Productivity Chrome Extensions for New Business Year 2018

(Last Updated On: October 26, 2018)

Regardless of whether you work online for another person or for yourself, completing dreary undertakings rapidly is fundamental. On the off chance that you utilize Google Chrome, you can utilize efficiency Chrome extensions that assistance you work faster and with less exertion. The tools can help you with meetings, screen sharing, reports, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

List of Selected Productivity Chrome Extensions

1. Meetingbird

When you have to plan a meeting, it tends to be troublesome when numerous members are included. Discovering accessibility for every individual can be overwhelming. Meetingbird is outstanding amongst other efficiency Chrome extensions that can enable you to plan and book that meeting in a matter of moments.

Meetingbird works with Gmail and Google Inbox, giving you a chance to impart your accessibility to other people and enabling them to pick a meeting time that works for them.

From your inbox, you can pop directly into your Google Calendar and select conceivable meeting times. Pick a topic, duration, location, and include a depiction and after that reorder the link into your email. At the point when your beneficiary taps the link, they will be taken to where they can see your accessible occasions.

productive chrome extensions-infobits

Another convenient facility of Meetingbird is embeddings your available times directly into the email. Mail recipient can see your times straightforwardly in the message and snap one to hold that opening on

Meetingbird - productivity chrome extensions |

The extension puts an advantageous sidebar perspective of your calendar with extra alternatives for scheduling, including reminder emails, seeing shared calendars, and giving URLs you can share. For a staggering and basic way to plan and schedule your meetings, look at Meetingbird.

2. CrankWheel Screen Sharing

For sharing your screen with a collaborator, customer, or your boss, CrankWheel is a great extension for Chrome. Within seconds, you can share your browser tab, program window, or the entire screen. Simply tap the toolbar button, pick which one you need to share, and tap the button yet again to begin.

You would then be able to share your link by means of email or duplicate and send it yourself. Once your viewer taps the link you give, you will see that in the CrankWheel window and are prepared to share. You likewise have the choice to include more viewers, which is advantageous on the off chance that you need others to join halfway through. When you need to quit sharing your screen, simply click the Stop button in the CrankWheel window.

Crankwheel - productivity chrome extensions |

One more awesome feature of CrankWheel is that you can plan a meeting to share your screen. Snap that button from the CrankWheel window and after that give your meeting a name and duplicate the content with the link. You would then be able to add it to your meeting request or member’s email.

Crankwheel - productivity chrome extensions |

As you can see in the above screenshot, CrankWheel is accessible to your viewers on their browser or mobile device. There are no worries of downloads or installations. For a straightforward method to share your screen, CrankWheel is one of the amazing productivity Chrome extensions.

3. Screencastify Screen Video Recorder

Perhaps sharing your screen progressively isn’t for you. In the event that you require to create an account of your screen for a meeting, instructional meeting, or tutorial, Screencastify is an astounding augmentation. You don’t need to install special software or utilize complex setups, simply tap the toolbar button and you are headed.

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You have alternatives to record your present browser tab, entire desktop, or simply utilize the camera. At that point, make your selections for sound and video recording. The extension includes a couple of cutting-edge settings for a resolution limit, countdown, and drawing tools by clicking the gear symbol. You can likewise choose where to save your accounts, regardless of whether locally or to Google Drive.

Screencastify - productivity chrome extensions |

You can delay, restart, or stop your recording whenever by tapping the toolbar button. Also, this button will seem red while you are recording. In the event that you might want to see your recordings rapidly, simply tap the button at the top point of the extension’s window by the gear symbol.

Screencastify is a free Chrome extension that gives you 50 videos for each month and a 10-minute video length confine. In any case, in the event that you require more, you can check out the premium version for boundless occasions and recordings.

4. Office Online

In the event that you get and work with Microsoft Office documents, however, don’t have the product installed, at that point Office Online is the extension for you. With this helpful apparatus, you can see, alter, and make Office Online records ideal from Chrome. Also, you can work with OneNote and Sway Online too.

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Tap the toolbar catch and afterward pick the web application you might want to open. You can likewise observe a rundown of your ongoing records or transfer and open another one. Note that the first occasion when you utilize the extension, you should sign in with your Microsoft account. Also, you can sign out of the extension by tapping the bolt at the best beside your profile picture.

Office Online - productivity chrome extensions |

Regardless of whether you have Microsoft Office installed on your PC, the extension can be very helpful for quick document viewing and editing. To investigate and make working with Office documents somewhat simpler.

5. Gmelius

Gmelius is for Gmail clients who could utilize a comprehensive tool for tracking, scheduling, reminders, notes, tasks, and templates. You can plan messages to be sent from one, two, or, after four hours today, tomorrow morning or evening, this end of the week, or one week from now. Or on the other hand pick a custom date and time, including a follow-up, or set a recurring message.

To track an email, simply tap the checkbox catch for Gmelius at the base of your compose window. You can likewise utilize default built-in templates for snappy message making or store an email you are composing as a custom template for sometime later.

Gmelius - productivity chrome extensions |

Gmelius incorporates a helpful to-do highlight where you can transform any message into an assignment due today, tomorrow, or later on. Snap the To-Do List label to see, organize, finish, or change the date of your tasks.

Gmelius - Google Chrome business extension

You can utilize this Gmelius feature for free on its trial period. When the trial period expires, upgrade to a paid account or keep utilizing the free form with simply tracking and customizations option.

6. MindMap Tab

Have you at any point taken a shot at an undertaking and another errand or thing for it flew into your take off of the blue? The MindMap Tab is the following in the list of chrome extensions can assist you with capturing that idea before it’s gone. Simply tap the toolbar secure and set your first, fundamental node. Then add sub-nodes using indents.

You can duplicate your mind map as plain text, markdown, or HTML, or fare it as a picture file. On the off chance that you need to make an extra personality outline, click New and give it a name. What’s more, you can change the format from concentrating on the mind map or the text which will make that piece of the window bigger. You can likewise see either the mind map or text exclusively.

MindMap Tab - Google Chrome business extension

While the MindMap Tab may not provide the prettiest mind map with fancy colors and adjustable shapes, it does serve its purpose. You won’t overlook another thing for your project on the off chance that you can add it quickly and that is the thing that this extension gives you a chance to do.

7. World Clock

One final Chrome extension in the productivity chrome extensions that sounds simple but is extremely useful is World Clock. On the off chance that you have to call customers or colleagues around the globe, you can look at what time it is for them with a tick. Hit the toolbar catch and the World Clock page will open. You can enter a city, nation, or time zone and see the current time as well as add it to your list so you see it each time you utilize the extension.

World Clock - Google Chrome business extension

Another nice feature of the World Clock is that you can fast-forward time. In the event that you are arranging planning a call or meeting for some other time, see what time it will be in the majority of your saved zones. As you move the slider to the bottom, each location’s clock will change automatically.

Once more, this might be an exceptionally basic extension, however, on the off chance that you work with others around the nation or around the world, it is a valuable instrument to add to your browser.

Application-Specific Extensions

In the event that you utilize certain product for your business like Zoho for CRM or GoToMeeting for meetings, Chrome offers extensions for those also. Here are several productivity chrome extensions that might be just what you need:

Which Chrome Extensions Help You Do Business?

The  Web Store has a huge variety and excellent collection of productivity chrome extensions. From personal alternatives like music and gaming to business extensions like those recorded here, you can discover any apparatus to upgrade your browser experience and complete things. The Best Chrome Extensions for Gmail.


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