Online Job Scam

Online Scam: Like a Youtube Video and Get 150 Rupees

Get 150 rupees if you provide one Youtube like!

Have you received or been made aware of a message of this nature?

A victim recently received a work-from-home job offer to like YouTube videos and earn additional money, but was later scammed by fraudsters for Rs 40 lakh.

So be careful about falling for this sort of offer. Be cautious because scammers have already begun to employ the method of getting huge fish while dropping lesser prey.

This fraud approach is used here. Initially, even minor efforts will be paid more than they deserve and at an incredible rate.

In this form of fraud, once you begin to receive payments, other offers will continue to arrive. You will be prompted to like certain videos at first, and then money will be deposited into your account.

However, to earn a large revenue from the work you do, you must first spend some money. If you’re unsure and don’t want to go any farther, you’re safe. Otherwise, not only will your income not be ‘earned,’ but you will also lose a significant amount of money.

This is the same work-from-home fraud that has been providing people ‘jobs’ since the days of keypad phones, but the look and technique of execution have evolved.

Several occurrences of this nature have been documented around the country. Nonetheless, many individuals are being cheated.

The outside world just learned that Devang Chauhan, a 3D designer from Moraya, Ahmedabad, lost Rs 40 lakh after falling for a bogus offer of easy money.

He received a WhatsApp message from an unknown number exactly two months ago. To learn more, he dialed the number provided, and the person on the other end gave him the task of liking and promoting several YouTube videos.

As an initial step, he was only required to like a YouTube video. He decided to give it a try. However, by boosting his confidence, 150 rupees were deposited into his account within minutes of the assignment being completed.

He then joined a Telegram group of just 166 people. He had the impression that the gang was so delighted. Some members of this group’s experiences suggest that they are receiving large sums of money.

Devang Chauhan was certain that he could make easy money based on the experiences of other members of the group.

Then he was charged Rs. 1500 for his WhatsApp admission and the prepayment cost for the job.

Still, he has no doubts and responds without hesitation. Two or three YouTube channels have been subscribed to and liked. ₹1900 was deposited into the account, along with a bonus of ₹400.

The next day, he received ₹2050 for further work and so on, thinking it to be authentic and eager to earn more money. In addition, the victim agreed to complete the tasks and joined additional similar Telegram groups.

Following that, it claims to do all the work in a Telegram group without gathering a small fee for specific assignments.

It cost almost 30 lakh rupees to complete all of the tasks in a group that had taken tens of thousands of screenshots in a matter of minutes. The work was assigned as soon as the payment was received.

It was to review a cryptocurrency company. Work was completed, but no payment was received. When he questioned, it informed that he accidentally clicked on the thumbs-down button on the website, and hence the payment was denied.

In any event, the thieves acquired another ten lakh rupees in the name of tax.

He was soon barred from using his WhatsApp and Telegram accounts. When the victim realized he had been fooled, he went to the police station and filed a complaint.

Messages are also being shared on WhatsApp promising money in exchange for a product evaluation of one Amazon link.

Be watchful of these scams. If you are victimized, contact the cyber police. Contact the bank authorities as soon as possible and get the transaction blocked.

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