OnePlus 7 Pro

The features are packed with OnePlus 7 Pro, Disappointing price.

One of the leading smartphone makers, OnePlus, has launched its new handset OnePlus 7 Pro. One of the important features in OnePlus 7 Pro specifications is pop up Camera. Many do not buy a phone with pop-up cameras because the camera will be damaged if it falls down. The new flagship phone of Oneplus will be able to hide the front camera inside the phone.

One of the most problems in smartphone users today is the addiction to the use of smartphones. While tech companies have tried several ways to overcome this, they can not be said to be good. But one plus is coming with a ‘zen mode’. By activating Zen mode, no matter what you have done, you can not use your phone for  20 minutes!

Apart from these software modes, the OnePlus models come with many hardware features. For the first time, the company will have multiple models at the same time and they are the new OnePlus 7 Pro and OnePlus 7. There is good and bad news about new phones. They are the best model that has been available in the market with better features even at par with Samsung Galaxy s10 makes happy on OnePlus lovers. But as usual, in the earlier cases, prices are on the higher side itself.

OnePlus 7 Pro Specifications

6.67-inch QHD Plus, 90Hz display; Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 processor, up to 12GB of RAM, up to 256 GB of storage, 48 MP + 8MP + 16MP rear camera system, 16MP selfie camera, 4,000 mAh of charge and oxygen OS 9.5.

The best two peculiar features in OnePlus 7 Pro specifications

The UFS 3 storage chip is yet to be revealed in the smartphone market. The UFS 3 was included on Samsung’s foldable phone but it is not available in the market. Once the OnePlus models get switched, the data can be copied twice as fast as with any phone without this technology.

With the presence of Dolby Atmos stereo speakers and the new AMOLED screen, you get the spectacular visual-wordplay. Film watching will bring you to another level. The absence of a selfie camera and the notch from the screen seems to be more beautiful. The screen has been given 90 Heads AMOLED Displacement (3,120 x 1,440), while the same refresh rate has been featured in gaming phones such as Asus Rogge phone and Nubia Red Magic 3, but their resolution is Full HD only. Along with HDR 10 plus feature One Plus Pro 7 gives you an extraordinary experience of the screen. This screen is used for some time, suddenly aware of the difference, even with the best of other phones.

Another reason behind the screen experience is the performance of both the hardware and the performance of the oxygen OS, which is made by the Android 9 Pie. Another one in OnePlus 7 pro features is a fingerprint scanner on the screen. It was not a good one in OnePlus 6 T. But the new feature is better than the Huawei  P30 Pro.

Charging, battery

The OnePlus 7 Pro is a very powerful phone. Weighing 206 grams. This is because a 4,000 mAh battery is included. The phone comes with a 30W warp charger adapter. In one hour the phone can be completely charged. This is useful for those who have forgotten to charge the phone regularly. Within 8 minutes, the charge will go up to 20%. Even though OnePlus 7 Pro has a fast-charging feature phone or its charger is not hot. The first experience is that you can get around 12 hours of battery life even if you use it a lot.

Pop-up Camera

Selphie camera is a 16-megapixel camera. The company claims that this will not be a problem even if 300,000 times pop-up. The pop-up mechanism will not be a problem for five years even if you use it too roughly. There is a video that goes out of the company which shows a 49.2-pound cement brick raises this camera.

But We do not know how to trust such claims. Samsung Galaxy Fold has revealed that they will be able to fold and open their foldable phone 200,000 times. But they have stopped its sales because scratches observed even in review handsets. However, the question is whether dust, dirt or liquids will not go into the slider mechanism of the pop-up camera of OnePlus 7 Pro.

The performance could be better than the OnePlus 6T camera. Sometimes unclear selfies have been recorded in the old model. But that problem has been solved now in the new model.

OnePlus 7 pro camera specs

The main camera is a 48-MP camera sensor. The HDR shots are much better processed than the OnePlus 6T phone. The contrast of the pictures is more satisfactory. The first tests indicate that this camera is better than the best camera phones in the lighting daylight scenario. We have a few color fade experiences with a similar image in the Huawei P30 Pro camera and at the same pictures feel away from the reality on the iPhone XS Max.

Low light pictures are also good. This is the highlight of the pixel binning technologies used in the 48 MP sensor. Macro shots can also be put in pro mode. The main camera and telephoto lens (78MM and 8MP) have optical image stabilization. The third camera is 13mm ultra-wide-angle lens. This camera with a 16MP sensor has optical image stabilization. The 4K / 60P video is awesome to see on the phone’s screen.

The images that are taken at the time of diminishing the light are not much good even when compared with newly introduced Pixel 3A. The other problem is that the details of the distant objects are destroyed. For example, the letters written on a board that is very far away seem to be diminished. You can see this variation when compared to the OnePlus 6T. This is actually a drawback of pixel binning technology. In the case of zooming, Huawei P30 Pro is a great deal.

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6 GB/128 GB- Rs.48,999

8 GB/256 GB- RS. 52,999                             BUY NOW

12 GB/256 GB- Rs.57,999

Available on Amazon.

One of the few companies that make a difference in the development of smartphones is OnePlus. This is the company which is the most favorite phone company in India. The phone is priced at high. But, let’s say that this is one of the best phones in the market.

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