Cyberattack on Microsoft

Russian Hackers Executed a Cyberattack on Microsoft

Microsoft clarified that Russian hackers steal their employees’ emails.

Microsoft stated that the hackers who gained access to the company’s internal network stole the email addresses of several people, including top executives and personnel in the cyber security and legal departments.

The company stated that actions are being taken in this area and that the network may experience disruptions.

Because the hackers did not get access to workers’ PCs or Microsoft servers, the products continued to function normally.

Microsoft has received no indication that this hacking gang, known as Midnight Blizzard, accessed its source code or AI systems.

The hacker organization that Microsoft believes is responsible for the breach is also known as ‘Nobelium’. The US claims to have Russian links.

They had previously carried out a cyber assault against SolarWints, a software business that is a contractor for the United States government.

In November, hackers used a ‘password spray’ attempt to breach Microsoft’s computer systems.

This is also known as a brute-force attack. This is a way to gain access to corporate accounts by utilizing several passwords under different usernames.

Hackers can access emails, documents, and accounts. Microsoft detected the breach on January 12.

The organization is striving to learn more about the incident, take preventative measures, and safeguard others. Microsoft has been cyberattacked several times previously.

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