Zebronics Zeb Smart Cam 105

A Budget AI Security Camera from Zebronics; Zeb-Smart Cam 105-An Overview

Zebronics, an Indian IT and electronics accessories firm, has released a new security camera. You can avail yourself of this security camera at an attractive introductory price from Amazon.

It was created with individuals who desire a low-cost security camera but do not want to sacrifice features in mind.

The new camera is marketed as the Zeb-Smart Cam 105, and Zebronics claims that it provides adequate protection for most homes.

The Zeb-Smart Cam 105’s 2 MP camera supports 1080p live streaming. High-resolution images can also be captured.

The camera has a horizontal viewing angle of 355 degrees and a vertical viewing angle of 120 degrees. Even in a vast room, you can see what’s going on.

Aside from that, artificial intelligence can perform motion recognition. According to Zebronics, the Zeb-Smart Cam 105 model may alert the user if such movement is detected.

In addition, there is infrared night vision capability. Things happening in the dark may be captured up to a distance of five meters. So this camera may also be used at night without any problem.
The Zeb-Smart Cam 105 home security camera, according to the manufacturers, can provide 24-hour real-time monitoring and information even while the homeowner is away.

Micro-SD cards with capacities of up to 128GB will be supported by the camera. Videos can be saved to this card or uploaded to the cloud. The cost of cloud uploading will be added extra.

The Zeb-Smart Cam 105 may also be used to communicate with loved ones at home while you are away. It comes with a high-quality microphone and two-way audio.
According to the company, these functionalities may be utilized everywhere.

The fact that the Zeb-Smart Cam 105 is also very simple to mount on the wall adds to its appeal.

This security camera also has a smartphone app for iOS and Android. This also makes it simple to examine the camera’s footage at any time and from any location.

Pradeep Doshi, co-founder, and director of the firm says that Zebronics tries to make technology as accessible and beneficial to as many people as possible. He was speaking at the Zeb-Smart Cam 105 launch.

He claims that its smart camera is ideal for today’s hectic lifestyle, providing both peace of mind and security.

He added that by releasing the Zeb-Smart Cam 105, they have taken another step forward in the development of security equipment.

He claims that the Zeb-Smart Cam 105 is the ideal blend of features and quality at an affordable price.
Those looking to buy a smart camera for their home or office can consider this budget camera. Zebronics Director Doshi stated that the company will release more security systems for homes and workplaces.

He stated that such tactics will constantly put them one step ahead of their competitors.

The Zeb-Smart Cam 105 is priced at Rs 4,399 (MRP). However, as an introductory offer, the camera is currently available on Amazon at an attractive price.

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