New Features in iOs 13

New Features In iOS 13 Include Siri in Indian English

Apple’s Voice Assistant Siri is getting the Indian English Speech method in iOS 13  and it is important in new features in iOS 13. Indian Siri will speak in a male and female voice. But still, there is a problem, whether Siri can understand the Indian English accent. Apple is confirming that Siri can speak Indian English in a more natural way.

Siri will send suggestions from apple podcasts, safari and maps too. Siri can also notify you of reminders in the messages. This is possible even in third-party apps. If you use Airpods, Siri will read the messages for you. And even sometimes it can type reply messages if it could be able to understand the input accent.

Other Features in iOS 13 Preview.

Allows localization to be brought when devices are set-up. A keyboard will be available for 22 Indian languages in iOS 13. Some Indian languages are already supported. About 30 document fonts will be available for Indian languages.

iOS 13 Dark Mode

This is the most advertised celebrity feature that makes the background completely black. If you use this mode, the apps will be filled with black color. Third-Party Apps are also provided by DarkMod. This can be set at one time to turn on at a particular time.


Apple is embedded with machine learning capabilities on the device, unlike the companies that have instantaneous access to information about each photo. Good images will be highlighted.

If the same photo has come twice, they will be hidden. Sets the screenshots, documents, and receipts separately. Using the feature on ‘On This Day’ (today) shows the pictures taken earlier on the same day.

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IOS 13 also comes with some changes in editing. You will see how this impacts the picture when you edit and alter it. The effect was seen before and after the application was applied. It is possible to reduce and increase all filtering filters.

The fresh options open the way for exposure control, brilliance, highlights, shadows, contrast, brightness, black point, saturation, vibrancy, etc. Bring the changes to portrait lighting.

There are options to adjust the distance between light and the image object and possible to make adjustments even in eye sharpness.

The iPhone’s video will be capable of cropping, adding filters, and rotating. Even videos taken from 4K/60 FPS and 1080/240 FPS are editable. Without implementing the modifications, you can return to the former video too.


Many people do not try to turn off their location data. In the coming days, it can lead to many problems. The applications that keep track of the way you are covering, in the background. In iOS 13 users will receive notification about apps that are tracking you in the background.

There are some other methods that are also available to track the location through Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Apple says it can also be controlled with a new facility in iOS 13.


In iOS 13 Apple is coming with new features. In India the popular messaging application is WhatsApp but it is not so much popular in the US.

There, iMessage is getting some priority as compared to other platforms in the same category. Hence itself Apple is trying to increase the popularity of iMessage.

Text Selection

To copy text, you can now tap and swipe. Apple says time is going to be saved. The fresh gestures of cutting, copying, and pasting come in as well.

Files application

There are also modifications to the files app. Getting a fresh internet download folder is helpful. It is possible to connect external disks on iPads. The app will also open the files.

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