Is BLDC mixer grinder good

Is the BLDC Mixer Grinder Good and Worth Buying the Atomberg Mixer Grinder?

A BLDC (brushless direct current) mixer grinder may be an excellent alternative for you if you want energy efficiency, longevity, and lower noise levels and are ready to pay a bit more upfront.

However, if your primary goal is only to save money on electricity, we recommend that you avoid purchasing a BLDC mixer grinder.

We believe you received a brief answer to the question of whether the BLDC mixer grinder is good. Let us go through the details of how we arrived at that conclusion.

As you are aware, we at Infobits are always promoting new and developing technologies that may benefit people. BLDC motor technology is another example of a useful and energy-efficient breakthrough.

We already have a full article regarding BLDC fans that describes how they might be useful. That article has assisted many people in converting their conventional fans to BLDC.

As a result, anytime we come across something new that has the potential to substantially influence regular living, especially in the case of an appliance’s energy efficiency, we aim to aid our readers.

The BLDC mixer grinder is a comparable achievement that may one day replace our old-fashioned mixer grinders. The BLDC motor, like the increasingly popular BLDC fans, has the potential to be incorporated into a wide range of appliances.

Unfortunately, even though research is being undertaken at various levels, we cannot anticipate a speedy changeover in the case of the BLDC mixer.

However, the launch of a new BLDC mixer grinder in the Indian market by a prominent BLDC fan manufacturer is a very welcome development. We are mentioning Atomberg, who has released a new BLDC mixer grinder, the Atomberg MG 1 (view on Amazon).

We just got the opportunity to put this mixer grinder through its paces and would like to share our results with you.

We are not intending to turn this article into a review of the specific mixer grinder from the perspective of the subject.

Instead, we’ll look at how a BLDC grinder differs from a traditional mixer grinder. Let us also see if a BLDC mixer grinder is superior or inferior in comparison.

Speed Control

One of the key characteristics we appreciated was that, like a BLDC fan, a BLDC mixer grinder allows us to pick an exact speed based on our requirements.

This function, however, is neither precise nor energy-efficient in a standard mixer grinder.

Furthermore, the BLDC mixer offers a low-speed option that uses extremely low power. And it simply takes a few seconds to grind something without using much additional power.

We haven’t encountered such a slow mode in other standard mixer grinders on the market, so it stands out if that’s a feature you’re seeking.

BLDC mixer grinders may give outstanding performance with constant speed control and effective grinding capabilities due to the inherent characteristics of a BLDC motor.

They frequently have extra functions such as multiple speed settings, a pulse function, and safety measures such as overload protection (don’t forget that thermal overload protection is present in the standard-type mixer).

Power Efficiency

Furthermore, we noticed that the BLDC mixer grinder is extremely quick in its power output. As a consequence, a BLDC mixer grinder can accomplish the same function as our normal mixer grinder while consuming less power.

Because BLDC motors are more energy efficient than brushed motors, they use less power while providing comparable or even greater performance. Over time, this can result in energy savings and decreased expenses for electricity.

We discovered that the maximum power input of a BLDC mixer is around 100 W less than that of a standard mixer in the above-stated model of the mixer grinder.

However, the reduced power usage does not justify the significant initial expenditure.

We know that mixer grinders are used for shorter periods in most houses. A mixer grinder should only be used for 15 to 20 minutes every day.

If we consider a daily usage of 20 minutes, saving 100 watts (100 x (20/60) = 33 Wh) or 0.033 units a day may not result in a significant financial benefit.

Because the mixer grinder is used less frequently, you will not notice a substantial difference in your total power expenses if you are searching for energy savings.


In terms of life expectancy, BLDC motors are designed to outlast brushed motors (universal motors) found in traditional mixer grinders.

They do not have brushes that wear out over time, so there is no need for brush replacement, minimizing maintenance and boosting the general durability of the mixer grinder.

Because the motor is an important component of a mixer grinder, you can use your BLDC mixer grinder with confidence for a long time.

Noise Level

The low noise level of a BLDC mixer grinder is another tempting feature. The mixer grinder is quite silent, especially when set to slow speed.

Despite the fast speed, it had little influence on the loudness. Because BLDC motors produce less noise and vibration, the entire user experience is better.

A BLDC mixer grinder is a wonderful alternative if you want a quieter kitchen atmosphere. Even though it is not a soundless mixer grinder, it is far better than a normal mixer grinder.

Use On Inverter Supply

Because it has a BLDC motor, the BLDC mixer has a lower starting current and may thus be operated more simply and safely than a standard mixer grinder, especially when powered by power inverters or solar inverters.

The power consumption is low compared to a normal mixer grinder. The BLDC mixer is a fantastic choice if you want to lower your home’s power use or go green.


BLDC motors do not require normal maintenance, such as brush replacement or cleaning since they do not have brushes.

Therefore, BLDC mixer grinders are less difficult to use and maintain.

However, as compared to standard mixer grinders, BLDC mixer grinders may have a slightly different user interface and operating method.

Even if you are used to using traditional mixer grinders, you may need some time to become acquainted with the extra functions and settings of a BLDC appliance.


However, because it is a newer technology and a brand new series product, you will be unable to locate a local repair shop for the device in your area.

However, we do believe that this is a minor issue if BLDC mixer companies provide excellent customer service.

Furthermore, when more BLDC devices become available on the market, local repair businesses will be pushed to master their repairs

We’ve now gone through the many good and negative aspects of a BLDC mixer grinder. Let us summarize these benefits and drawbacks for ease of comprehension.

Advantages of BLDC Mixer Grinders

BLDC mixer grinders have various benefits over standard brushed motor mixer grinders. Here are a few important benefits of BLDC mixer grinders:

  1. High Energy Efficiency: When compared to brushed motor mixer grinder, BLDC mixer grinder power consumption is very low. They can deliver the same or even higher performance while using less power. As a consequence, power usage is lowered, and energy expenses are reduced over time.
  2. Reduced Noise and Vibration: When compared to brushed motors, BLDC mixer grinder sound and vibration are very low. As a consequence, the operation is quieter and the kitchen environment is more pleasant.
  3. Longer Durability: When compared to brushed motors, BLDC motors have a longer lifespan. The overall durability of the mixer grinder is quite excellent since it does not have brushes that wear out over time. This implies that BLDC mixer grinders are less likely to need motor replacement or maintenance, which will save you money in the long term.
  4. Accurate Speed Control: BLDC motors provide fine speed control, allowing you to tailor the speed of the mixer grinder to your exact needs. This is especially handy for operations that need varying speeds, such as grinding spices or kneading bread.
  5. Low Maintenance: Because BLDC motors do not have brushes, they do not require routine maintenance such as brush replacement or cleaning. As a result, BLDC mixer grinders are easier to operate and maintain.
  6. Enhanced and Reliable Safety Features: BLDC mixer grinders have enhanced safety measures, including overload prevention, which is also very reliable. These features help minimize motor damage caused by high loads or overheating, prolonging the appliance’s longevity and offering peace of mind while in use.
  7. Environment-Friendly: Because of their energy efficiency, BLDC motors are regarded as more environmentally friendly. BLDC mixer grinders contribute to minimizing carbon emissions by lowering energy usage.

Disadvantages of BLDC Mixer Grinders

While BLDC mixer grinders provide various advantages, there are a few drawbacks to consider:

  1. Higher Initial Investment: BLDC mixer grinders are often more costly than classic mixer grinders with brushed motors. The higher price tag is due to elegant BLDC motor technology and energy-efficient features. However, while assessing overall value for money, it is critical to consider the long-term advantages and possible energy savings.
  2. Limited Availability: BLDC mixer grinders may be more difficult to get than classic mixers. Depending on where you live, you may have a more difficult time finding a range of BLDC mixer grinder alternatives to pick from.
  3. Repair and Servicing: While BLDC motors are typically more robust and require less maintenance than brushed motors, they might be more difficult to repair or maintain. Because of the complex nature of the motor design, any motor-related repairs or replacements may necessitate the assistance of a professional specialist.
  4. Learning Curve: When compared to typical variants, BLDC mixer grinders may feature a somewhat different user interface and control mechanism. Even if you are not used to using classic mixer grinders, it may take some time to adjust to the additional features and settings of a BLDC model.
  5. Improper working with Voltage Fluctuations: Voltage fluctuations are a concern for BLDC motors. Even though they have a wide operating voltage range. these motors may not work efficiently in places with intermittent or unreliable power supplies. Before purchase, ensure that the BLDC mixer grinder is voltage-compatible with your local power source.

It’s worth noting that these drawbacks are relatively small and may not be a major worry for most people.

The benefits of BLDC mixer grinders frequently exceed the disadvantages, especially for those looking for energy economy, durability, and quieter operation.

When making a purchase selection, consider your demands, budget, and availability in your local area.

Atomberg MG1 BLDC Mixer Grinder

Atomberg MG 1 All-in-One BLDC Mixer Grinder for Kitchen with 4 Jars

The first BLDC-powered mixer grinder in India. Power consumption is lower (485W) and performance is higher.


When compared to ordinary brushed motor mixer grinders, BLDC mixer grinders are notable for their energy economy, durability, and low noise levels.

It is undoubtedly energy efficient, and if you want to be environmentally conscious, this is a wonderful choice.

However, this is not a sensible purchase for reducing power expenses. BLDC mixer grinders are significantly more costly than traditional ones because of enhanced motor technology.

However, long-term benefits like energy savings and increased durability might justify the initial expense of this low-noise mixer grinder.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can BLDC mixer grinders handle heavy-duty tasks?

Yes, BLDC mixer grinders are built to handle heavy-duty work. Brushless motor technology offers strong and constant performance, allowing them to easily handle grinding, blending, and mixing jobs. BLDC mixer grinders are equal to the task of grinding harder spices or making smooth pastes.

Are BLDC mixer grinders more expensive than traditional models?

BLDC mixer grinders are usually more expensive than traditional versions. This is owing to the excellent BLDC technology and functions they provide. However, the long-term cost savings and energy efficiency provided by BLDC technology must be considered to justify the original expenditure.

Are BLDC mixer grinders energy efficient?

Yes, BLDC mixer grinders save a lot of electricity. The brushless motor technology optimizes energy consumption, resulting in lower electricity use as compared to typical mixer grinders. This not only saves energy but also adds to a more sustainable and environmentally friendly appliance solution.

Are BLDC mixer grinders noisy?

One of the major advantages of BLDC mixer grinders is their low noise levels. Brushless motor technology reduces vibrations and noise during operation, resulting in a more silent mixing and grinding experience. However, some noise may still be audible, particularly when running at faster speeds or with thick materials.

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