Unlimited calls for BSNL broadband customers

BSNL Offers Free Unlimited Calls to Its Broadband Customers

Since June 2018, BSNL has been providing another energizing offer of a free unlimited call facility to any network to all of its broadband clients.

All BSNL broadband customers including DSL and FTTH subscribers in all circles are getting 24×7 unlimited free calls at no additional cost.

All the present and new BSNL broadband subscribers chosen in a broadband plan paying a month-to-month charge of Rs 299 – or more will get unlimited Local and STD calls to any network free.

Points of interest of Free calling facility over all the DSL/FTTH Combo Broadband plans with effect from 01-06-2018 onwards.

BSNL officials have chosen to offer the following to its valuable clients in all circles-

  • Unlimited calling (STD and Local calls) inside India on any network over all the DSL and FTTH (Fiber To The Home) Broadband Combo plan [All India or circle specific programs] having a monthly charge of Rs.299/ – or more, which are currently being offered to the customers in different Circles or national basis, in all the Circles.
  • Earlier there was an extra facility for ‘unlimited free calling from night 10.30  to morning 6 ‘o clock and on all Sundays to any network inside India’ under the above national/Circle Specific DSL or FTTH Broadband Combo plans, which is now converted to unlimited STD & Local calls for all days.
  • ISD facility should stay the same according to the existing way under the above national or Circle Specific DSL/FTTH Broadband Combo plans.

The above guidelines might be effective w.e.f. from 01-06-2018 in all the circles. Every single other term and condition should continue as before.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is calling free with BSNL broadband?

Yes.Local and STD unlimited calls are free with any BSNL DSL and FTTH connections.

Is calling free with BSNL fiber?

Yes.Local and STD unlimited calls are free with BSNL fiber connections

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