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Google’s New Passkey Support Allows You to Sign in Without a Password

Google has developed a new ‘Passkey’ feature to provide users with additional protection. According to Google’s official site, passkeys can now be used in place of passwords.

Google has begun offering PassKey, an online lock that is stronger than passwords, beginning on May 4, World Password Day.

As a result, Google is taking another significant step toward eliminating passwords by introducing passkeys for Google accounts.

Artificial intelligence algorithms may be able to guess the current passwords we are using. Because most individuals nowadays save essential documents and information online, breaking passwords has become a serious security challenge.

As a result, prominent technology firms have opted to provide ‘next-generation security’ to consumers to safeguard their information and allow them to access their accounts online.

The FIDO Alliance is an open-source group dedicated to making the concept of online locks that are more secure than passwords a reality. Apple, Microsoft, and Google are collaborating with them to advance account login.

Along with many Google accounts, a passkey provision has been made as part of this.

The fact that creating and remembering a secure password for one’s accounts is a challenging task has prompted technology companies to consider the next level of internet security.

Many individuals use the names of their pets as passwords because they are easy to remember and they believe no one would guess them. However, in practice, this is not the case.

Even now, some individuals use passwords like 123 and ABCD for the convenience of remembering.

Passwords have become less popular as current technology has repeatedly demonstrated that they may be stolen or, if too weak, guessed.

Tech organizations believe that this is a major issue and that a contemporary login mechanism, rather than passwords, should be implemented.

This Passkey service, combined with passwords and two-step verification, may be used to enter Google accounts on all major platforms. Passkeys are very much familiar among smart device users.

Passkey, in general, is a technique for accessing an account by scanning one’s fingerprint, face, or any screen lock pin, for example. The Passkey login method also safeguards users from online scams.

According to Google, they are more secure than SMS-based OTPs. A password is no longer required for your Google account when Passkey support is completely enabled by Google.
Once configured, you’ll be able to access your Google accounts in a way similar to unlocking your phone. Passkeys let you connect to your Google Account using your face, fingerprint, or personal PIN, exactly as we do on our smartphones.

Of course, biometric readers such as fingerprint scanners or cameras for face recognition must be used to enable the function of Passkey. So while Passkeys are available, not every device can use them.

Google also claims that the Paskey experience has been available in Chrome and Android browsers for the past year.
Google also stated that companies such as PayPal, Shopify, and Yahoo Japan have begun to provide the passkey option. Apple debuted the Passkey function in iOS 16 last year.

According to the Google site, a passkey will be available as an extra option for accessing Google accounts.

Google users who wish to test their Passkey can do so by visiting It does not mean that passwords are obsolete as of today. They will gradually fade away with time.
Passkeys do not completely replace passwords or two-factor authentication. Google is providing the option as a trial run, with hopes to gradually phase out passwords in favor of this more secure way to access online credentials.

It will most likely take some time to eliminate passwords as we know them, so for the time being, think of it as a speedier and more secure way to access your account.

Passkey functionality is now available for all Google accounts on nearly every platform that supports it.
Users of Google Workspace may have to wait for their administrator to enable passkeys first, which Google claims will be available “soon.” Passwords and other forms of authentication may be phased out as passkeys gain popularity.

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