. This allows you to identify how fast the air purifier works. It calculates how many cubic feet of air in one minute the purifier can filter.

The CADR number is higher, the air filtration is greater. There are three CADR numbers of air purifiers for dust, pollen, and smoke.

Consider going for an air purifier with a higher CADR rating if you have a larger operating space.

4. ACH(Air Change Per Hour)

The rate of air change indicates how many times during an hour the air purifier has cleaned the air of the entire room. This refers to the number of times the air purifier cleans the entire room’s air in one hour.

So if you find an air purifier that promises a 6 ACH score, it means that it will clean the air 6 times in an hour. If you or any member of your family have asthma, go for a 5-6 ACH air purifier.

 5. Air Purifiers to Be Avoided

When you get an air purifier, there are certain devices that you should stop. For example, never go for purifiers based on UV filtration and ionization.

These emit ozone and can cause breathing problems. Ozone is toxic to the lungs and is likely to result in more asthma attacks and other breathing problems.

6. Portability and Weight

If you are looking for an air purifier, consideration should be given to the portability and weight factor. Even a small air purifier may be able to clean a large room.

On the other hand, a large purifier is going to be more expensive and take up a lot of space.

7. Noise Level

Last but not least, consider the levels of noise emissions. Together with fans, all air purifiers produce noise. So go for those who make less noise, so you don’t want the buzzing fans to disturb your sleep. A good air purifier should have less noise level.

8. Customer Service and Provision for Filter Replacement

The filter replacement and customer care considerations must also be kept in mind when buying an air purifier. In air purifiers, filters need to be changed regularly.

So, they should be ready to get one. Second, the manufacturer must have a robust network of services. This means checking the company’s post-sale operation.

Like any other electronic device you purchase from the market, an air purifier comes with a guarantee as well. So check all of the warranty terms and conditions offered.

Normally air purification equipment is very expensive. But nowadays you can grab decent air purifier equipment at the price of an average smartphone.

We hope that you are interested in our article about the best and top air purifiers in India, and this will help you select the best one suitable for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which brand is best for air purifiers?

Several reputable brands in India manufacture high-quality air purifiers, including Philips, Xiaomi, Coway, Sharp, Levoit, and Honeywell.

What is the #1 air purifier?

If you are looking for a high-quality air purifier for your home or office, then we recommend the LEVOIT Air Purifier (Buy from Amazon), which is the first item on our list of the best air purifiers in India.

Is an air purifier better than an AC?

The functions of an air purifier and an air conditioner are completely different. While an air purifier is intended to purify your indoor air, the primary function of an air conditioner is to maintain a pleasant room temperature for you. An air purifier can help you breathe healthier air by removing contaminants such as sand spores, dust, smoke, bacteria, allergens, and viruses. In this way, an air purifier has a very particular function, but keep in mind that some air conditioners have additional features, including an air purifying function.

Do I need an air purifier?

According to research, air purifiers can help minimize or eliminate your exposure to dangerous pollutants by filtering those contaminants in your breathing air, which may result in long-term health advantages.

What is the safest type of air purifier?

If you opt to buy a portable air purifier for your home or workplace, filters with High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filters are advised since they do not generate ozone while removing polluted particles and muddy substances from the air.

What to avoid when buying an air purifier?

You should always avoid selecting air purifiers that employ UV or ionization since they emit ozone as a byproduct while functioning. Long-term usage of these types of air purifiers can adversely affect lung function and cause lung tissue inflammation.

Is it good to use an air purifier every day?

If you believe the air in your area is contaminated, it is best to keep your air purifier running all day and night, even if you are asleep or not at home. Don’t believe that turning it off at night or when they’re not there is a smart way to save energy; instead, leave it running continuously to get the most out of it.

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