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Best GPS Tracker for Kids in India to Track Your Child Efficiently

Even when we keep an eye on the children, they get away.

A GPS tracker for kids can help you keep track of your child’s whereabouts while you’re in the grocery store, the park, or doing something else.

GPS tracking technology is already accessible in smartphones and the vast majority of smartwatches.

However, using a smartphone is practically impossible since your child may not have one. If they are interested, you can wear a smartwatch with a GPS facility on it.

Are you in Hurry?
If you’re looking for a good GPS tracker for your child in India, we recommend the Onelap GO Wireless GPS Tracker (View on Amazon) as the best option.

The Necessity of a GPS Tracking Device for Kids

If your child is in school and you want to follow them, using a smartwatch as a GPS device for kids might be tough at times.

Because most schools and institutions prohibit the usage of smart gadgets on school campuses. In this case, a dedicated GPS tracker or GPS tag for kids is quite useful, and many kinds of such devices are available on the market.

You may have peace of mind regarding your child’s safety thanks to this GPS technology used in the child tracking device.

GPS tracking devices for kids are developed with long-lasting batteries and portable designs that allow them to be inserted or fastened into your child’s backpack or coat pocket.

These child trackers employ advanced GPS tracking technology to send you notifications on your smartphone about your child’s whereabouts.

We found the Onelap GO – Wireless GPS Tracker (available on Amazon) to be the best quality GPS tracker for our needs, with real-time tracking, alerts, and other features.

While there are other options on the market, we’ve been quite pleased with this model of kids tracker, because of its fantastic performance for the last 6 months.

As a result, we propose this device as the best GPS tracker for kids in India so that you can monitor your child when they are away from you.

GPS tracker for kids
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Specs: Made in India Product | 10000 mAH rechargeable battery | USB Charging | One Year Subscription of Apps | One Year Unlimited Data | Highly Portable

This little gadget may be used to track other members of your family as well as your automobiles.

The Onelap GO – Wireless GPS Tracker wireless GPS tracking gadget comes with a 10000 mAh battery.

As previously said, this gadget can track anything, even your child and your vehicle.

It comes with a charging USB cable that can be connected to a standard mobile power brick.

Furthermore, the company offers a free 12-month subscription to the Android and iOS applications, as well as a free sim card with unlimited data. It is an Indian-made product.

This Child GPS tracker’s very sensitive GPS chip sends your child’s specific location to their cloud servers, and its user-friendly smartphone app allows you to check your child’s exact location as well as full-day travel history.

Geofencing is supported by this device. It is tremendously comforting to know that your child is in a secure place.

This geofencing and over-speed restriction may also be enabled in vehicles. You will receive an alert on your mobile device if the parameters are not within the defined range.

It may also pick up sounds that are nearby. As a result, you can quickly monitor sound from the area in which your child is.

Finally, we can indeed state that it is one of the best GPS-tracking devices in India you can check it out and buy it from Amazon.

When we use Onelap GO – Wireless GPS Tracker as our vehicle tracker, we obtain daily metrics such as total distance, run time, idle time, stoppage time, maximum speed, and average speed of a vehicle with clever and engaging graphs.

This information is extremely useful if your vehicle is being used by someone else.

What to Look for in a GPS Tracker for Kids

If you’re searching for a GPS-tracking device for kids that fits in your pocket and has a basic understanding of its functions.

The best GPS tracker for children should be comfortable and entertaining to use. It should also be long-lasting and accurate in its readings.

Here are a few things to keep in mind while buying the best GPS child tracker.

User-friendliness: Select a child tracking device that is straightforward to use for both you and your child. It should not restrict or obstruct their freedom of movement.

Age: Check the recommended age range for any tracking device for kids you’re considering purchasing. If you’re worried about older children removing it, some have anti-tamper mechanisms.

Durability: Because children are demanding users, be sure that their tracker can withstand all of the hard handling and risks they may throw at it. Look for waterproof models that can resist water spills.

Range: Not all GPS devices are supposed to be equal. Cellular 4G LTE tracking devices can handle long-distance communications if your children move outside of your city, but Bluetooth devices are built for close-range use.

Alerts and notifications: Choose a device with configurable settings to avoid false alarms or blowing up your phone. Your device should be set up so that you may check in on your children whenever you want and be warned if something goes wrong.

Panic button: Some GPS devices for children have a panic button that allows your child to notify you if something is wrong or if they require assistance.

Two-way communication: This feature allows you to communicate with your kid via their kids’ tracker, much like an intercom, to ask them where they are or if they require assistance.

Games: Games and step counters encourage youngsters to use their trackers. After all, if your youngster refuses to use the device, it is pointless. Just make sure the games aren’t too distracting.

Real-time tracking: This is the most important function when you need to know where your child is. You may set your tracker’s app to update your whereabouts every minute to every fifteen minutes.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a GPS tracking device?

A GPS tracking unit or device is a navigation system that is often mounted to a vehicle, object, person, or animal that employs satellite navigation to identify its movement and geographic position to establish its whereabouts.

Why would kids need a GPS tracker?

You cannot personally supervise your child when they are away from you, especially when they are in school or play school. In this case, a GPS tracker can be quite useful in determining the whereabouts of the youngster.

Are GPS trackers safe for kids?

With no question. GPS trackers use the same technology that our phones do. These devices mostly use Bluetooth, GPS positioning, and cellular communications.

How often do I need to charge the GPS tracker device?

In most circumstances, the battery charge will last for many days. If you want to use a tracker every day, charge it at night when they come home, just like a phone.

What is Geofencing?

Geofencing is a feature included in many GPS trackers. It allows you to set up digital boundaries around trusted sites such as schools, homes, and towns. When your child enters or departs that area, you will be alerted.

How accurate are GPS trackers in locating kids?

The accuracy of GPS kids trackers varies. High-quality trackers are outfitted with cutting-edge technology that gives precise and real-time location data. However, factors including signal strength, GPS satellite availability, and the surrounding environment can all have an impact on accuracy. To avoid any potential differences, it is best to use a kids’ tracker with dependable location accuracy.

Are GPS trackers in violation of a child’s privacy?

GPS trackers for children are primarily designed for safety and security. While they track and monitor location, parents can communicate openly and transparently with their children about the usage of these devices. Respecting the child’s privacy concerns and outlining the purpose and advantages of the tracker can help handle any possible privacy issues and build family trust.

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