Pre-bookings for JioPhone online : Now option to book up to 5 devices

(Last Updated On: November 7, 2018)

Pre-bookings for JioPhone

There was an overwhelming requirement for JioPhones in India in its first phase of pre-booking. This forced Jio to put a hold on new bookings until delivering the first round of pre-booked phones. And the good news is that Reliance Jio is now accepting pre-bookings for JioPhone again. This means Reliance Jio has accomplished the feat and it’s ready for the next batch of JioPhones orders.

Reliance Jio’s home page displays a banner that says, “Come on India. Join the movement. Get your effectively free JioPhone.” The timing of this couldn’t be more fitting as it’s just days after the new telco announced its Rs 49 tariff for JioPhone owners.

Now buyers can order more than one handset per customer. It gives us the option to add up to 5 devices on a single booking mobile number. The total upfront cost for five devices totals up to Rs 7,500.

a screenshot of a cell phone: Order up to 5 JioPhones at once© 

Jio’s vision to connect 50 crore feature phone users in India by offering them affordable hardware and data. Customer will get the upfront cost of Rs 1,500  after three years, making the phone essentially free to use during this period. With this offer, the company instantly got 6 million orders in the first round of pre-booking, post which there were no new bookings.

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There were several dates on which the pre-bookings were expected to resume, but it never happened. During this phase, several OEMs launched affordable feature phones with 4G support. Operators like Airtel, Vodafone, Idea, and BSNL partnered with smartphone makers to give customers affordable hardware with bundled voice and data like Jio.

Jio has also partnered with MediaTek to bring Android Go-powered smartphone

In other news, Jio has also partnered with MediaTek to bring Android Go-powered smartphone to India. It’s too soon to speculate, but if Jio adopts “essentially free” concept on Jio Android Go smartphone, the company can expect a similar demand like the feature phone. The launch of this new entry-level smartphone is expected to happen within the next two months.


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