What is Amateur Radio (Ham radio)?

(Last Updated On: November 7, 2018)

Amateur Radio is an experimental, self-learning and scientific activity prominently known as ” Ham Radio “.

Amateur radio operators utilize two-way radio stations and speak with others correspondingly approved using different methods of communication like voice, morse code, PCs, web and so on. The things that Amateur radio operators do with their radios are as diverse as the general population themselves. The more advanced and latest radio communication procedures incorporate Automatic Position Reporting Systems utilizing GPS data, Internet connecting of Repeater stations, Interface with the web for the exchange of messages, pictures and so on and in addition visual correspondence modes.

Amateur (HAM) Radio is simultaneously a service and a hobby. It is an action of self-learning, inter-communication and technical experiments carried on the appropriately approved people (i.e. Amateur Radio Operators) for an individual point of view and without monetary intrigue. There are more than 30 lakh individuals everywhere throughout the world who seek after this activity in their leisure time, in India, we have around 15000 amateur radio operators.

Any person over the age of 12 can turn into an Amateur Radio operator regardless of what age, sexual orientation or physical capacity. Amateur Radio Operators need to qualify in an examination directed by the Ministry of Communications and IT, Government of India and get a permit for working/having a Radio Station.

Communication through the wireless network used in Amateur Radio system is a standout amongst the best and substitute medium of correspondence and can assume a noteworthy role in giving solid communications when other conventional communication methods fail. The aptitudes of the trained amateur radio operator can be utilized for public service in the midst of need and crises. In various events, under extraordinary conditions, extremely productive amateur radio communication and humanitarian assistance was given by Hams especially during Kerala flood 2018, Uttarakhand Floods 2012, Aila twister 2009, Krishna surges 2009, Indian Ocean Tsunami-2004, Gujarat Earthquake-2001, Orissa Super Cyclone-1999,  and numerous other normal/man-made disasters in the nation.

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