Nokia 6 2018 Review

(Last Updated On: August 16, 2018)

Nokia 6 2018 is launched as the successor to one of its most widely accepted smartphone Nokia 6. Nokia 6 was considered as the smartphone that is “built like a tank” and also as a very good mid-range smartphone with fantastic performance, display and on the top, it is running pure android without any bloatware.

On a flash look up Nokia 6 2018, comes up with tweaked compact design, Snapdragon 630 processor, Zeiss optics in rear camera, new features like “Bothie” and Nokia OZO Audio spatial capture. In this Nokia 6 2018 early review, we share our impressions of the device so far based upon our hands-on usage as our daily driver.

Nokia 6 2018 Design overview:

As already mentioned, because of its great build quality and robustness Nokia 6 2017 earned the tagline “built like a tank”. Nokia 6 2018 also comes with the same great “Nokia” build quality and it does feel more robust in your hand than the Nokia 6 2017. In a single word, Nokia 6 2018 is a worthy successor.

On design, wise Nokia 6 2018 looks like a premium Flagship smartphone in all respects. It is having the same design aspects as of its predecessor even though there are some noticeable changes like fewer bezels, color accentuation of phones, camera module, and fingerprint sensor edges. It is packed with a nonremovable battery and we may care a bit to insert  SIM and SD cards.

Nokia 6 2018 Display Overview:

Newest member from Nokia family comes with a mobile-friendly 5.5” IPS LCD display with Full HD resolution. We have listed some findings in the display analysis.

  • Nokia 6 display is brilliant and has great shading elucidation and contrast.
  • Hues turn out dynamic and blacks look profound despite the fact that it is an LCD display.
  • Viewing angles are quite good and outdoor readability is very impressive.
  • Video streaming and gaming look great on Nokia 6 display.
  • The display is finger-print resistant and that’s an important feature in our book.

Nokia 6 2018 Camera Overview:

The camera is one of the most competitive features in smartphones. Hence itself new Nokia 6 is also coming with Zeiss-branded 16MP rear cameras and also packs flagship features “Bothie” and “Nokia OZO Audio” spatial audio capture. In addition, its rear camera captures natural colors with very good details and without much artificial sharpening.

It can capture great looking “Bokeh” and “Panorama” images. The Dual-Tone flash is impressive with its ability to provide adequate illuminance and keeping image natural. You can check some of the imaging samples below. One of the most noticeable features in the new Nokia 6 is its  Pro mode through “Nokia Camera UI” is just amazing and you can now control shutter speed apart from other parameters as in professional cameras.

(Image courtesy:

Nokia 6 2018 Performance Overview:

Nokia 6 2018 comes with Android Oreo 8.0 out of the box and has already received the update to Android Oreo 8.1. It is controlled by Snapdragon 630, a major overhaul over the Nokia 6 2017 processor. Its global variant comes with 3GB RAM and a 4GB RAM variant is also coming soon. Our review is based on 3GB RAM variant.

On performance, wise Nokia 6 2018 is fast, fluid and dependable. It handles daily tasks with utter ease but also handles advanced tasks without any lagging. It is found that Gaming is enjoyable on Nokia 6 2018 with efficient multitasking power. Definitely, some credit for this also goes to the stock Android Oreo software.

Nokia 6 2018 Battery Overview:

Nokia 6 2018 has a brilliant battery life and we have been getting around 36-40 hrs of battery existence with substantial “blogger” use of the gadget, which includes bunches of browsing, applications testing and day by day tasks. It might be around 42-48 hrs for a decently overwhelming use situation and that is extremely exceptionally amazing thinking of it as is a mid-range Android cell phone.

Another really important feature that Nokia 6 2018 brings over the original is Fast Charging. Nokia 6 2018 backings charging by means of USB-C port and the quick charging is truly feeling like an unquestionable requirement has highlighted these days.

Nokia 6 accompanies an Aluminum unibody configuration yet offers stellar call quality in light of its creative Antenna design. Call gathering is normally great. We didn’t face any issue like call drops etc in our early analysis and it holds well even during long conversations.

Nokia 6 2018 Final Overview:

In all ways, Nokia 6 2018 is a revamped version of Nokia 6 2017, runs faster and feels smoother. It is better than its predecessor and even feels more robust than Nokia 6 and in all words “Build like a tank”. Every one of the components that at any point characterized the “Nokia” quality is there in Nokia 6 2018 and that’s just the beginning.

Nokia 6 2018 has ensured two long years of Android OS update and 3 years of month to month security updates as it is being an android one smartphone. Its bit higher price compared to Nokia 6 2017  can be compromised with the upgraded processor, better design, Zeiss camera, Fast Charging and the new unique features like Bothie and OZO Audio.

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